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Different Types of Ink Fingerprint Cards

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    The FBI FD-258 fingerprint card is a general-purpose the most widely used card to collect fingerprints on applicants to conduct a federal background check. Can be used for employment, licensing, permits, immigration and many more uses.  Some of the uses include but are not limited to:

    • Law Enforcement positions
    • State officials and local governments for purpose of employment licensing, and permits, authorized by state statutes and approved by the Attorney General of the United States Local and County Ordinances
    • US Government Agencies and other entities required by federal law(e.g. passports, immigration)
    • Officials of federally chartered or insured banking institutions to promote or maintain security of said institution. 

    More practical examples for this card include: nurses, physicians, real estate appraisals, conceal and carry, any position dealing with children, and more.

    The FD-258 cards can be fingerprinted by private fingerprint technicians and local law enforcement agencies.


    SF-87 Fingerprint Card

    The SF-87 fingerprint card is designed to background check specifically for security forces/military and civilians performing work for the federal government. Some uses for this fingerprint card include but not limited to:

    • Military Armed Forces
    • Missionary Work
    • National Guard
    • Military Base(Civilians, Workers etc…)
    • Law Enforcement 
    • Department of Defense
    • Any work done for federal government
    • And more

    The SF-87 card fingerprints can be captured by private fingerprint technicians and local law enforcement agencies


    FD-1164 Fingerprint Card

    The FD-1164 fingerprint card is designed for simple identity history summary check. This simple identity history summary check is a search conducted by the FBI to search an applicant’s criminal history. This card be used with employment also. This card is white with blue ink.

    The FD-1164 card fingerprints can be captured by private fingerprint technicians and local law enforcement agencies


    FD-249 Fingerprint Card

    When arresting agencies book individuals the arresting agency uses the FD-249 Fingerprint Card. This card is white with red ink and only the law enforcement agencies can record and process these fingerprints.



    Most organizations, agencies, and entities  will give the applicant instructions on how to complete the fingerprint process for the fingerprint technician. These instructions can include how to record the fingerprints, how to fill out the card, and where to send the completed card.  Most fingerprint cards are 8 x 8 cards and can be requested by local law enforcement agencies, the FBI website, or a private seller.

    While filling out the fingerprint card some of the basics to fill out the card include:

    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • Middle Name(option)
    • Gender
    • Race
    • Height
    • Weight
    • Eyes
    • Hair
    • Place of Birth
    • DOB
    • Citizenship
    • SSN(Social Security Number)
    • Signature of Person Fingerprints
    • Address of Applicant
    • Date Fingerprint
    • Signature of Official Taking Fingerprints


    Optional parameters include:


    • Employer and Address
    • Reason Fingerprinted
    • ORI #
    • Armed Forces Number (MNU)
    • Your NO. (OCA)
    • Universal Control Number (UCN)
    • Miscellaneous # (MNU)



    Why Do We Still Use Fingerprint Cards

    With the introduction of live scan fingerprinting or “electronic fingerprinting”,  fingerprinting has become extremely in this new generation. Electronic fingerprinting is designed to be a faster, smoother process and eliminates the messiness of ink fingerprinting. Also the new live scan fingerprinting has a much faster turnaround on fingerprint results than the traditional fingerprint cards.

    The new live scan fingerprint has its drawbacks. Only certain vendors can process fingerprints for organizations. For example, the state department of health may only have one company to process their electronic fingerprints for applicants. If the vendor has one processing center 1-2 hours away from applicant, then the applicant cannot get the fingerprints done. Also most live scan machines can only process fingerprints for the state that the machine resides in, so an applicant needing fingerprints for the same licensing in several states will have to physically go to a live scan technician in each state the applicant would need fingerprints for. Example a nurse would need to be fingerprinted for their licensing in Missouri and Florida would have to go to both states physically to be fingerprinted.  

    Manual fingerprints or “ink fingerprinting” are still widely used over live scan because the uses still outweigh the drawbacks. The fingerprint cards are still accepted as a primary and secondary option for conducting background checks. For example a nurse wants to send their fingerprints to several states, you can get the fingerprint cards and send each card to their respective fingerprint processors(state boards of nursing or health departments in this example). Also if there are no live scan locations nearby, companies will provide fingerprint cards as an alternative to still process fingerprints for applicants.


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