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How The MVR Monitoring Program Can Help Protect Your Company And Employees

As a Department of Transportation-regulated business, you're well-accustomed to the process of pulling annual Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs) for every driver you employ.

It is simple, and you have to comply with the federal requirements for keeping records.

But, this isn't only checking a box to confirm that you are a legal motor vehicle operator. It's essential to ensure that only qualified and safe drivers operate the vehicle. This will ultimately protect your company, your drivers, and other motorists.

The main issue is what happens if the driver is convicted of a DUI or is found guilty of a severe traffic or safety offense a day or week after you've compiled the annual reports? Or if they've had their license suspended due to a severe additional irritation? It isn't easy to keep track of all your drivers. And unless they provide the latest information about violations or violations, you'll be at a loss until the next annual audit or review.

In the case of a growing number of carriers, the answer can be found in MVR Monitoring. The automated software monitors the MVRs and driving records to monitor CDL drivers regularly, allowing businesses to more quickly identify issues, address issues, and set up actions to correct the issue (if required) before an out-of-service issue develops.

Don't be caught out by not keeping track of your drivers could cost you dearly, be dangerous, and result in serious consequences for your company. Here's how to protect yourself.

How does a MVR monitoring program work?

As the name might indicate, MVR Monitoring keeps tabs on drivers by continuously monitoring the driving records and looking for the latest information. When there's any change and "hit" found on an mvr for drivers with CDLs, the report is updated, reviewed, and analyzed to determine its accuracy. Likewise, employers are immediately informed of every "hit" and get the most recent MVR to be reviewed.

These "hits" could range from accidents to DUIs, speeding ticket tickets, or other motor vehicle-related violations or convictions. They may also indicate CDL suspensions, revocations, safety violations, and medical certificates that have been downgraded. Also, they can refer to positive changes, for instance, when drivers renew or update their CDL and medical certificate.

Additionally, As an added benefit, registering to an MVR Monitoring program fulfills The Department of Transportation's year-long MVR requirement by running an entirely new MVR of CDL drivers each year for every driver's file and an annually reviewing violations.

Why MVR monitoring is important?

Unsafe drivers can be a significant danger. The figures show it: The commercial fleet's accident rate is around 20%, and the median cost of motor carriers when their fleet is involved in the middle of an incident is $6,600. The amount increases exponentially to the average of $150,000 when injuries are involved.

As Foley has discovered using its digital solutions, driving record monitoring can help prevent as much as 34% of all common Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) violations.

In the Department of Transportation, the most frequent violations of commercial motor vehicles are:

  • Speeding, following too closely; incorrect changing of lanes; reckless driving; inadvertently turning; failing to yield to the right of way, railroad grade crossing violations, and failing to follow the traffic controls.
  • Driving while suspended or with an expired license.
  • Insufficiently having an up-to-date medical certificate.
  • Driving under the impaired by drugs or having a narcotic substance.
  • Inadvertently not using the seat belt.
  • Hand-held devices are the most common method.
  • Unauthorized passengers aboard.
  • Inadequately conducting pre-trip inspections.
  • Failure to properly place warning devices.

The costs of these violations can be high, ranging from thousands of dollars for each infraction. There's also the loss of time and money when you need to remove an individual off the road and then search for an interim and permanent substitute. In addition, your insurance premiums are likely to rise, or your company may choose to cut you off, and your customers and partners may be wary of working with you or opt to move the business to another place.

The most important thing is that Your Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) score and safety score could be affected. Based on the seriousness (and amount) of offense(s) that you committed, you may even receive an Unsatisfactory or Conditional rating. Both of which, despite being expensive, could be a long way to recovery if you decide to correct the issue.

In essence, as a business that is under the control of the Department of Transportation, you are ultimately accountably accountable for the actions of your employees.

The Koleman Group LLC MVR Monitoring could prevent 34% of all driver-related violations

Keeping up-to-date with the driver's mvr for CDL drivers will help you determine who is most at risk and collaborate with them to minimize accidents and increase their security on the roads. It also helps you identify inexperienced drivers who could continue to transport freight unchecked until their records for the year were a mess.

MVR Monitoring ensures you are aware and allows you to run in a secure, well-maintained fleet and maintain a solid safety rating. With data that is updated in real-time, you can immediately take corrective actions.

Furthermore, the use of a report from your vehicle monitoring service for your monthly reports will reduce the time spent on administration to focus on what is most important for you: running your business.

The Koleman Company LLC's Digital Solution

The inability to monitor your driver's MVRs can be risky and could turn out to be expensive, but we can safeguard you. The Koleman Group LLC provides you with an encrypted, secure online portal that you can access any time via mobile, tablet, or computer. Each driver is later enrolled in the program and constantly monitored. Whenever any new information is discovered that is updated in their Motor Vehicle Report(MVR) or driving record is immediately uploaded, and you are notified via email in real-time.

The MVR to CDL drivers forms part of a complete screen and compliance platform designed to assist you in managing the safety of your CDL drivers and compliance with regulatory requirements.

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