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New Mexico Tenant Background Check

New Mexico Tenant Screening Background Checks

Landlords are looking for the best tenants for their rental properties. The ideal tenants will take charge of the home, make rent on time and adhere to the New Mexico Landlord-Tenant Laws. Therefore, it is crucial to carry out an exhaustive screening of every applicant to lease one of the rental properties.

New Mexico tenant background check includes more than asking applicants to note their name and their place of work. You may be an expert in judging moral character; however, some tenants move from property to property, leaving a trail of damage and destruction on their way. Criminals who have been convicted and are accustomed to deceiving and lying are usually very adept at presenting themselves as applicants who will adhere to New Mexico Landlord-Tenant Laws and care for the property rental property. Once they've got the keys, nightmares begin.

Ensure you have all the data you require about prospective tenants by using New Mexico Tenant Screening package choices that meet your requirements. First, find out if the prospective tenant is the person they claim by analyzing their Social Security number fraud. Next, find out if the applicant has a criminal background and learn about their criminal history beyond local records. Through the New Mexico Tenant Screening package offered by The Koleman Group LLC, you can look up the criminal records of applicants for a specific state and search federal records for crimes involving sexuality and terrorism. There is the possibility of learning about each applicant's rental and eviction histories. Discover their credit history by obtaining a free credit report with each New Mexico Tenant Screening package. Compare what the tenant gives you with what's revealed when you conduct the extensive New Mexico Tenant Screening. This is because the New Mexico Attorney General's Office states the following "The landlord may turn you down due to poor credit or a criminal background." Information you gather when you check applicants is more than eliminating applicants with no qualifications. It allows others to climb on top as the best candidates for prospective tenants to your New Mexico rental properties.


The Koleman Group LLC provides tenant screening background checks nationwide. Are you looking for a tenant screening report in a state other than New Mexico? Check out the tenant background checks webpage for more information.

New Mexico Landlord-Tenant Law

These information sources are not intended to substitute for professional advice. If you have any questions about New Mexico Landlord-Tenant Law or believe that you might be a victim in accordance with these laws, it is recommended that you consult an attorney who is qualified.

New Mexico Landlord Tenant Law - Security Deposits

New Mexico Lease Tenant Law permits landlords to demand that the tenant make a security deposit, but it is required to be "reasonable." If the landlord requires a security deposit over an amount equal to one month's rent, in accordance with section 47-8-18 (A) (1), "the owner is bound to pay the resident each year an amount equivalent to the passbook interest allowed to savings and loan organizations in the state of Washington by the Federal Home Loan Bank Board for the deposits." In addition, when the rental lasts for shorter than one year, the landlord can not demand a security deposit for more than one month's rent.

After the end of the tenancy, landlords are entitled to deduct from the security deposit any rent due and repair costs for damage due to the tenant. The landlord must give tenants with the tenant a written listing of every deduction made from the security deposit and return the security amount in full to the tenant in the first 30 days after the termination of the tenure. Landlords aren't allowed to take any money from the security deposit to cover normal wear and tear on the property.

If the landlord does not return the security deposits and does not give the tenant a written notice of the deductions made from the deposit security, New Mexico Landlord-Tenant Law stipulates that in section the 47-8-18 (D) to the landlord:

(1) The depositor forfeits the right to hold any portion of the deposit

(2) They forfeit the right to claim every counterclaim. suit is taken to recover the deposit

(3) The resident is responsible for the person who lives there for the court fees and reasonable attorney's fees; and

(4) is forfeited the right to bring an independent claim against the tenant for damage caused to their rental property.

Section E stipulates an obligation for anyone landlord who "in poor faith" holds deposits against this provision is accountable for a civil fine that is 250 dollars ($250) payable to the resident."

New Mexico Landlord Tenant Law - Miscellaneous

Breach of agreement by the owner and relief by resident: According to 47-8-27.1, if non-compliance on behalf of the landlord poses a risk to the tenant's health or safety, the tenant may terminate the lease by giving a seven-day notice. If the landlord responds to the breach within 7 days, the lease will not end. If the landlord does not correct the violation within seven days, the tenant could end the lease and return ownership to the landlord. The landlord must pay back the remaining rent as well as the deposit for security. 

Retaliation from a landlord: Landlords aren't allowed to pursue retaliation against a tenant that is conforming to the rental agreement and is not in any other way not in breach of the Uniform Owner's Resident Relations Act. Retaliatory actions that are prohibited include raising the rent or reducing services. Also prohibited are threats or even taking possession of the property in the event that the tenant has in the past 6 months brought a complaint to an agency of the government concerning the building codes or housing and acted with good faith in exercising their legal rights as a tenant in accordance with New Mexico Landlord-Tenant Law or prevailed in a lawsuit to the landlord.

New Mexico Landlord-Tenant Laws ensure that all parties are protected under a rental agreement. Be sure that you are secured by having the essential New Mexico Tenant Screening and New Mexico Landlord Forms available to you.

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