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How Long Does A Background Check Take?

Due to the nature of pre-employment screening. The time it takes to get the results from a background check will vary depending on the comprehensiveness of the background check in question and the services provided. A typical turnaround time for a background check can range from 24 hours to two weeks. 


More comprehensive background checks require more time to complete.

When order more comprehensive background checks, the turnaround time increases. Additional pre-employment screening services like fingerprinting, drug testing, and searching county records will extend the turnaround time for a background check in some cases for weeks. Custom background verification services like county criminal searches can have a much longer return time.


Why do county criminal records take so long to be returned?

Most county criminal records are not easily accessible to the public. Most county criminal records do not have online accessibility. This search has to be manual requested from the background verification company to county courthouse. Most background check companies use "court runners" to retrieve the records from the courthouse. This process can extend the background check process for weeks.


What can cause a background check to be delayed?

There are many factors that can cause a background check to be delayed.

  • The background check company requesting the records are backlogged.
  • The criminal record databases are undergoing maintenance.
  • The criminal record provider may be backlogged(state and county repositories).
  • If there is a discrepancy in the consumer report, the background check company who requested the report may investigate further.


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