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Alaska Tenant Background Check

Alaska Tenant Screening Background Checks

Alaskan landlords must abide by every national Fair Housing law while screening tenants. Potential tenants are not disqualified by race, color or religion, nationality, or status of family members (for example, pregnant women, those less than a certain age, etc. ), disability or handicap, or gender.

In screening tenant applicants, the landlords need to be consistent in their requests for specific information based on financial information, criminal records, and employment information. The only reason for requesting personal information is to confirm the tenant's identity.


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Alaska Landlord-Tenant Law

Below is an informational compilation on Alaska the state landlord-tenant legislation. The list is not comprehensive, and you should conduct your own research and consult with an attorney if required. This list will give you an overview of the law of Alaska that landlords should be aware of when renting residential properties and using the Alaska Uniform Residential Landlord & Tenant Act throughout.


Secure Deposit and Rent Prepaid (AS 34.03.070)

The landlord's security deposit is not more than two times the amount of monthly rent. The only exceptions are rents of more than $2,000 per month.

When the tenancy expires, the deposit can be applied to the outstanding rent and any other damages that have occurred during the tenure. The damage must be documented in writing and delivered directly to the tenant to provide the tenant with an explanation of why the deposit or a part of it is not given back in full to the tenant.

A written refund and written notices will be given at the tenant's expense after 14 days after the start of the tenancy in the event of notice being given.

Suppose damage has occurred when there has been damaged. In that case, it is the landlord. It is given 30 days after the date of termination of the tenancy period to make a refund and issue a written notification.

Suppose the tenant is not able to provide notice in time. In that case, the landlord is given 30 days from the time the end of the tenancy, or at the time that the tenant gives possession or the landlord discovers that the property has been empty and abandoned, to issue an unsigned notice in writing and to make any refund that is due.

All money received as deposits or rent prepaid must be put into the trust account of a financial institution or an authorized escrow agent.

The landlord cannot apply the funds to refund the deposit of an unrelated tenant to use the funds to make a payment made by a different tenant or use the funds to cover the damages caused by another tenant.

Landlords can reclaim pet deposits.

The deposit is not more than one month's rent.

The money must be reported to be distinct from the deposit security.

Refunds cannot be made unless they are used to repair damages related to pets.

Disclosure (AS 34.03.080)

Anyone who is authorized to sign a rental agreement with the property has to disclose the following details:

A name for the person who is authorized to oversee the property

A name for the owner or any person authorized to act on the owner's behalf to send and receive demands and notices.

The information has to be up-to-date and applies to the successors of the landlord owner, the owner, or the property manager.

Fit Premises (AS 34.03.100)

The landlord is obliged to keep an appropriate property to provide a safe environment for the tenant.

Complete all repairs

Make the necessary changes to keep the house in good condition and habitable.

Common areas of the property should be kept clean and secure

Maintain the electrical, plumbing, and heating systems, as well as sanitary and air conditioning, kitchens, and equipment, such as elevators, which are provided or required to be provided by the landlord

Ensure you have hot water, running water, and heating throughout the day.

The exceptions to this rule include

Properties that do not have access to the public utilities or a well if the lease states that the landlord is released of this obligation by the tenant

Properties that grant the tenant the full control and access to hot and warm water as well as heat that a public utility company provides

Offer smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

At tenants' request, the landlord must give keys and locks to tenants to ensure their security.

Tenant Obligations (AS 34.03.120)

Tenants are bound by themselves obligations towards the house as well as the landlord:

Keep the premises and property tidy

Keep smoke detectors in good working order as well as carbon monoxide detectors

Make sure that the plumbing fixtures are as clean as you can.

Eliminate all garbage debris, garbage, and ashes

Make use of electricity, plumbing appliances, including heating, cooling kitchen facilities, and others in a responsible way

Do not damage, deface, or damage the property premises, whether intentionally or accidentally

Will not cause trouble for neighbors

You are not allowed to change locks without the landlord's written permission in the event of an emergency without any communication with the landlord. Keys for the new locks must be handed over to the landlord. In an emergency tenant's situation, the tenant is given five days to alter the locks and supply the landlord with a written notification along with proof of keys.

It is not allowed to exceed the number of residents permitted by ordinances, as specified within the rental agreement, or in any other agreement restricting the use of the property.

Do not be involved in any illegal activity

Property must be left in the same condition after removal as when it was entered, with the exception of normal wear and wear and

Access (AS 34.03.140)

The landlord may gain access to the property without notification in the event of an emergency.

Landlords must give 24 hours' notice and request a reasonable time to gain access to the property in an emergency situation.

The landlord may be able to access the property for inspection purposes. For example, they can inspect the property, make repairs to the property, upgrade it, and remove belongings from the landlord.

Failure to pay and non-compliance in the Rental Agreements (AS 34.03.220)

Suppose the tenant significantly damages their property or is discovered to be engaging in unlawful actions within the property. In that case, the landlord can issue an order in writing to the tenant to terminate the lease within 24 hours and up to five days following the delivery date of the notice.

If the tenant violates the rental agreement, excluding damages or illegal actions, If the tenant is in violation, the landlord may give written notice to the tenant that the tenant is given 10 days to rectify the issue or terminate the rental agreement and leave the property.

Rent not paid: rent that is not paid tenant must pay rent within seven days of receiving written notice to end the rental contract.

Partially rented: landlords can accept partial payments and extend the time period from the date stated within the written notice of the original agreement.

Suppose the service is shut off to a property because of non-payment from the tenant. In that case, The landlord can issue the tenant a written notice of having utilities reconnected within five business days from receiving the notice or terminate the agreement.

Suppose the tenant returns the service within three days from receiving the notice and repays the landlord for any expenses incurred in connection with the disruption of services. If no major damage has occurred and no significant damage was caused, the rental agreement cannot be canceled.

Alaska Tenant Screening Background Checks

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Alaska Landlord Forms

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