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Illinois Fingerprint Purpose Codes

Livescan fingerprinting has become a staple for various background check purposes in Illinois. Fingerprinting has long been a reliable method for identifying individuals because each person's fingerprints are unique. But with the advent of technology, the traditional ink-based method has evolved into what we now know as Livescan or inkless fingerprinting. Here's an in-depth look at IL Livescan Purpose Codes, fingerprinting, and its inkless method.

What is Livescan Fingerprinting?

Livescan fingerprinting, commonly called digital or electronic fingerprinting, uses advanced technology to capture a digital image of an individual's fingerprints. Unlike traditional ink fingerprinting, where fingers are rolled in ink and then onto a card, Livescan captures these prints electronically and can transmit them directly to agencies for processing.

The Advantages of IL Inkless Fingerprinting

a. Speed: Livescan fingerprinting can process and transmit fingerprints almost instantaneously, drastically reducing the waiting time for results. 

b. Accuracy: With the elimination of ink smudging and clearer image capture, there's a significant reduction in the number of rejected prints. 

c. Eco-friendly: Without ink and paper, Livescan is an environmentally friendly option. 

d. Data Storage: Digital fingerprints can be stored more efficiently and accessed with ease, streamlining the entire process.

IL Livescan Purpose Codes

In Illinois, Livescan fingerprinting isn't just for one purpose; it serves many reasons. The state uses Livescan Purpose Codes to streamline and specify the intent behind each fingerprinting request. These codes identify the reason for the background check and ensure that the information is being used appropriately and legally.

Some common IL Livescan Purpose Codes might include:

a. Employment Checks: For individuals applying for jobs where trust and security are paramount, such as in schools or financial institutions. 

b. Licensing: This includes professions like nursing, medicine, or law where a license is mandatory to practice. 

c. Adoption and Foster Care: To ensure the safety and well-being of children. 

d. Firearm Purchases: For individuals applying for firearm ownership to ensure they meet the safety criteria.

e. Volunteers: Especially in roles in direct contact with vulnerable populations.

These are just a handful of reasons, and many other purpose codes are in place. The central idea is to provide clarity and maintain the integrity of the process.

How Does Livescan Work in Illinois?

In Illinois, a person requiring fingerprinting will visit a state-approved Livescan vendor. After capturing the fingerprints electronically:

a. The fingerprints and the specific Purpose Code are sent electronically to the Illinois State Police (ISP) for processing. 

b. The ISP checks the fingerprints against its database and other national databases. 

c. Depending on the purpose code, results are dispatched to the requesting agency or the individual.


The Importance of Using the Right Purpose Code

Using the correct Purpose Code is more than just a bureaucratic formality. It has legal implications. Sending fingerprints under an incorrect code can lead to misuse of information and potential legal actions and invalidate the entire process. Therefore, it's imperative to ensure that the purpose of the fingerprinting aligns with the provided code.


The evolution from traditional ink fingerprinting to Livescan in Illinois showcases the integration of technology in security and identification. With IL Livescan Purpose Codes, the process is further refined, ensuring that each fingerprinting request is handled with the utmost precision and purpose. As technology advances, we can expect even more innovations in this field, making the identification process more efficient, accurate, and secure.


Bring An ID or Driver’s License and all fingerprint information to the fingerprint technician like ORI number and purpose code(if possible).


List of IL Livescan Fingerprint Purpose Codes




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