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What Does A Background Check Show?

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    When conducting a background check, it is important to know what does and what doesn't show up on your a background check. Depending on how comprehensive the background check in question is, a background check report can reveal the extensive history of an applicant.

    What shows up on a background check?

    Criminal History: If an individual has a discrepency or criminal record. The consumer report may reveal the court records, arrest records, convictions. This report may also reveal what the applicant in question was arrested for and reason for conviction and whether or not the defendant was conviction. If an applicant does not have a criminal record, then the consumer report will report no records found. 

    Education History: Verifying an applicant's education history will reveal whether or not an applicant has attended the school they provided on their resume and verifies if the degree was completed. The data included in this search can include the transcripts, and degree certification.

    Employment History: When conducting an employment verification, potential employers will look into an applicant's employment history. This report will reveal data that includes company. start date, end date, rate of pay, and position held. 

    Credit History: Some employers may require an applicant to conduct a credit history report. A credit history report will reveal, an applicant's credit worthiness. This data can include a credit rating.

    Eviction report: Landlords and property managers may request a tenant's eviction report. If a tenant has an eviction report on their record, this discrepancy will show up on the background report

    If an applicant wants to know what's on their background check, they can always order a background check to view what others see on their report. In some states applicants can request a copy the background check completed on them by the employer. 



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