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What Is A FBI Background Check?

A FBI(Federal Bureau of Investigation) background check or federal background check is background check that is processed by the FBI. This type of background check usually involves fingerprints that have to be sent to the FBI either electronically or by mail. A FBI background check can include arrest records, criminal history, federal employment, and military service.


How long does it take to get the results from a FBI background check?

According to the FBI turnaround time for a FBI background check is 30 days for electronically processes request. Processing times may be longer due to manual fingerprints that are sent through the mail. 


Where can I view the results of my FBI background check?

Results are accessible from the FBI to the email the requestor provided to a secure link that the applicant can view the results. If requested the FBI can send a copy by mail of the results to the requestor. The time it takes to get a copy of your background check by mail may vary.


Where can I go to get a FBI background check?

In order to conduct a FBI background check, you have to get your fingerprints taken from an approved FBI fingerprint vendor. This can include local background check agencies that provide live scan fingerprinting. You can also get your fingerprints done by local law enforcement agencies that provide fingerprints. The fingerprints must be done by a certified live scan fingerprint technician. 


How much does it cost to conduct a FBI background check?

This answer may vary depending on where you go to get your fingerprints taken. Our FBI background checks cost $40 per request. 

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