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Hawaii Healthcare Background Check

Hawaii Revised Statute (HRS) SSSS321-15.2 346-97, 346-97, and 846-2.7 obliges the Department of Health (DOH) as well as the Department of Human Services (DHS) to conduct background checks to verify the reliability and accountability of potential applicants. These operator employees have direct access to patients and adult volunteers at a healthcare facility licensed and certified or licensed or accredited by the department. Also, in the case of any health facility that is located within a private residence, all adult residents of the residence, excluding patients and foster grandparents in the foster grandparents' program, the companions in the senior companion program and respite companion programs, or developmental disorders (DD)/intellectual disability (ID) providers as well as homes and services for the community (HCBS) providers in Medicaid 1915(c) Waiver program. Medicaid 1915(c) Program for waivers and any person or organization looking for full-time or part-time employment or a contract or subcontract with the departments.

Together, DOH and DHS have created the Hawaii Background Check System (HI BCS) to help facilities and individuals complete requirements by providing a central online method for applying for a background check and to check the status of the current background checks.

In the summer of 2019 The HI BCS in the summer of 2019, the HI BCS will become available to agencies and individuals. Background checks are still being conducted by DOH's and DHS's designated designee in the present Fieldprint. The designee will collect fingerprints and then make fitness determinations. Additionally to this, the HI BCS will provide additional features for employers who are certified and licensed. The additional capabilities that come with HI BCS are as follows:

Record of Fitness Determinations The fitness determinations may be shared. For example, suppose an applicant for employment has completed a background check with a Green Light determination in the past year. In that case, qualified employers could be permitted to "view" the fitness determination and do not need to conduct the latest background check to hire the job applicant. In this situation, the applicant may be employed immediately.

Integrate Rap Back The employment tracking system within the HI BCS will ensure that you're informed when a new Rap Back is made and could affect the possibility of your employee being able to remain employed by you.

Automated Searches: Registry databases like those in the HI Registry for Nurses and OIG Exclusions List. OIG Exclusions List can be verified using an automatic match process instead of manually entering the applicant's information for every search. This can reduce the chance of mistakes, reduce time, and provide a detailed list of searches conducted. HI BCS can also automatically check names in states where applicants have previously resided in the state has implemented an automatic system. DOH, along with DHS, are currently working on adding additional names to the auto-matching system.


Fieldprint, Inc. is the OHCA designated agent in the background screening process. Fieldprint's Fieldprint Representative is on hand to answer inquiries from Monday to Friday from 8 AM until midnight (EST) by calling (877) 614-4364. This number is not available on weekends.

Consent of the background check applicant Is required.

To apply for a background check, the applicant must give permission to the Department of Health (DOH) or its designee to take the applicant's fingerprints, conduct the criminal history check, and participate in the "rap back" program. The rap back program is an automated system that sends a notification to officials at the DOH, its designee, or the employer of the arrest after a background check is completed. The program can eliminate or decrease the requirement for repeating this background check in future years and may save the applicant money.

A background check applicant must also prove that the applicant has been convicted of any crime in the past.

Suppose the consent above is not given or the applicant refuses to admit a previous conviction. In that case, it is possible that the healthcare background check application cannot be accepted, and the background check cannot be performed.

Individual applications to perform Background checks

Background check applicants must apply online at www.fieldprinthawaii.com for a background check. A background check may include a criminal history check or checking state abuse registry databases and may include a fingerprint verification. The step-by-step process to apply is described on Fieldprint's website. Fieldprint website.

Candidates are required to register using Fieldprint and could have to cover a fee to conduct a background check.

In completing the application, the person will set a date, when, where, and time for the fingerprint test and then show up at the time of the appointment. Two (2) documents of identification are required at the date of your appointment. At least one type of ID must be a valid photo ID issued by the government, such as a driver's license, passport, or state ID card. Inability to show up will result in canceling the fees paid for a background check. Candidates can cancel their appointment with no penalty, provided they do so at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time.

Fieldprint will inform applicants when their background check is completed. Review the Background Check Report and appeal Rights below.

Account Management for Adults and Case Management Care Centre Provider accounts

Case Management Agencies (CMA) and Adult Day Care Center (ADCC) providers should follow the steps below:

Create an Account: To create an account, you must first contact Community Ties of America (CTA) to get a provider ID. After obtaining the provider ID, providers must set up an account directly with Fieldprint at www.fieldprinthawaii.com to access fitness determination information on potential employees or current employees who apply for a background check. Suppose you have any additional concerns regarding the setup of your account. In that case, you can contact Fieldprint for assistance toll-free: (877) 614-4364 from Monday to Friday, from 8 AM until ten midnight (EST) (excluding holidays).

Get a Fieldprint Number: Fieldprint will issue a code after an established account with a provider. This is the code that each of your employees and prospective employees will need to use for background checks. This code will also allow the service provider to get information on the status of their background check applicants in the Fieldprint system. Background check information for applicants from other employers won't be accessible.

Instruct the Background Check Applicant: Instruct the background check applicant to visit www.fieldprinthawaii.com to apply for their background checks. Make sure you give them their Fieldprint Code. An applicant is required to input this Fieldprint Code on their application.


Community Care Foster Family Homes ONLY

Community Care Foster Family Home (CCFFH) operators must adhere to these steps:

  • Go to Fieldprint, Inc.'s website. Fieldprint, Inc. website
  • Hit"Red" on your "Schedule An Appointment" button to the right.
  • Enter an email address in "New Users/Sign up" and click the "Sign up" button. Then, follow the steps to create the Password and a Security Question.
  • Select "Sign Up and continue."

Credit card payment is required when setting up a fingerprint appointment or requesting protection services for central registry checks.

To make an appointment for a fingerprint to schedule a fingerprint appointment, the operator must follow the steps below:

  1. Choose "I have the Fieldprint code" and then enter this code in the format: FPHawaiiDOHAFIS
  2. If you don't select "I have the Fieldprint Code," you must select the reason "HI Department of Health" Department of Health" and enter the code above. If you follow step 1, you don't have to complete this step.

You're now ready to fill in your personal information and schedule your fingerprint appointment. The appointment scheduling process will give you the Protective Services checks for APS and CAN.

Take a copy of the Confirmation Page and bring it to your fingerprint appointment. In addition, bring two documents of identification. One form of ID must be a valid government-issued photo ID like a driver's license, passport, or a state ID card.

To request Protective Services checks (APS & Can):

  1. Choose "I know my Fieldprint Code" as well, then enter your code as follows: FPHawaiiDOHAPS
  2. If you don't choose "I have the Fieldprint Code," you will choose the reason "HI Department of Health" and enter the code "HI Department of Health" and enter the code above. If you follow step 1. you do not have to go through this step.

You're ready to fill in your demographic details and submit your names-based APS and CAN checks.

Hawaii Healthcare Background Check Results

Fieldprint will take care of background check applications. Fieldprint will process the background check application and notify applicants via email when the results are available for viewing. The background check results won't be sent out via email.

The applicants will sign in to the Fieldprint account to view their results. Once they have viewed the results, they can see the Green Light or Red Light determination.

Green Light Green Light determination indicates that the applicant has passed the background check process and may be employed for direct service to customers. Keep this information for your records, take a print of the screening (click on the print symbol), or provide the details to your employer when appropriate.

Red Light: A red light indicates that the applicant has been found guilty or has proof of abuse and cannot work as a consultant or offer direct services to customers without exception. Keep this information in your records, and then print the screen.

Anyone who has been found guilty of red light will be directed to a second screen where the date, the type of conviction, or dates and types of evidence of abuse will be displayed. Keep this information in your records, and then take a photocopy of the screen.

Appeal Rights

When the applicant's criminal file or central registry indicates red light, an applicant can seek an exemption. Follow the directions on how to file for an exemption. Also, you should read the DOH Instructions for Form 106E and then complete your Formula 106E in the manner specified in the document. Be sure to follow the instructions on the guideline and ensure that you complete all the required information. The event of not submitting all necessary information could delay the process of determining exemptions and result in an inability to approve the application to be exempted.

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