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California MVR

California MVR Report

The Koleman Group LLC MVR Online provides companies, insurance companies, and government agencies with an automated method of ordering driver's licenses online. MVR Online reports from California. California MVR reports are useful for conducting pre-employment screening, insurance underwriting, and regular risk management. The MVR cost includes fees for the California MVR fees. It doesn't include any additional costs or charges for opening or maintaining an account.

California MVR Pricing

  • 3 years old
  • Instant Turn Around
  • Name, DL#, DOB
  • Driver License Information Included in California MVR
  • Org. Issue Date
  • License Class
  • Endorsement
  • Date of Issue
  • Status
  • Exp. Date
  • Driver's address
  • California CDL Medical Certificate Included in MVR
  • Issue Date
  • Self-certificate
  • Add Date
  • Examiner
  • Exp. Date
  • Restrictions
  • Status
  • Availability: Employers & Insurance providers
  • The requirements are: Driver's signed consent
  • Price (per MVR)
  • 3 Year Report for 3 Years
  • $17.00*


A setup fee is charged when you only purchase one MVR when you first create your account. However, the cost of the setup is waived if you place an order for greater than one MVR during your initial order.


How to Get California Driving Records?


  1. Sign up for an account or log in to the account you already have.
  2. You should have all of your driver's license information readily available (full name DOB, license number, and full name). Enter exact information as stated on your license to avoid any typos.
  3. Make sure you have signed a driver's permission form for each driver. We will require the consent form to be uploaded.
  4. Download Insurance Consent Form
  5. Download Employment Consent Form


When you've completed your purchase, you'll get an email confirmation that your purchase was successfully processed. You can then log in to your account and look over your MVRs.

California Driving Record

Reduce Risk

California Driver Record Monitoring

  • The intuitive MVR monitoring dashboard identifies negative trends, like the accumulation of convictions, suspensions, accidents, expired licenses, and CDL medical certificates.
  • Driving License Status
  • Real-time notification of negative changes to driving records.
  • All over the world MVR Monitoring
  • The highest level of monitoring across Canada and the U.S in addition to Canada.
  • Email
  • Reminders
  • Reminders about DQ documents like CDL medical certificates as well as insurance expirations.

How to Get your California Driving Record from the DMV

Traffic jams and the huge number of cars on the roads are why accidents involving fender benders happen. Unfortunately, the Golden State has no road accidents on its roads. However, suppose you've been a victim of driving in the state. In that case, it's an excellent idea to get a California DMV driving record to confirm that the details in it are accurate (an excellent idea as you'll need it if your California driving record affects your insurance rates), or should you require the record for another reason like a court case or employer. In addition, obtaining this driving record also allows you to check for identity theft-not uncommon in the sunny state of Cali!

What's on your California Driving Record?

In the first place, the California driving record will reflect your legal status as a driver. It will also show if you've ever been denied a license or suspended. If you are owed fees for reinstatement of your license, the driving record will also reflect the amount due. Naturally, the driving record will include personal details like your name, social security number, and address. It also contains the points you earned from DMV, which are based on your driving record, including citations and accidents. If you've experienced a DUI or a DWI in California, the report includes this information.

What is the reason you need an original copy of your driving record?

There are various reasons motorists request an official copy of their driving record. Most of the time, you'll be asked to provide one, for instance, when you have to meet legal requirements for employment or in court. Insurance companies will also require it to calculate your insurance premiums for your vehicle. However, some drivers are vigilant about their driving records for various reasons.

  • To stop identity theft.
  • To look for any the presence of errors, if any.
  • Check if expungement might be possible.

It is important to note that your employer's insurance company, attorney, or court can also require a copy of your driving record in California.

Understanding DMV Points

Each driving offense you've committed within California is a violation. California can affect your total DMV points. The offenses are usually on your record, affecting your score for three or 10 years.

If you're generally caught for minor traffic offenses, you score 1 point for each offense. However, accidents involving cars and license suspensions can also be a reason for points. For three years, infractions that score one point will be recorded in the driving record.

However, those who score two points will stay in the records for ten years. These include convictions for DUI as well as reckless driving. You can learn information about the California points system here.

Below are a few examples of points based upon various types of violations:

  1. 1 point for going over the limit of speed, for not getting to a stoplight or driving through a red light, and then causing an accident for which you're the one to blame.
  2. 2 points for driving more than 100 mph, reckless driving, hitting and running, driving while impaired, and driving while suspended or with an expired license.

The issue with Points

If you earn more points than you can handle in California, the license can be suspended. One way you can safeguard against points is to follow California's lawful traffic rules. In certain cases, in minor traffic offenses, you may enroll in a California traffic school to avoid points from appearing on the driving record. The state will issue you a notification when your points exceed the halfway point, halfway to license suspension. If you're concerned about your points piling up, it is recommended to seek out a lawyer specializing in traffic-related violations. Another option is to let time heal everything, even your poor driving record. Points will be erased on your driving record within three or ten years.

California Driver Record Types

The California DMV offers two kinds of driving records: unofficial and official driving records.

The unofficial driving record can be found on the internet, and the officially-issued driving record can be obtained via post and in person.

Making Your California Driving Record Online

Although drivers can get the California driving record online, official copies must be requested in person or via post. The process is simple online: just visit the California Driver Record Request page on the California Department of Motor Vehicles website and fill in all the necessary information. To find the latest fees, make sure to visit the website regularly.

Requesting a Certified Copy of the California Driving Record

Requesting a certified copy of the CA driving record in person, go to the local DMV to show your ID and complete the form. Also, you will need to pay an amount for this copy. For a certified copy of the document by mail, complete the form INF1125 or request in writing with your address, name and Social Security number, birth date, driver's license number, and your signed signature. Typically, the cost will be 5 dollars (check or money payment accepted); however, you might prefer to contact the office to confirm the amount when you make your request.

Inquiring about Records in Bulks

If you're looking to get over 15 documents simultaneously, You can reach out directly to the DMV Materials Management Section. This is their contact number:

Email: DMVASDPublicForms@dmv.ca.gov

Fax: (916) 928-6817

Mailing Address:

DMV Materials Management Section

4201 Sierra Point Dr. Ste. 112

Sacramento, CA 95834-7900

Repair the mistakes

If you find any mistakes in your CA driving record, you may fill out the form DL 207 to request a correction to your record. It is also possible to provide the appropriate court documents to show that you did not have to be guilty of the violations that appear on the driving record. The DMV might also require a certified and signed document from the courts. If you have additional questions regarding this process, inquire directly with DMV.

Other Information

Make sure you remember that your California driving record is, in reality, a public record. Your employer, for instance, can obtain the record. In addition, the state provides a procedure for those interested in accessing copies of the driving records of others. They can request copies that don't contain personal details like Social Security numbers. If you want to get the driving record of someone else-similar to your child, for instance, you could fill out the form INF 70 and send it to the DMV.

When you've happened to speed on the coast highway or suffered an accident with a car leaving your favorite LA cafe, then you'll probably have one or two points to deal with. Be sure to keep an eye on the points that are on your driving record, by keeping a close eye at the details of your California driving record.

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