What is an Education Verification?
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What is an Education Verification?

 An education verification is a background check designed to confirm the highest level of education degree, diploma and certificates and dates attended from universities, college trade/vocational schools, and or high schools. Education Verifications can be conducted globally and can be obtained by from an institution or an authorized agent. 

 In this increasingly competitive job market and with the increasing globalization of economies qualified talent is becoming more of a priority instead of a luxury. Today, most entry level positions require at the very minimum an associate’s degree preferably a bachelors degree.

 Looking into an applicant's education verification is vital for any organization. Most employers use a third party when conducting an education verification check. Did you know that 50% of job applicant’s lie on their resume?

Benefits of education verification. 

  • Lower chances of hiring unqualified applicant's, thus decreases negligent hiring.
  • Reduced cost of negligent hiring.
  • Making sure positions are filled with the most qualified candidates.

Written on 2019-10-13 14:49:09 by larry coleman

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