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Motor Vehicle Report


What is a Motor Vehicle Report?

A Motor Vehicle Report(MVR) or driving record is a report of an individual’s driving history, that can be acquired from the respective Department of Motor Vehicles. Data included in a driving records report can include sensitive data like the license status on individual’s driving record, point history, convictions, violations, and driver’s license information.

How far back can driving records go?

When searching motor vehicle report data, driving record history can vary. As a general rule, most states keep driving records for a minimum of three years, although other states may house motor vehicle reports for five or more years.

What are driving records used for?

Looking into an individual’s driving records can be vital to occupations and insurance companies.

As we move into a new age of the gig economy it is more important than ever to implement adding a motor vehicle report search into a company’s, onboarding process. With the end of the taxi and beginning of the ride sharing era, the gig economy needs more drivers than ever. The rise in industries involving drivers, like delivery drivers, food delivery, truckers, tow truck companies, forklift drivers, and anyone who does any sort of driving for an employer. In essence, conducting a driving record search on potential employees are vital to companies like these, which can save companies millions in negligent hiring and potential lawsuits.

Looking into an individual’s driving records are important to insurance companies. When insurance companies decide the rates on a driver’s insurance, the insurance company will request a copy of the individual’s driving records. A rule of thumb is, the more infractions a driver has, the higher the rates of insurance will be and the lower the chance of insurance eligibility.

Can I conduct a driving records search on myself?

Yes. You do not need to be applying for a job to get a copy of your driving records

How much does it cost to conduct a driving records search?

The price range of a motor vehicle report can vary depending on factors such as state, province, and territory. Prices can vary drastically, for example, Alaska may not charge anything to procure a motor vehicle report, whereas Illinois, may charge $15.00 for access to driving records. Some states prices may also vary from relative low fees, to high fees. Another example, would be New York may charge $65.00 for an individual’s driving records. Our website has all the data on current driving records so you don’t have to go to each respective Depart of Motor Vehicles(DMV) to find the access fees. Note: the cost of driving records, can change at any time based on the state, province or territory policy.

How long does it take to get the results of a MVR?

The time it takes to get the result of a driving record may vary. Most states have MVR data online which can make procurement of driving records easy, although some states may not have all motor vehicle report data readily available, due to factors like policy, outdated systems and more. The turnaround time for THE KOLEMAN GROUP LLC, to process a motor vehicle report can range from instant to four weeks.

How often are motor vehicle reports or driving records updated?

Motor vehicle data are updated anywhere from weekly to monthly on state websites. Our database of motor vehicle reports, are updated monthly.

Where can I go to get motor vehicle reports?

You can the find the complete list of states, provinces, and territories that we provide motor vehicle reports for. We provide driving records for all 50 states and territories in the United States.

Do you provide other solutions for motor vehicle reports?

Yes, we provide scalable solutions for motor vehicle reports. We provide an api to assist companies with all of their driving record needs. You can learn more about our motor vehicle report api here.

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