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Massachusetts Tenant Background Check

Massachusetts Background Screening for Tenants

It is essential to carefully screen every applicant and not only the main applicant. The Koleman Group LLC offers Massachusetts Tenant Screening packages that can meet your screening requirements, regardless of whether you own a single Massachusetts rental house or are managing thousands of rental properties.

The Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs & Business Regulation recommends that landlords obtain a credit report for prospective tenants. It's easy by using the free credit report, which is provided in every Massachusetts tenant background check. It is also crucial to determine the applicant's previous rental background, which you can obtain using the Tenant History of Previous Address.

Check if the applicant may be involved in identity theft using The SSN Fraud Report. For example, the applicant may provide you with false social security numbers or one stolen from another individual to conceal his or her authentic identity due to a criminal background or other factors such as a bad rental background. SSN Fraud Report SSN Fraud Report can reveal whether your prospective tenant is the person claims to be. It also can also identify other matches to confirm the legitimacy of the Social Security number provided by the applicant on their rental application.

Massachusetts Landlord Tenant Screening also searches for the history of evictions. It offers the option of performing the search in a specific state or a national search to find any possible Eviction background.

Find out if your applicants have a criminal record. You can look up criminal records on the state or national scale and include searches for sex and terrorist information. Beware of letting your rental property become a sanctuary for crime. Criminals frequently transfer from rental property to another and are often caught committing criminal activities at a former rental property. Massachusetts Tenant Screening allows you to remove applicants who have a criminal background, evictions, or a history of not paying rent promptly when you immediately have access to the details of each report you purchase. Secure your reputation and property by renting out your highly competent applicants. They are most likely to be responsible for the property, pay rent on time, and not violate any other requirements related to Massachusetts Landlord-Tenant Laws.


The Koleman Group LLC provides tenant screening background checks nationwide. Are you looking for a tenant screening report for another state than Massachusetts? Check out the tenant background checks webpage to find out more.

Massachusetts Landlord-Tenant law

Massachusetts Landlord-Tenant Laws are included in Massachusetts General Law Section II of Title I and additional sections in Massachusetts General Law. The statutes define the rights and obligations of both parties in the landlord-tenant arrangement. They also offer remedies in the event that any or both parties infringe Massachusetts Landlord-Tenant Laws.

None of the information is designed to replace legal advice. If you have any questions or think you may have a legal issue in accordance with Massachusetts Landlord-Tenant Law, it is recommended that you seek advice from an attorney.

Massachusetts Landlord-Tenant Law - Security Deposit

In conformity with Massachusetts Landlord-Tenant Law, Chapter 186, Section 15B (b), landlords are permitted to the landlord may ask the tenant to make a security deposit. However, the security deposit should not exceed a sum equal to the rent for the first month. Security deposits are the belonging that belongs to the tenant and must be kept distinct from the landlord's assets. The landlord must hold the deposit "in an individual and interest-bearing account" in the bank that is located in the commonwealth, under such conditions that will put the security deposit out of the reach of the creditors of the lessor. ..." The landlord is required to provide the tenant with an acknowledgment of the security deposit and an official notification of the location of the security fund. If the landlord is unable to provide these details within 30 days after the deadline, the tenant can request an immediate refund of the security deposit.

Massachusetts Lodging Tenant Law Miscellaneous Statutes

State Sanitary Code: The Massachusetts Attorney General's Office points out that the State Sanitary Code "governs what it means to provide a livable living space." If a tenant is unhappy with the landlord regarding the sanitary conditions of the building and the landlord is unable to address the issue to the complaint, the tenant can demand that an officer of the code enforcement or a local health inspector from the local board examine the property. Suppose the landlord cannot fix or remedy the unsanitary situation after being notified by the inspector. In that case, the tenant is free to move out regardless of whether a lease is in place. It is advised that the tenant first speak with an attorney or someone who is aware of legal issues before taking legal actions.

 Storage for Tenant Property: If a tenant is evicted, all property that remains on the property is put in storage. The tenant may notify the tenant in writing of their preferential storage option prior to the removal from the premises. The person taking the property must prepare an inventory in writing on the properties. The landlord is responsible for paying for the removal of the property to storage but is eligible for fair market reimbursement to the tenant. If the property has not been owned to be claimed by the tenant or all costs are have been paid are not repaid, the storage facility "may sell any property not claimed within six months and keep the amount required to reimburse the storage facility for the legal storage charges that actually accrued on the date of the auction. ..." 

The termination of a rental agreement for certain victims of crime Massachusetts: The Landlord-Tenant Act allows tenants to end a rental agreement and leave the property if the tenant sends a written notice "that someone in the household has been a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault, or stalking, provided that the notice is received within three months from the latest incident of domestic violence, sexual assault, rape, or stalking, or if any member of the household of tenants is concerned about imminent physical injury due to domestic violence sexual assault, rape or harassment." A tenant is entitled to collect any prior rental payment but remains responsible for any outstanding rent.

Massachusetts Landlord-Tenant Laws provide legal protections for tenants and landlords. Rent out to the most qualified tenants when you have answers to your Massachusetts Tenant Screening checks. Follow all of your obligations as outlined in Massachusetts the Landlord-Tenant Act, ensuring your property's safety and yourself by using the complete Massachusetts Landlord forms.

Massachusetts Tenant Background Screening

One of the most important aspects of landlord-tenant legislation is screening background checks for Massachusetts tenants. We've dedicated a whole page to it due to its significance. Go to Massachusetts Tenant Background Screening Checks for screening you tenant.

Massachusetts Landlord Forms

Each state has a set of forms for renting an apartment to tenants. All states require various forms to rent an apartment to a tenant, and Massachusetts is not an exception. Look over The Koleman Group LLC Massachusetts Landlord forms right now.

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