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Wisconsin Tenant Background Check

Wisconsin Tenant Screening

Landlords must conduct a thorough screening of rental applicants. Every applicant, not only the primary applicant, needs to be thoroughly scrutinized. Suppose you restrict your screening to the applicant who is your primary candidate, such as a criminal who has been convicted or someone who has a long history of evictions may reside in one of your rental properties. If you conduct screenings through The Koleman Group LLC Tenant screening, only the top candidates will be able to be selected from the applicant's pool. It doesn't matter if you own a single rental property or hundreds of rental properties; there's a Wisconsin Tenant Screening package that meets your requirements. Screen prospective tenants for the possibility of identity theft by looking for fraud in using social security numbers. Identity theft is among the most prevalent crimes growing across the United States and is easily committed without sufficient security measures to stop it.

Find out the credit history of your prospective tenant by obtaining a free credit report that comes in each Wisconsin Tenant Screening package. Find out if the applicant has a history of evictions or has not disclosed previous addresses. You can determine the extent to which your applicant has a criminal record that goes beyond a simple local criminal background search. Through Wisconsin Tenant Screening, you can conduct a specific state search or even an FBI criminal background check. Find out if the person applying for the job has a record of terrorist-related offenses or is a sex offender. Wisconsin Landlord-Tenant Act 704.50 (1) releases the landlord from having to notify who the tenant must be registered as a sexual offender. However, 704.50 (2) stipulates that "If the matter is related to renting out a rental or lease of property, a tenant seeks from the landlord or agent any information regarding the possibility that a person is required to be registered as a sex offender under the s. 301.45... A landlord or agent is obligated to provide this information if they are aware of the information. landlord or agent has aware of this information."

If you combine an FBI search in your Wisconsin Tenant Screening choices, you can stay clear of anxiety, backlash, and hassles from neighbors and your other tenants. Instead, keep your peace of mind and your reputation as a landlord who only leases for tenants that respect the right of people to be peaceful and tranquil and doesn't rent to those with a criminal record, especially when those criminal convictions involve serious offenses. A Wisconsin tenant background check gives you the chance to discover who your prospective tenants are and to, eliminate unqualified applicants, and hand over the keys to those with a track record of making rent payments on time, taking good care of their property, and do not have a serious criminal record.



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The Koleman Group LLC provides tenant screening background checks nationwide. Do you need the tenant screening report in a state other than Wisconsin? Go to the tenant background checks webpage to find out more.

Wisconsin Landlord-Tenant law

Wisconsin Landlord-Tenant Law is found within Wisconsin Statutes, Chapter 704 Landlord and Tenant. The other landlord-tenant law is found in chapter ATCP 134, which is titled the Residential Rental practices. Wisconsin Landlord-Tenant Laws defines terms, defines the rights and obligations of the parties to the landlord-tenant relationship, and offers legal remedies in the event of a violation of Wisconsin Landlord-Tenant Laws.

Nothing in any part of the Wisconsin Landlord Tenant Law found on this website should be considered an alternative to legal advice. If you have any questions or think you might be in a legal situation following Wisconsin Landlord-Tenant Law, you should consult an attorney. 

Wisconsin Landlord Tenant Law - Security Deposits

There aren't any statutory limitations on the size of the security deposit required under Wisconsin Landlord-Tenant Laws; however, it is the landlord's responsibility to return it to the tenant in the first 21 days after the expiration of the lease. If the tenant is approved but cannot move into the property, the landlord is not required to refund the deposit. The Wisconsin Landlord Tenant Law stipulates that the landlord may withhold a portion from the security deposit, which is in proportion to the damage that is caused by the tenant and any outstanding rent amount. The landlord cannot deduct the wear and tear costs on tenants' security deposits.

Wisconsin Landlord Tenant Law Miscellaneous Statutes

Retaliatory eviction ATCP 134.09 (5) Landlords aren't permitted to end a tenancy, stop from automatic renewing leases or otherwise constructively evict tenants tenant through any method, including termination, heat water, electricity, or heat in retaliation for tenants who report tenants who have a complaint to make against the landlord for a violation of the housing code or who joining a tenant association, or is attempting to claim their rights in any state or local law. 

Domestic abuse protections 704.14 704.14 Landlords are not allowed to expel the tenant if the tenant is an abuser, domestic violence stalking, or assault victim. However, the tenant is still liable to expulsion for other offenses like non-payment of rent.

Wisconsin Landlord-Tenant Laws protect your property and yourself and your tenant rights. Make sure you rent to only the most qualified applicants by completing Wisconsin Tenant Screening; you're also safeguarding yourself by completing the crucial Wisconsin Landlord-Tenant forms.

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