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Alabama Healthcare Background Check

If you're in the medical profession or are simply searching for the right nurse, doctor, or nurse, conducting an Alabama medical background check can help protect your company from legal issues. The Koleman group LLC (TKG) services range from basic criminal database searches to extensive investigational research. Each background check includes information about an individual's criminal history background, employment history, and qualifications. The Koleman Group LLC background check services are reliable and quick, and The Koleman Group LLC has both high-tech and personal services.

Certain sectors, like the trucking industry, need background checks on potential employees, while others do not. Companies that offer services to the most vulnerable must complete thorough background checks. Alabama law requires employers to comply with specific guidelines to ensure that the new employees are secure and do not have convictions for drug use or other problems. So long as the background check is conducted in compliance with the state's laws, it is legal for employers to employ healthcare workers with no criminal record.

Background checks for healthcare differ in every state. Certain states require employees to undergo background checks based on the FBI, while other states only require certain people to undergo a state-wide background check. In addition, some states permit home health professionals to start working while awaiting a background check. But, it is best to check with the appropriate agency to confirm that the candidate has passed the necessary background check. This way, you'll be able to assure the safety of your staff and patients.

As opposed to other states, Alabama has no state-wide ban-the-box laws that prevent employers from checking a person's criminal history before deciding to hire them. In spite of these laws, employers should conduct background screening to safeguard their employees and reduce their liability. In addition to the state's law, employers must follow the industry's guidelines when conducting background checks.

Whether you're a dental receptionist or an anesthesiologist assistant, you must conduct a thorough healthcare background check. It is also suggested that you examine various states. Ensure you adhere to all federal and state laws while performing an audit. If you're unsure whether you should conduct a background check is necessary, you may always seek legal advice from an experienced lawyer. If you're looking for a medical background check, remember that you are protected under lawful protections under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and state laws.

As well as federal law, Alabama has its own set of laws for employment that govern the screening of applicants for employment. Following the Fair Credit Reporting Act, employers must perform a thorough background check on potential employees. If an applicant has a criminal record or any other incriminating information, employers are required to notify them in writing. This protects the privacy of the applicant. In addition, if they choose not to work in Alabama and the employer cannot accommodate them, they will be held accountable for the damage caused by their actions.

The new criminal record laws use impact employers with covered employees in Alabama. Employers must be aware of the laws of Alabama and be aware of the points below. For instance, some expunged criminal charges can legally allow someone to say "no" to interview questions. But this applies only to certain misdemeanors and violations, not violent crimes. If you've expunged criminal records, it is recommended to consider doing a background check in Alabama to ensure you're hiring only the most qualified people for the job.

Besides criminal history investigations, background checks for new employees also include investigations into previous crimes. While these aren't a large percent of the overall background check, they are crucial. Utilizing a background check to protect clients' reputations, customers, and employees is a great idea. For example, a pharmacist driver with a DUI, a bookkeeper with a fraudulent arrest record, and a billing clerk with a criminal history could be a source of trouble. In addition, background checks on healthcare professionals can be useless if the person that is being scrutinized isn't the person is claimed to be. So, they should confirm the identity of the applicants.


All personnel from the Area/County Life Care staff that have direct contact with Life Care clients and have access to Life Care client records must pass a background check that is based on federal regulations, state and programmatic standards comprised of:

* Pre-employment screening to ensure OIG Sanctions Exclusions (added in 2011)

* National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW)

* Alabama Certified Nurse Aide Registry

* Alabama Background Check performed through the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center (ACJIC)


* To identify employees that must take the required background test.


* To describe the process for conducting these Background Checks to be used by Life Care job applicants and currently ADPH employees who move into Life Care.

* To describe the criteria that exclude an applicant from employment.

General Instruction

1. Background checks are mandatory for all employees who offer direct services and have access to client records within Life Care who were hired from October 1st or later, 2007.

The list includes, however, isn't restricted to Director of Home Care, Nurse/Staff, or Visiting as well as Home Attendants that are directly interacting with Life Care and have

accessibility to the Life Care client records. This does not cover ADPH Central Office staff that doesn't provide direct care to Life Care clients.

* This includes, but isn't only limited to merit contract, Form 8s Part-time,

Hourly and volunteer.

* ADPH employees who move into the Life Care staff position are considered "transfers" and won't be required to pass background checks.

2. From May 1st 2008, all employees who were hired after October 1st, 2007 will not be permitted to provide direct services or gain access to Life Care client records until after

having a background check.

3. Background checks will not be required for employees who were hired before the 1st of October


4. A background check will comprise using personal identifiers, including but not limited to name, Social Security number, birth date, and driver's license numbers.

Disqualification Standards

5. The following are crimes that permanently bar the person from

a job: Applicants cannot be convicted of or have a record of any violent crime or another felony. The applicant must not have any pending criminal charges.


6. The following are crimes that could prevent a person from being employed during the period specified in the following:

"Class A Misdemeanor"

• Assault of the third degree within the last five years

• Reckless dangers over the last five years

• Stalking in the second degree within the last five years.

Criminal Trespass in the first degree within the last five years

Criminal mischief in the third degree over the last three years

> Infractions to an order of protection in the last three years

Unlawful contact in the first degree within the last three years

"Class B" Misdemeanor

Criminal mischief in the first degree over the last seven years

> Contact with a person who is unlawful with the second degree within the past year

* Any crime that is violent

* Any convictions that are felony-related or currently pending convictions for a felony.

7. In the event of a refusal to authorize ADPH to conduct or fail to be able to pass any of the Background Checks will disqualify an applicant from being employed.


8. Directors of Home Care or Designees must be required to pass the pre-employment screening for OIG Sanctions Exclusions. To access this, visit OIG's website: OIG site: http://oig.hhs.gov/

9. Select Exclusions.

1O. In the drop-down box, select Online Searchable Database.

Input the last and the initial name of the prospective employee into the box, then select the search button.

12. If a person is listed on the list, you'll require the Social Security number to verify.

13. Print the results of the records of the pre-employee.

14. If a candidate is listed on the list, the applicant isn't selected for the position.

National Sex Offender Public Website

15. A Home Care Director or designee must conduct a background check with the United States Department of Justice (Dru Sjodin) National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW).

16. Access the National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW) at http://www.nsopw.gov/ to see if the applicant is listed.

17. Enter the applicant's First Name and Last Name into the appropriate boxes, then hit "Search."

18. After reading the Terms of Use, click the "I agree" button.

19. Input the code you received into the appropriate box. Then press the "Continue" button.

20. Click on the "Search" button next to the names in the boxes. The normal "Search" button will search the sex offender's registries covering fifty (50) states, including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and Indian Country.

21. An "Search Results" page will be displayed. Download your "Search Results" page on the website.

22. If there are people who have the same or similar name, this information appears in the upper right-hand corner of the page. " The number of records from a nationwide search that includes all states, territories, states, as well as Indian Country for the First Name, like __, and Last Name as

___ . To see a complete listing of all jurisdictions in this search, Click here."

Note: If a certain area is "not-accessible" when the registry is searched, go on the search process until all regions are searched. The website is used to perform searches.

Real-time searches of each database of each jurisdiction, whenever an area has problems with connectivity or system or connectivity issue, the database of that jurisdiction can't be accessed. However, the problem is usually resolved promptly and rarely leads to the database being unavailable for longer than one hour.

23. If it is discovered that the applicant's name is not registered on the National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW), the interview with the applicant can be conducted.

24. If it is found that the prospective candidate is included in the National Sex Offender

Web Sites for Public Use (NSOPW) The applicant is not eligible to be hired.

Alabama Certified Nurse Aide Registry

25. The Home Care Director or designee will conduct the background check on the

Alabama Certified Nurse Aide Registry

* Visit the Alabama Certified Nursing Aide Registry on the official website

http://www.adph.org/, click on Contents A - Z, and then click on Nurse Aide Registry.

* Enter the applicant's social security number in the appropriate boxes, then hit the "Search" button.

* Check the status that the person is applying.

If the applicant is not included in the Nurse Aide Registry, a message will be displayed indicating that their SSN is "not registered in the registry."

If the candidate is certified as a nurse assistant, then a report will be issued with the following information:

* Social Security Number

* Last Name

* First Name

* Date added to the registry. Registry

* Test Date

* Orig. certified

* Findings that are contrary

* Status of Expiration

If the applicant is found to have no "Adverse finding," it will be stated as "None."

If the applicant is licensed as a nurse assistant and was found guilty of abuse, The Status will inform the applicant that it is necessary to provide details regarding this individual and instruct the user to click the "Request More Information" button to make an inquiry for more details or call 334-334-

206- 5169. It is important to note that there are causes beyond abuse that could

This may trigger the message to send this message, so you should contact the right person in the

Bureau of Health Provider Standards to validate the Nurse Aide Registry


* Print the page with results on the website.

26. If it is found out it is determined that an applicant is not listed or is not a Nurse Aide who is in excellent standing with the Nurse Aide Registry, the interview of the applicant is allowed to proceed.

27. If it is found that the applicant is a nurse aide on the Nurse Aide Registry,

If convicted for abuse. The candidate cannot be hired.

28. Designated Home Care Directors are responsible for making sure that the Alabama Background Check.

(ABC report) is done before an employee's appointment.

29. Requesting the Alabama Background Check should be done in the final step.

Before offering the position to the prospective employee before offering the job to the potential. It is not recommended to ask for the job if an offer to hire the applicant in the Life Care staff position is imminent.

30. Designated Home Care Directors who are interviewing the prospective employee should:

• Inform prospective employees of the requirement for employers require an Alabama Background Check has to be completed.

The potential employee must go through, fill out, and then sign the Alabama Background Check Report Waiver form.

The form does not require notarization.

All information on forms must be printed clearly and easy to read.

The form can be found on the Home Care Secure website under Life Care.


Email Documentation

* A scan of the ABC Report Waiver form may be sent via email to Pamella Kendrick or the designee.

* If you receive an "out of Office" notification is delivered, you can forward the copy of the scan to Samarria Dunson or the designee.

Documentation for FAX

Send the email address to Pamela Kendrick or the designee in the ADPH Office of ADPH Office of

General Counsel notifies him/her that the Alabama Background Check Waiver form will be transmitted by fax.

• If an "out of Office" message has not been received as a response to the

email send a fax of the signed and completed Alabama Background Check

Request a Report Waiver form by calling Pamela Kendrick or the designee at 334-206-3762 or any other specified number to fax.

> If you receive an "out of Office" message arrives If you receive an out of office message, fax it to Alabama

Background Check Waiver Form as well as a cover page to fax or call at 334-206-5074 or another

designated number or fax.

> Attach a fax cover sheet, as is required under ADPH policy. It clearly

It identifies the name and email addresses of the person to whom the findings from the Alabama Background Check are to be remitted.

Results shouldn't be passed on to supervisory personnel, not in the position of supervisor.

* Only one request per person must be sent by fax.

31. The ADPH Office of General Counsel will carry out an Alabama Background check.

32. Directors of Home Care or designees specified on the fax cover sheet should receive an email reply to the ADPH Office of General Counsel. ADPH Office of General Counsel will specify the extent to which

The applicant could or might not be evaluated for employment based on what is found from the state-wide Alabama Background Check.

If the candidate is qualified for hiring, the email reply will state an indication of eligibility, if

relevant, any other charges or issues discovered in an Alabama Background Check that may affect a hiring decision, which includes those that aren't

Indefinitely, a person is disqualified permanently from working.

Examination Of All Background Information

35. Each Background Checks must be printed and stored in the employee's file regardless of the result of the check or even if the employee accepts a job with ADPH.

36. If the prospective employee is hired and hired, the following documents must be stored in an individual employee file, at the exact secure place as the employee's personnel file:

* Pre-employment screening for OIG exclusion of sanctions.

* National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW)

* Alabama Certified Nurse Aide Registry Report.

* Alabama Background Check Waiver and Results. Original signed

Alabama Background Check Waiver Form, as well as the email from the ADPH.

Office of General Counsel regarding the findings that were gathered from the Alabama Background Check.

* Other relevant and related documents.

37. If the candidate isn't employed, then these documents must be presented when

Completed or accessed as part of a background check is required to be saved in a separate folder with the application for employment in a secure place that is kept by the

Home Care Director/designee. The documents for each prospective employee should be stored in separate files.

* Pre-employment Screening to determine OIG Sanctions Exclusion results.

* National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW). "Search Results."

* Alabama Certified Nurse Aide Registry Report.

* Alabama Background Check Waiver and the results. Original signature

Alabama Background Check Waiver Form, as well as the email from the ADPH. 

Office of General Counsel regarding the findings gathered from Alabama Background Check.

* Other relevant and related documents

Employee notifications to the Supervisor

38. Anyone on the Life Care staff must notify their supervisor within three (three) day working hours if they are arrested or convicted of any crime or illegal act.

39. Employee Compliance Statement of Compliance

From 1 January 2009, every Life Care staff employee will be required for their signature and date the Life Care Background Check Compliance Statement (LC-207 12-08) as part of their annual appraisals to confirm that the following is true:

* They have been through the Life Care Background Check policy and have had the opportunity to ask questions regarding it.

* They don't have any criminal charges pending or arrests

* They haven't been found guilty of a violent crime or criminal offense since their date of hire (if on or after January 1st or 2009) or their last annual performance appraisal.

* They acknowledge their responsibility and have agreed to inform their supervisor within three (three) work days should they are detained or found guilty of any criminal act.

The original signed and dated Life Care Background Check Compliance Form must be stored in an individual employee file, in the exact secure location as the employee's record.

*The Life Care Background Check Compliance Statement (LC-207 12-08) is available on Home Care Secure's website. Home Care Secure website.

41. Inability to complete, sign and date the conformity statement is a reason for removing an individual from working as a Life Care staff member. Life Care staff member.

42. Employees who do not complete the compliance form will be dealt with in an individualized way and per State and ADPH personnel policy and procedures. The supervisor of the employee is required to an obligation to consult to ADPH Office of Human Resources. 

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