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New Jersey Tenant Background Check

New Jersey Tenant Screening Background Checks

Every landlord would like the most dependable tenants to stay within the rental properties. But, this doesn't always occur. Tenant problems caused by bad tenants could not happen even if you screen each applicant. The Koleman Group LLC provides packages that will meet your requirements, regardless of whether you own a single rental property or a plethora of New Jersey rental properties. New Jersey Tenant Screening packages will let you know if the applicants you are screening have criminal records in the local area or have committed felony crimes in other states by utilizing the state-specific screening and whether they've been found guilty of sexual crimes or federal charges like terrorist acts. In a few minutes, it's possible to find out whether your applicants are honest with the information they provide or trying to conceal their criminal background or criminal activities or damage to prior rental properties, or not paying rent.

It is also important to avoid the bad reputation that comes with landlords who let their properties to drug dealers who are well-known for other crimes in the rental property. By implementing a New Jersey tenant background check, you can shield your property and yourself from known criminals looking for an opportunity to continue their illicit actions. Find the complete screening program that meets your requirements, and keep in mind that the expense associated with tenant screening can often be transferred to the tenant. The screening process is thorough and meticulous and can help you quickly eliminate applicants who aren't qualified. New Jersey Tenant Screening also allows you to promptly inform tenants who meet the criteria so that your home isn't sitting empty that is not producing any rental income.

Maintain your credibility as a landlord who takes care of your properties and the tenants that take the time to pay their rent in time and maintain the property neat and clean. Make use of New Jersey Tenant Screening packages to thoroughly screen all of your potential tenants.


The Koleman Group LLC provides tenant screening background checks nationwide. Are you seeking the tenant screening report for another state beyond New Jersey? Check out the tenant background checks page to find out more.

New Jersey Landlord-Tenant Law

This information is intended to replace consulting with an attorney. If you have any questions about New Jersey law on landlord-tenant or think you might be a victim that falls under these statutes, it is recommended to consult an attorney.

New Jersey Landlord-Tenant Law - Security Deposits

New Jersey Security Deposit Law stipulates that security deposits remain considered to be the belonging that belongs to the tenant. New Jersey Landlord-Tenant Law 46:8-19 is a requirement for landlords to place the security deposit in an investment fund for money created through the Investment Company based in this state and licensed as a registered entity under the "Investment Company Act of 1940" or ensure that the deposit is put "in a State or federally chartered savings bank, or savings and loan institution in the State ..."

New Jersey Landlord-Tenant Law - Right to claim damage or relief from tenant

Landlords are not permitted to take illegal actions against tenants who are a tenant who violates their rights under the New Jersey Landlord-Tenant Law or who lodges a complaint with a federal agency, or who refuses to comply with changes to the tenancy contract. Suppose the landlord is unable to resolve the issue after receiving an in-good faith request from the tenant. In that case, the tenant could seek damages "and other relief appropriate such as injunctive or other equitable remedies" in the event that the court finds that a landlord has violated any of the provisions in the Reprisal Law, N.J.S.A. 2A:42-10.0 to 10.14.

New Jersey law on landlord-tenant safeguards your rights; however, it is your responsibility to ensure that you don't violate all of the landlord-tenant laws. Make sure you are protected by conducting an extensive New Jersey tenant screening and by obtaining important New Jersey Landlord forms.


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