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What is a background check?

A background check consists of information collected on an individual which may be considered eligibility for employment or housing. The specification of the background check is determined by the employer and or industry or position. The property manager determines which components to use for housing. These may include eviction reports, credit check, and a nationwide criminal search. The employer components may include criminal history information, county criminal search, civil records, driver records, employment records, educational information, license verification, credit information and reference checks and more.

Background checks may also include drug testing, a physical and even physical evaluations or assessments. However, employers and property management will advise what is required.

How to conduct a background check?

Ordering a background check on our site is easy. First, start of by deciding which background check package you want then fill out the form online. The results will be sent to the email that you provided in the online form. If you don’t see a package you want, you can always create a background check ale carte style here.

Can I conduct a background check on myself?

Absolutely. As an individual, you may request a copy of your background check to reveal what others see on your background check.

How long does it take to the results from a background check?

The time it takes to get the results of a background check can vary depending on many factors. The most important factor would be what’s included in a background check. As a rule, the more comprehensive you want your background check to be, the longer it takes. The time range for the results of a background check are anywhere between instant, and four weeks. The average time for a background check is 72 hours.

Why conducting a background check is important?

Conducting a background check is a necessity in today’s day in age. With all the lawsuits and negligent hiring, implementing background checks are vital to a company’s success. Implementing background checks can save companies billions in the cons of negligent hiring. Two of the biggest consequences of neglecting background screening for employees and potential employees are theft and general employee negligence.

Employee theft is one of the biggest problem companies face. Employee theft isn’t considered just an entry level position problem. The biggest fraud cases are usually perpetrated by higher ups like accountants, managers, executives and more. With rampant fraud, many companies lose their revenue and in worst case scenarios may go bankrupt or close permanently. This type of employee theft isn’t just focused in companies, but in all organizations like non-profits, government, education, healthcare, and more. Background screening is tool that helps minimize and, in most cases, it can prevent employee theft all together. Did you know that in 2019 retail theft by employees, totaled 60 billion dollars?

Can I be rejected from a job based on race, national origin, color, sex, religion, disability, genetic information and age?

The line between legal and illegal when determine eligibility from a background check isn’t a clear-cut line always. It can be illegal for an employer to require different background information based on age, genetic information, disability, religion, sex, color, national origin, or race. It is illegal for an employer to solely reject a potential employer based on age, if you are 40 or older. Also considered illegal, are employers rejecting applicants of one ethnicity with an infraction on their background and not rejecting applicants with similar backgrounds but, a different ethnicity.

Can a medical condition affect the hiring process?

The employer can make a decision based on information medical history, but an individual can ask for a chance to show if they can do the job or not.

How much does it cost to conduct a background check?

The cost of a background check may vary depending on how comprehensive the background check is. The cost can range anywhere from $5 to $100+. Our most basic background check package which includes a nationwide criminal search and sex offender search, costs $35.00.

How far back do background checks go?

Generally, a background check doesn’t have an expiration date, meaning that a you can go back to the very first infraction of an individual unless they are juveniles. Note: that juvenile records are usually sealed and not accessible to background check companies. As a general rule, most background check companies go as far back as 7 years.

What websites can I get a background check from?

You can get a background check from most websites that provide the service. Please be aware that the website you use for your background check services should be FCRA or the Federal Credit Reporting Act compliant. This means that you must inform the applicant that you intend to run a background check and that you may use the information provided to make a decision. When using our site for your background check needs we provide all the relevant needs for FCRA compliance. You may also go directly to the courthouse that house criminal records in the respective counties, districts, states, and territories.

How often are background check records updated?

There is no way to completely determine how often background check records are updated. This is because, background check data is not housed in one database. Data comes from many sources like the databases of counties, states, districts, provinces, and territories. All of these databases are not readily accessible to the public and may not even be online. The time range in which these background check records are updated can be anywhere from daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. Here at The Koleman Group LLC, we update our records bi-weekly.

Do you have other solutions for background checks?

Yes, we do have a background check API that is designed for all size needs. This background check API service allows companies to integrate background screening into their onboarding process. With this tool, you can get the results of an employee or potential employee criminal history instantly. You can learn more about our background check API integration here?

How do I get my background check records expunged?

You can try to get the records from your background history by calling your local and state courthouse and going through their process to get the records expunged from previous cases.

What industries require background check?

Most industries now require verification history. Our basic and standard background checks are designed for these industries:

  • Retail: Background checks for the retail industries are important due to the high turnover rate and high employee theft. Most retail employees require the basic background check.
  • Financial Services: Financial institutions like banks require by law background checks on their employees. Extra screening services like drug testing, state and federal fingerprinting is required. Our standard background check is recommended for this industry.
  • Education: Education institutes have recently started imposing stringent screening services for their employees and volunteers. We recommend the standard background check. Note: This industry may require a drug test and fingerprinting.
  • Logistics: For the logistic or “Supply Chain” industry, we recommend the basic background check. This industry may require further screening like drug testing, fingerprinting and possibly a motor vehicle report.
  • Warehouse: Warehouse employees generally require a basic background check and a drug test.
  • Non-Profit: Most non-profits require some form of employment screening to their volunteers. We recommend the basic background check.
  • Small business: All small businesses can benefit from the basic background check.
  • Food Service: The food service industries require a basic background check for employees.
  • Government: Government jobs require more comprehensive background checks. We recommend the standard background check. This industry will definitely require more stringent screening services like drug testing, federal and state fingerprints.
  • Construction: Construction workers generally require a basic background check, and a drug test.
  • IT: The tech industry requires a more comprehensive background check. We recommend the standard background check, and drug test.
  • Customer Service: We recommend the basic background check.
  • Security: Due to nature of security industry, we recommend the basic background check. This industry generally requires additional screening services like fingerprinting, and drug testing.

What if my industry requires more than a background check?

Due to state laws, some employers may require more screening services. Some of these extra screening services are drug testing, and fingerprinting.

Where can I go to get my fingerprints done?

Some local background check companies provide fingerprinting. You can also go to your local police departments to collect fingerprinting.

How long does it take to get the results of your fingerprint background check?

Generally, it can take anywhere from two to four weeks to get the results of fingerprinting.

Choose from any of our general background checks. Our 2 background check packages consist of the basic background check and the standard background check. These packages are design for entry level, mid-level positions and most industries like retail, construction, and more.

Basic Background Check

  • Nationwide Criminal Search
  • Sex Offender Search

  • Our most basic background check.
    Designed for entry level jobs.

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Standard Background Check

  • Nationwide Criminal Search
  • Education Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Sex Offender Search

  • Our standard background check.
    Designed for mid level jobs.

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