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Montana Tenant Background Check

Montana Tenant Screening

It is vital to scrutinize every applicant for your Montana residences. It is essential to complete an extensive screening of all adults, not just the primary applicant. If you choose to use The Koleman Group LLC offers you an absolutely free credit report once you choose the Montana Tenant screening package.

Certain prospective tenants are adept at concealing their bad rental history or criminal background. When you fill out Montana tenant screening Forms, you're not just confirming the prospective tenant's identity. Find out the employment history, credit reports, rental history, social security number information, and other information on fraud of every rental applicant. In addition, it is possible to obtain information about criminal and eviction history, which includes local criminal records and federal crimes like terrorist activities. In the Montana tenant background check, you can determine if an applicant is a sexual offender and more, all in minutes.

Make sure you are a landlord who only leases to qualified applicants who aren't disruptive to neighbors or to tenants who are not likely to transform your property into a refuge for criminal activities.


The Koleman Group LLC provides tenant screening background checks nationwide. Are you looking for the tenant screening report for another state than Montana? Check out the tenant background checks page to find out more.


Montana Landlord-Tenant Law

Montana Landlord-Tenant Laws are stipulated as part of Montana Code Title 70, Chapter 24, Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, 1977. The aim of Montana Landlord-Tenant Laws, as per the 74-24-102 (a), is to "simplify and clarify, modernize and update the law that governs the rental of dwellings and tenants' rights as well as obligations to landlords as well as tenants as well as (b) encourage tenants and landlords to preserve and improve the standard of their housing." In addition, laws govern the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants as well as offer remedies for those who violate Montana Landlord-Tenant Laws.

This information is intended to give or replace legal advice. If you have any legal questions or legal concerns about Montana Landlord-Tenant Law, you should seek counsel from an attorney.

Montana Landlord Tenant Law - Deposits for security

In the Montana Department of Justice, the Office of the Attorney General states that landlords are able to demand that the tenant pay an amount for security that can be refunded upon the termination of the lease in the event of no harm that is caused by the tenant and that the tenant does all the required cleaning before moving out and that there aren't any unpaid utility charges or rent. The law governing security deposits further explains why Montana Landlord Forms are vital. The Montana Attorney General states that it is the responsibility of the landlord to "provide the tenant with a written description of the property's condition and which is signed by the landlord." If the landlord is unable to give tenants with the tenant with a properly completed checklist for moving in, "the landlord may not retain any portion of the security deposit after the tenant is moved out until the landlord can prove with certainty that they can prove that the tenant caused the damages."

Montana Lease Tenant Law Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors

Montana Landlord Tenant Law 70-24-303 (1)(h) stipulates the landlords "shall install in every dwelling property under the control of the landlord an authorized carbon monoxide detection device according to the rules set forth by the department of industry and labor as well as a certified smoke detector according to the rules that the department of justice adopts." The landlord is required to ensure they are all in operating condition prior to the commencement of the lease. The tenant is responsible to "maintain the carbon monoxide detector and smoke detector in operating condition during the tenant's rental duration." The landlord must install working carbon monoxide and smoke detectors for each rental property subject to Montana Landlord-Tenant Laws; when the detectors are found to be in a way to be malfunctioning the 74-24-303 (5) stipulates that "The landlord is not liable for any damage that occurs due to the malfunction or malfunction of the carbon monoxide detection device nor the smoke detector as required by section (1)."

Montana Lodging Tenant Laws Rights and responsibilities of the tenants

According to Montana Landlord-Tenant Law, the landlord must keep the property to comply with all building, housing, and safety codes and maintain the property in a healthy and habitable state. The landlord is required to make any necessary fixes within an appropriate period. The landlord must ensure that all plumbing, electrical appliances, and services are supplied to the landlord in good condition. Montana Landlord Tenant Law specifies in 70-24-303(1)(b) that the landlord "may not allow any tenant or any other person take part in any or other activity which has a reasonable chance that the building could be damaged or destroyed, or neighboring tenants could get injured." When the landlord does not comply with the obligations of landlords under Montana Landlord-Tenant Laws, The tenant could be entitled to a claim for a remedy. In accordance with the Montana Attorney General, the tenant must give the landlord an in writing notice that repairs are required within fourteen days. If the landlord continues to refuse to make repairs, then the tenant can choose to:

Inform the landlord of the fact that the tenant has decided to end the rental agreement.

Repairs should be made, and then deduct the cost from the rent. But, before the tenant removes any amount from rent and deducts any amount from the rent, the tenant should speak with an attorney to confirm that the deduction is legal. When the tenant pays less than the amount of rent due, it is possible that the landlord could seek eviction for the non-payment of rent.

If emergency repairs are required in the event of emergency repairs, the landlord must complete the repairs within three days.

Montana landlords are not allowed to violate the requirement to provide a proper 24 hours notice prior to accessing the premises. They must ensure entry only during normal hours. The exception is in emergencies.

Tenants are accountable for paying their rent punctually and keeping the property safe and well-maintained. The tenant is not required to change locks or locks attached to the property. Suppose the tenant is unwilling to give up the property prior to the expiration of the tenancy or violates the lease. In that case, the landlord must give written notice of the tenant which identifies "the actions and omissions that constitute the violation" and also that the rental agreement will end on the date set in the notice, not less than the minimal number of days from the date of the date of receipt of the notice called under this subsection." A landlord can end the rental agreement in the event of continued failure to comply with the tenant to follow through with the provisions.

You should ensure that you have professionally-prepared Montana Tenant Screening and Montana Landlord Forms in hand to conduct a thorough tenant screening to identify the most desirable tenant for your rental properties. Also, make sure you have the required landlord forms during the duration of the tenancy.

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