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Tenant Screening Reports For Landlords Guide 2022

Security for your Rental Property Investment

All landlords must should conduct a tenant background check before concluding any lease. At TKG, we assist you in determining and screening tenants using the help of our tenant screening services for landlords. We offer a variety of rental tenant screening tests for credit that provide you with the highest quality of information and value for screening services anyplace. The TKG tenant verification service provides you with the capability to conduct the tenant credit check on the rental applicant any time of the day or night and with the results instantly posted online for you to review. Our reports provide the confidence to verify all your rental candidates and wisely choose.

  • You can run a report and receive your results instantly. In addition, the process is entirely automated, allowing you to handle reports all day long.
  • Credit checks for tenants protect your rental properties from tenants who attempt to cover up warning signs in their rental application.
  • No documents, underwriting, or onsite inspections are needed to check tenant credit at TKG.

Utilizing TKG as your reliable tenant verification service, you can check the credit of renters and credit reports for landlords swiftly and conveniently with the cooperating tenant service. No documentation is required. No underwriting is required. There is no onsite inspection requirement.


What is the significance of Tenant Screening Services important?

Conducting a tenant screening is not just suggested but vital. For example, knowing if a tenant paid their rent on time or if they have an eviction record could save you from months of hassle.

Based on a tenant screening review report, Evictions can be seen for up to seven years. This information is vital. Although tenant reports might take a long time to finish, there are many excellent reasons to make an effort.

Make an educated decision.

The main advantage of conducting rental screening is that it allows you to make the right decision. In addition, a complete tenant screening report tells you all you should be aware of the character and financial responsibility of the potential tenant.

In the case of tenants who have not paid rent, expulsion can be a lengthy process, with substantial legal fees involved. This is before repairing any damage by the tenant to the property. Tenants put a huge financial burden on the landlord.

A basic tenant check is a worthwhile investment.

Protect Yourself Against Liability

Documentation from a thorough tenant verification report is a safeguard should someone decide to sue you for the alleged discrimination.

They prove that you adhered to the laws of your state and didn't violate a potential renter's right to make a choice.

In this regard, the purpose of the tenant screening document is to prove that you have taken every reasonable step in applying.

Protect Your Community

According to Fair Housing Laws, landlords cannot deny renters because they have a criminal record on their own. However, they may use their criminal record to help make an informed decision.

For instance, if someone was recently involved in a sexual assault on children and your house is just two blocks from an elementary school, you'd be able to deny the candidate on this basis.

The landlords must ensure the security and well-being of tenants as well as their neighbors and their neighbors when they lease their property.

How Do Tenant Screening Services Work?

A tenant screening report is an outcome from an impartial screening company, But what is the process?

They're designed to simplify the process for landlords. All you have to do is provide the necessary personal details about your tenant with the background verification company. By using the information provided, they will look through all publicly available records for you.

Checks can be customized by what you would like to know about the tenant. Checks offered include:

  • Criminal background checks
  • Credit checks
  • The history of a sexual offender
  • History of eviction
  • Verification services

They are conducting their check to ensure that both the tenant remain in compliance with Federal and state laws.

When deciding on the kind of checks you can perform, it is highly recommended to collect the most feasible information. The more information you have and the more educated choice you will be able to make.

The service is provided based on the type of service you choose; it could take anything between 24 hours and a few days for you to get the tenant screening reports.

All details will be made available and categorized to make the process of determining if an individual is a good candidate easy

Note that the amount of information you will receive is contingent upon the type of service you choose to purchase. For example, simple checks might reveal nothing other than whether there is a criminal record.

Tips for advanced Tenant Screening

Find out more about prospective tenants and find out more details about who they are as well as the likelihood that they will be excellent long-term tenants with these guidelines:

  • Find them via their Facebook and Twitter pages If they are located.
  • Create written requirements for tenants to ensure an applicant with better quality.
  • Take care not to fall for false positives, particularly when a different name knows the tenant.
  • It would be best to hold applications for a minimum of 7 years to protect yourself against liability.
  • Conduct a background check on the individual applicants if a family member or a couple applies to rental.

What Information Should Be Included in a Tenant's Application?

A tenant application should contain several important details. A thorough application process will help you attract better quality tenants and lower tenant turnover. But what information should be included in the application?

In addition to the basic personal details, you need to request current and previous information about the residence. Most landlords require around five years of the history of their residence. This time frame is sufficient to spot patterns in their habits.

Additionally, it provides several references that you can use to learn details regarding the tenant. Finally, it is a good option to reach out to the candidate's previous landlord to inquire about how they performed as a tenant.

The next step is to be detailed about the person's income. For proof of income, landlords typically request more than three months' worth of pay stubs and an accurate number for the employer.

In addition, landlords will be able to contact the applicant's employer to verify that they are employed in the company in the tenant verification procedure.

When it comes to proving that you earn a living, the standard norm is that the applicant's gross income must be at least three times rent. This means that you're more likely to be paid in the event of financial issues.

Legal and Liability Protection

As part of every application, landlords have to take care of the tenant screening method. State and federal laws are very strict regarding what you can and cannot solicit when screening prospective tenants.

As you are examining the personal information of prospective tenants, there are legal disclosures that you should be aware of to protect your rights and those of the tenant

They include:

  • Applicant's Assurance - This permits applicants to be denied if any details they record on their application are found to be incorrect. It safeguards applicants against Fair Housing violations.
  • Liability This clause exempts the user from all negative outcomes from your rental screen process.
  • Extended Authorization This grants the landlord the power to collect on debts following the tenant is out of the premises.
  • Holding Fee This outlines the terms of the security deposit of their applicants if they're approved. This also permits you to make the rental property accessible to other applicants if the deposit isn't due by a certain date.

Moving-In Requirements: This explains to the tenant what information is required of them if approved, but not before they get the keys to the house. For example, it may include information about fees, the name of the utility, and security deposits.

The legal aspects may be a huge challenge even for the most experienced landlords. The rules constantly change, especially regarding the Federal Fair Housing Act.

This is why tenant screening services for landlords can be an effective investment.

Tenant Credit Check

Do you want to find out if your candidate bounced checks before handing one of them to you? Include the massive TeleCheck Bad Check Database, the same data used by merchants worldwide when you write the future tenant check. In addition, we are proud to offer credit reports from the three major credit bureaus. Every account is set to receive an Experian, TransUnion, and/or TransUnion report on default. If, however, you're underwritten, you'll have the option of choosing the Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax reports.

When you examine tenant credit scores, you will determine whether the tenant can afford rent or is employed, or has a solid credit record. In addition, by obtaining other reports, you can determine if the person has a history of criminal activity, was evicted previously, or was hiding an old address.

A warning to examine tenant credit: Don't use reports supplied to you by an applicant for the rental applicant. It's easy to alter the information provided on the rental screening, and it could be difficult to tell how the report is. In addition, there is no way to determine whether the tenant is trying to conceal some information.

Confirming the Tenant's Name

If this information is not available by our tenant verification service, It would be very simple for a criminal tenant to use yours. In reality, troubled tenants are more knowledgeable about rental tenant check-ups than a landlord is new. Don't become a victim. Be safe and secure your property.

The applicants for rental properties are from unusual environments and situations. They're not all perfect, but they are all good tenants. But, some applicants are outright liars, and landlords need to be able to spot them immediately to avoid trouble later on. Find out how to identify fraudulent candidates quickly by being aware of this tenant screening red flags.

Criminal Reports

A landlord could be subject to legal liability when a tenant's injury occurs when the tenant has a criminal history. This is why it's crucial for the tenant reports to contain the criminal history of each tenant and to verify each tenant against sex offenders and terrorist databases. This will help you avoid liability and a stir within the community.

Eviction reports

Many professional landlords and property managers are hesitant to lease to someone with an eviction record, and they should, as long as all applicants adhere to the identical rental screening standards. Be assured that your candidate tenant knows about this and is working hard to keep information about the tenant application from their next landlord. You should get a complete report that informs the tenant of any records in the file. It's more than a criminal background check report.

The Most Effective Tenant Screening Services

Tenant screening services take the burden on landlords. Property managers and landlords that are independent often employ these services to produce an exhaustive tenant screening report.

The documents can be used in deciding the best person to rent your property out to. However, with the many tenant screening options for landlords, it's hard to make the best choice.

The Koleman Group LLC (TKG) allows you to manage rental properties simply. Sign up to TKG to join TKG, and you'll gain access to comprehensive screening services for tenants.

We're here to tell you the reasons why the thousands of landlords who are professionals have invested in complete tenant screening by working with us:

  • instant screening of tenants from police background checks to credit scores, you can get immediate tenant screening at the touch of one button. This service will inform you of everything you must know without lifting a finger.
  • State-specific legal forms - Ensure that you're within the state's regulations for renting by using specific legal forms for your state. All forms are updated to reflect the most recent rules and laws.
  • Education Enjoy a complete education and learn more about filtering applicants and identifying tenants with higher quality.

Most landlords do not have the time or resources to conduct background checks themselves. So instead, you require the services you can count on. Services such as TKG offer landlords the tools needed to be able to use.

Select The Koleman Group LLC For Your Tenant Background Check

Tenant screening allows tenants to ensure that they rent to the correct person. However, manual checks are difficult, and if your portfolio of properties isn't large enough to warrant a dedicated property manager, you can use available independent background check services.

The TKG provides the most thorough, immediate tenant background checks accessible. Find out the latest information about your tenants today and become a member of the TKG.

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