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Wyoming Tenant Background Check

Wyoming Tenant Screening

Suppose you conduct rigorous Wyoming tenant screening background checks. In that case, you can quickly eliminate unqualified applicants and watch the top-qualified applicants climb into the upper ranks of the applicant's pool. Tenant screening is vital to landlords with all rental properties to safeguard their reputation as an ethical landlord who rents only to those who are qualified. Another reason to conduct complete Wyoming tenant screening background checks is to safeguard your investment in Wyoming rental property. The owners of Wyoming rental properties would like to rent only to highly qualified applicants and avoid those with an unresolved history of convictions for criminals or histories of expulsions. Other reasons that disqualify applicants from consideration are damages to the property from an earlier address or being a victim of identity theft, such as identity theft and fraud with social security numbers and low credit scores. The reason landlords might not recognize until later that a terrible tenant lives within some of their Wyoming rental homes is their failure to conduct a thorough Wyoming tenant background check.

The thing landlords usually don't realize that often is a problem that comes back in the future is that an easy credit check will not reveal who the applicant is. It doesn't provide any information regarding evictions or criminal records. Unless you are looking for their credit score, it is impossible to determine any details by simply doing a credit report on your rental applicants. This report from The Koleman Group LLC landlords with Wyoming tenant screening background checks that provide a clear view of who the applicant is. Find out whether the applicant is likely to pay the rent on time or move into your property and not pay a penny until you can pay the expensive legal fees and court costs to get them out. The extensive Wyoming tenant screening background checks provided by TKG provide the information you require in real-time, allowing you to filter out applicants with poor qualifications swiftly. Do not let the rental property sit empty and get the information you need right away to lease it to the most qualified candidate.

As a landlord, you must complete the extensive Wyoming tenant screening background checks on every adult named in the form, not only the applicant who fills out the application. Costs associated with tenant screening are often passed to the prospective tenant. Therefore, there's no reason to compromise on performing the most thorough Wyoming tenant screening background checks to ensure that you lease to the most qualified prospective tenant.

A Credit Report gives you information about the applicant's capacity to cover the cost of the rent. It also provides insight into the ability of the applicant to pay their bills promptly. As the landlord or owner of Wyoming rental properties, including all comprehensive criminal records, search in the Wyoming tenant screening background checks is mandatory. This Criminal History searches your choice of nationwide or statewide criminal records, allowing you to quickly check whether the applicant has a criminal record due to previous convictions or pending criminal charges that have not yet been solved in the courts. Get quick, accurate information regarding all of your rental applicants using these and other detailed searches, including Terrorist or Sex Offender reports in those Wyoming tenant screening background checks. Do not rent to those with an identification number other than their own using this Social Security Number Fraud Check. Criminals who are convicted of serious crimes frequently move around, and it is possible to avoid renting to these people by conducting extensive Wyoming tenant screening background checks.

Each tenant screening package provided by TKG will give you the results you desire and require when you require them, instead of credit reporting agencies and other organizations that may have you waiting. If you must wait, so will your prospective tenants. Don't risk losing the perfect tenant who chooses not to be patiently waiting for tenant screening results and moves to a different rental property.


The Koleman Group LLC provides tenant screening background checks nationwide. Do you need the tenant screening report in a state other than Wyoming? Check out the tenant background checks page to find out more.

Wyoming Landlord-Tenant Legal

The following section focuses on Wyoming Landlord-Tenant Laws and includes their state laws. This is not a complete list of all pertinent laws and regulations and is not intended to provide legal advice. Laws can change, and they will typically differ within the state and from municipality to municipal.

We suggest that you conduct your research independently to ensure that you are legally compliant with any Wyoming landlord-tenant legislation and laws that apply to your specific situation.

Wyoming Loyal Tenant Laws

Wyoming Statutes 1-21-1201 to 1-21-1211

Security Deposit

Notification of Non-Refundable Deposit: A lease agreement must specify that the security deposit is not refundable. Additionally, the landlord must provide an informed written statement to the tenant when the security deposit is taken from the landlord or the landlord's designated agent. Wyo. Stat. SS 1-21-1207.

Deductions in Security Deposit: After the expiration of the lease contract, any security deposit kept by the landlord can be applied to by the landlord to (1) the payment of rent that is overdue (2) damage to the rental property caused by the tenant which is not the normal wear and wear and tear (3) any expenses incurred in cleaning and maintain the rental premises (4) and any other expenses specified within the lease contract. Wyo. Stat. SS 1-21-1208.

The return of security deposit: The landlord is obliged to pay the amount (without the interest) from the security deposit within 30 days of the end of the lease or the tenant's eviction or within 15 calendar days from the tenant notifying the landlord of the new address of the tenant whichever is later. Wyo. Stat. SS 1-21-1208.

Rent, Rent & Fees:

Lease Conditions: There is no state law. But it is widely accepted that leases should use everyday and common words and must be concise and logical.

Late fees: The law is not a statewide one. However, it is important to note the legal deadline for rent to be paid at the time that is stipulated in your lease contract. If the tenant cannot pay on-time rent and is late, the landlord is allowed to assess late charges. However, there is a caveat that the landlord is not allowed to charge an additional late fee if the lease agreement doesn't contain the clause pertaining to late fees.

An increase in rent: There is no state law. We recommend that the landlord provide the tenant with at least 30 days' written notice in writing to increase the rental amount or alter the terms of the month-to-month lease agreement. In the case of long-term leases, we suggest that the landlord refrains from increasing or increasing the rental quantity until after the lease is terminated.

In the case of discrimination and retaliation: In the United States, a landlord is not allowed to raise the rent in a discriminatory manner, i.e., race, gender, religion, etc. Also, landlords are not permitted to increase the rent in the case of retaliation against tenants based on race, gender, religion, etc. tenant if the tenant has taken advantage of a legal right to file an appropriate complaint with the local housing authority regarding their tenant's.

Termination of Non-Payment of Rent: A landlord could seek eviction if the tenant's rent is three or more days overdue and the tenant is provided at least 3 days notice. A landlord can also end the rental agreement by giving an unconditional Quit Notice. Wyo. Stat. SSSS 1--21-1002 to 1--21-1003.

Landlord's Mandatory Notices:

Required Disclosures: The lease agreement should state whether any part that is a security deposit is not refundable. The landlord must also provide the tenant with a written notification of this information to the tenant when the landlord can collect the security deposits on behalf of the tenant. Wyo. Stat. SSSS 1-21-1207 as well 1-21-1208.

Other Disclosures: We suggest you read the local municipal rules and regulations on the required notices, especially if the rental property is subject to rent control.

Warranty of Habitability, Withholding, and Rent

Essential Rights: The tenants of Wyoming have the legal right to a home that is healthy structural, safe and secure standards and is in good working order.

Landlord's obligations: A landlord has to maintain the rental property in reasonable condition and suitable for human use and maintain the plumbing, electrical, and heating system. The warranty of habitability can't be renounced or altered in the contract between the tenants. Wyo. Stat. SSSS 1-21-1202.

Rent Withholding: According to Wyoming law, the tenant cannot hold back rent payments from their landlord to force the landlord to fix their rental unit. Wyoming law requires each tenant to pay their rent to force the landlord to carry out the necessary repairs. If a tenant is unable to pay rent, it is possible that the landlord could expel the tenant, which is within the landlord's rights. Wyo. Stat. SSSS 1-21-1203.

Tenant's Options If it is the case that the tenant needs his landlord for repairs in the rental unit, the tenant must provide the landlord an in writing notice of the issue and give the landlord adequate time to address the issue. Wyo. Stat. SS 1-21-1203.

Additional Redress: If the landlord is unable to repair the damage and repairs, the tenant should issue a second letter to the landlord notifying him that if landlord does not repair the issue and the tenant is not satisfied, the tenant is going to file a lawsuit in the court and/or end the lease. Wyo. Stat. SS 1-21-1203.

Landlord's Requirements: In response to the tenant's complaint, the landlord must correct the issue within a reasonable amount of time or issue a signed note to the tenant informing them that they dispute the claim. Wyo. Stat. SS 1-21-1203.

To go beyond Wyoming law and rules, we advise you to contact your local municipal office to discuss local rules and regulations about tenant's rights concerning repairs. 

Termination Eviction, Termination, And Other Laws

A Nonconditional Quit notice: The orders require the tenant to vacate within the lease contract's short period. In Wyoming, it is possible for a landlord may use an unconditional termination notice in the event of all of the following reasons: (1) non-payment of rent (2) tenant holdover (3) damages to the rental units (4) disturbance to the enjoyment of another (5) refusing access for the landlord as well as (6) in violation of other obligations as stipulated in the statute (such as removing garbage, following lease terms and keeping the rental units.) Wyo. Stat. SSSS 1-21-1202 as well as 1-21-1203.

Eviction: A landlord can end a lease by issuing an unconditional quit notice if the tenant does not comply with a fundamental clause in the lease contract. To evict the tenant, the landlord must provide to the tenant 3 days' notification of the landlord's intent to commence an eviction process. If the tenant does not resolve the issue or leaves the rental property, the next step for the landlord is to issue a Summons and Complaint. Wyo. Stat. SSSS 1-21-1202 as well as 1-21-1203.

Victims of Domestic Violence: In Wyoming, the following laws apply to domestic violence cases. (1) A landlord has the right to prove the tenant's domestic violence status (2) A landlord is not able to terminate early the lease of a person who is a victim of domestic violence(3) domestic violence victims are entitled to a right to terminate their lease early (4) A lease agreement is not allowed to provide the waiver of all (or all) domestic violence victims' rights. (5) family violence can be an affirmative defense in an eviction suit.


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