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The Koleman Group LLC MVR offers businesses, insurance companies, and government agencies an easy way to purchase driver's information online. Florida MVR reports can be utilized to conduct pre-employment screening or insurance underwriting and continuous risk management. The MVR cost is inclusive of fees for the Florida MVR cost. There aren't any hidden charges or charges to maintain an account.

Florida MVR Pricing

  • 3 years/ 7 years
  • Instant Turn Around
  • Name, DL#, DOB
  • Driver License Information Included in Florida MVR
  • Org. Issue Date
  • License Class
  • Endorsement
  • Date of Issue
  • Status
  • Exp. Date
  • Address of the driver
  • Florida CDL Medical Certificate Included in MVR
  • Issue Date
  • Self-certificate
  • The Date was Added
  • Examiner
  • Exp. Date
  • Restrictions
  • Status
  • Availability: Employers & Insurance providers
  • Specific requirements: Driver's signed consent
  • Price (per MVR)
  • 3 Year Report for 3 Years
  • $19.10*
  • 7 Year Report for the 7th Year
  • $21.10*


There's a $20 setup charge when you purchase only one MVR when you first create your account. The cost of the setup fee is waived when you purchase greater than one MVR during your initial order.


How to Get Florida Driving Records?


  1. Register an account or log in to an existing account.
  2. Make sure you keep all your driver's license details available (full name DOB, and license number). Please enter the exact information as stated on the license to avoid mistakes.
  3. Check if you have a completed driver's permission form for each driver. We will require the consent form for upload.
  4. Download Insurance Consent Form
  5. Download Employment Consent Form



After placing your order, you'll receive an email confirming that your order was successfully processed. You can then access your account to check your MVRs.


Florida Driving Record

Manage Risk

Florida Driver Record Monitoring

  • The intuitive MVR monitoring dashboard detects negative trends, like suspended convictions, accumulated convictions, accidents, expired licenses, and CDL medical certificates.
  • Status of Driver's License
  • Real-time notification of negative changes to driving records.
  • All over the world MVR Monitoring
  • Most comprehensive monitoring of Canada and the U.S. in addition to Canada.
  • Email
  • Reminders
  • Reminders about D.Q documents like CDL medical certificates as well as insurance expirations.


How to get your Florida Driving Record Fast and Simple


If you've ever had the misfortune of driving too fast across Miami or speeding through a stop signal in Daytona, you've most likely got a Florida driving record that reflects the infractions.

There are many reasons to get a Florida driving record. Your insurance company and your employer could have access to the details of your driving record, so you must know what they've seen. It's not easy if you adhere to these suggestions.

The Essentials of The Florida DMV Driving Records

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles allows drivers to get the Florida DMV driving records. Drivers can request a three-year record, a 7-year one as well as a comprehensive driving record, and a certified driving record.

As per the law, a 3-year driving record costs $8. For a 7-year driving record costs $10, and the complete Florida driving record and the verified driver history records are $10. The fees must be paid when you place an order for your record. The state will accept personal checks and money orders to purchase driving records.


Your choices for driving records 3 and 7-year-old Florida Driving Records

The 3-year as well as 7-year Florida driving records, contain information about your driving history and any violations that took place during those times.

In addition to traffic violations, along with traffic violations, the driving records also list the points awarded for each offense. In addition, these records include any car accidents that have resulted in traffic warnings.

If your driver's license was canceled, revoked, or suspended within the record's time period, that information would appear on the record.

The complete Florida driving records include your license's current status, along with any traffic violations and the associated points. Accidents involving cars that resulted in tickets are also recorded in the entire record.

If it were suspended or canceled, the record would contain this information. The official Florida driving record is simply an authentic replica of any of these documents.

Finding the Florida Driving Record From the Florida DMV Directly

The best way to get your Florida driving record!

If you receive the driving record directly from the DMV, You can get a valid record right from the source at the most affordable price.

How to Get The Florida Driving Record Online

You can request the driving record directly from the DMV online. Just visit this link on the Florida DMV's site, then follow the directions. It's a simple, straightforward, and quick process and is the most reliable method to get your driving record.

How to get Florida Driving Records in-person

To get a Florida driving record, you can visit your local driver's license office or tax collection center that provides the driver's license service or a clerk at a court who can provide driver's license information.

Finding A Florida Driving Record by Post

Drivers can also request the driving records through the mail. To request the records via mail, complete this Form Driver License Application Form HSMV 90511 and send it to:

Florida Bureau of Records

P.O. Box 5775

Tallahassee, FL 32314-5775

Be sure to submit all fees required to obtain you to get the driving record you are requesting. Remember that it typically takes two weeks to receive the Florida driving record through the post.


Florida Driving Records and Confidentiality

There are two types of access in Florida: employers and insurance companies can access driving records. Additionally, when you give your written consent, others may also have access to the details of your driving record. Government agencies and courts may also access information from your Florida driving record.

Although there are privacy guidelines in place, be prepared that everything you have on the Florida driving record is public information that anyone can access.

Correct Errors on your Florida Driving Record

Your Florida DMV driving record likely contains an abundance of details. Therefore, it's crucial to go through the complete document to ensure accuracy. If you find incorrect entries or notice that expired material is still on your file, be sure to reach out to your local Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to learn how you can have the information updated.

A few drivers might discover that the points on their records aren't correct. Because this information could impact the validity of your license and insurance rates, it is essential to fix any mistakes promptly. When your record is correct, ensure that you provide the original to your insurance provider to make any necessary changes.

Different types of violations in Florida

Florida driving records list a driver's disciplinary violations. The majority of the violations are listed for between three and five years. Alcohol-related infractions remain in the records for seventy-five years. The time that an infraction remains on the record is different. Certain serious violations can be on the record for more than five years. To find out more specific information applicable to your record, you can reach the Florida DMV. Learn how to examine your Florida DMV driving record by visiting this site.

With the increase in identity theft across the nation, It's important to monitor your personal details, such as your Florida driving record. In addition, if you've to rack numerous citations, you should be aware of the points you have on your record.

Checking your records will help you be more aware of your driving habits. Because insurance companies and employers frequently request driving records, it's important to know the details that the records include. If you have specific concerns regarding your Florida driving record details, contact the local DMV, and they'll be able to assist you.


How Do You Get Your Driving Record Cleared In Florida

A way to get rid of the driving record in Florida is time. For Florida, most traffic-related violations remain at the top of the driving record for 10 years. This is quite, really long!

Suppose you'd like to clean the driving record sooner. You can get tickets dismissed and lower the number of points you have on the Florida driving record by taking an official certification by the state of Florida driving school and a defensive driving class.

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