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What is the crime free housing program?

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    The crime free housing program was a program designed to reduce crime, drugs, and gang activity on apartment properties. This program was created by the Mesa Arizona Police Department in 1992.

    Benefits Of Participating In The Crime Free Housing Program.


    • Better tenants and an increased demand for rental units for landlords.
    • Lower maintenance and repair cost.
    • Increased property value
    • Increased safety for tenants, landlords, managers, and the community.


    Costs Of Not Participating In The Crime Free Housing Program.

    When criminals and other destructive tenants move into rental properties, communities and landlords suffer as a result. A few examples are:


    • Decline in property value. Studies show that crime does negatively impact the value of a community and give that community a bad reputation. Which in turn can prevent potential tenants from renting in that neighborhood.
    • Property damage. Property damage can occur from neglect, abuse and police involvements(raids).
    • Fear of dealing with dangerous and threatening tenants. This in turn can result into angry neighbors and resentment towards landlords.
    • Loss of tenants and potential tenants. When a community becomes damaged by crime, drugs, gangs, and neglect, tenants may want to leave their rental units for property in safer environments. This can deter potential tenants from renting in that neighborhood altogether.


    So, we have the benefits and cost of using the crime free housing program. This program may not be a one-size-fits all, but cities and states that employ this program have seen reductions in crime in their neighborhood and increased property values. This includes fewer domestic disturbances, fewer police calls, fewer police visits, and overall increased community safety

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