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Idaho Healthcare Background Check

Individuals working in Department Programs, those who have been certified or licensed by the department, and those in direct contact with vulnerable adults or children might require a criminal history or background check.

Every program has guidelines specific to its particular program to determine who is required to undergo background checks and a Department of Health and Welfare criminal background check as well as a background check.

Who requires a background check?

  • Adoptive Parents Applicants
  • Behavioral Health Community Crisis Centers
  • Behavioral Health Programs
  • Certified Family Homes
  • Family Residential Homes for Children
  • Kids' Therapeutic Outdoor Programs
  • Contractors Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Providers
  • Court-appointed Guardians and Conservators appointed by the Court
  • Designated Examiners as well as Designated Dispositions
  • Developmental Agencies
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • High-Risk Medicaid Providers Medicaid
  • Home and Community-Based Services
  • Home Health Agencies
  • Idaho Behavioral Health Program
  • Idaho Child Care Program (ICCP)
  • Intermediate Care Facilities for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities
  • Foster Care is licensed by the state
  • A Day Care Facility that is licensed
  • Mental Health Services
  • Non-hospital, Medically-Monitored Detoxification/Mental Health Diversion Units
  • Personal Assistance Agents
  • Professional Care Providers
  • Senior Living or Residential Care Facilities in Idaho
  • Paraprofessionals and Service Coordinators
  • Intermediate Care and Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Support brokers and Community Support Workers

Why should you make a healthcare background check necessary?

Anyone who wants the appointment of guardian and conservator of an incapacitated adult must submit a fingerprint-based Department criminal History background check according to I.C. 56- 1004A.

Does the results of this background check meet the Certified Family Home program's prerequisites?

Unfortunately, no. The court-ordered background check is not identical to the background check required for a Certified Family Home. Therefore, an additional background check is required for those who wish to participate in this Certified Family Home program. Call the Certified Family Home department for

additional information on their needs:


How much will a Idaho healthcare bckground check cost you?

The cost for a conservator or guardian background check is $65.00. The applicant is accountable for any additional expenses that the department incurs in order to conduct the background check.

Before applying:

You'll require to have an AIN. The system will not let you finish the application if you don't have it.

Where can I locate how to get the Agency ID Number?

The number is provided to you by the person or agency that has to undergo the criminal history and background check.

What is the form for a criminal history or background check ask?

It is a self-declaration of the applicant's criminal history and other pertinent information. All criminal background information the applicant's record contains must be disclosed. This includes adult and juvenile documents, including dismissals, arrests, convictions, or withheld judgments. They will be asked a set of questions concerning themselves, about any adverse findings, complaints, or actions they have taken in any adult or child protection proceeding if they have any outstanding criminal charges or warrants, or any other relevant records. The notarized signature of the application grants the Department permission to carry out a background check and the right to disclose certain information to organizations on a need-to-be-aware basis. Additionally, it confirms the details.

The information they gave is accurate. However, the event of not disclosing any information related to their records can lead to criminal charges for perjury.

What are the items that are reviewed during background checks? A idaho healthcare background check is anationwide search for criminals using your fingerprints. The criminal History Unit conducts a nationwide search of crimes using your fingerprints. The criminal History Unit also checks these registers:

What should I need to bring to my appointment to take my fingerprints?

1. Valid Photo ID

2. Payment (if appropriate)

Cash (exact amount) or money order, check, or credit/debit card (additional $1.95 cost for service)

I reside in a rural region or outside of the state and cannot access an IDHW fingerprinting location. You are still required to submit your application through the website. But instead of making an appointment for a fingerprint, select to mail fingerprints instead.

Next, call or email the Criminal History Unit and request a fingerprint packet to b emailed. You must use FD-258 fingerprint cards.

When you receive your fingerprints in the mail, contact your local law enforcement agency to take your fingerprints using the cards that we sent to the address.

Finally, mail your completed and notarized application, fingerprint cards, and payment to the address you have listed on the site.

What can I do to know when I know that the background check is complete?

If a valid email address was provided, the site sends an email to the agency every time the candidate's background check status changes. If an email address was not supplied, you'd be required to check frequently on the site to determine information regarding the progress of the background check. The agency will be notified by letter if any action is performed other than completing the background check.

The FBI's National Criminal History Background Check System

State Bureau of Criminal Identification Statewide Child Abuse & Neglect Registry Statewide Adult Protection Registry

State Department of Motor Vehicles Federal and State Sex Offender Registry Office of Inspector General Exclusion List State Certified Nurse Aide Registry

How do I start?

Visit https://chu.dhw.idaho.gov. Select the REGISTER/LOG IN link to start the application process (view some FAQs available on the site for more assistance).

To begin the process:

1. First-time user, sign up as an applicant new to the system.

Create an account with a username and establish a password and username. Note this down as you'll need it many times.

2. Then, log in with your new username and password.

3. Select Complete Application at the very top.

4. Fill in all the required fields. Click next at the end of each page to proceed on to the next.

5. Once you are done, click SUBMIT.

6. It will direct you to the tool for scheduling to

Set up an appointment to have your fingerprints taken.

Why why can't the Certified Family Home use the Guardian/Conservator background check?

In 2013 in 2013, when Idaho altered laws in place to make it mandatory to complete the Health & Welfare background check as a mandatory step for the appointment of Guardians and Conservators and Conservators, the FBI gave a particular fingerprint motive for Health & Welfare to complete the Guardianship/Conservatorship background checks. This is different from the one to the background check for a Certified Family Home. Thus, a different set of fingerprints must be provided for each type of background check. Following this federal law, the department conducts two distinct background checks. The department is required by the law of the federal government to conduct these checks.

It appears that the department has to charge twice the identical thing. What's the difference?

Although it seems it's the case that there is a perception that the department has to charge twice to complete the same job, it's not the case. When the department conducts a background check in support of the Guardianship/Conservatorship process, it does nearly identical work as it would for a Certified Family Home background check. The difference is that the department will issue an approval or deny an application for the Certified Family Home program. The department does not issue a clearance or denial for the Guardianship/Conservatorship process. The department is excluded by law from making fitness decisions on Guardianship/Conservatorship situations. Because the Guardian/Conservator background check may reveal documents that may otherwise prevent individuals from having a successful background check for a Certified Family Home, the Guardianship / Conservatorship background check results are not valid to determine eligibility for applying for the Certified Family Home program and reverse.

The cost of both the Guardianship/Conservatorship and the Certified Family Home processes is substantial. Do you know if there is any relief for those who need both?

The department is aware of the expense of these processes. This is why the department will waive the cost for one background check only if the checks are conducted simultaneously. For example, if someone completes the first background check and then does another one afterward, they will be charged for the second one. Department will charge the cost for the second check. The department advises anyone who is thinking about an option of enrolling in the Certified Family Home program as an option to contact the Criminal History Unit for further details.

If I want to have two background checks conducted simultaneously, what can I expect through the Department website?

If a person decides to have two background checks completed, they will need two different forms on the department's site. This is because the department requires submitting a separate fingerprint set for each background check. Because of security reasons technical, it should be accomplished using separate applications available on the department's website. The first application must have its Guardian/Conservator Agency Identification Number. The second application should reflect a Certified Family Home agency identification number. Suppose an applicant uses two agency identification numbers on the same application. In that case, one will be taken off, and applicants will be required to complete an additional background check on the website.

Do I need to set up two separate fingerprinting appointments if I want to conduct both background checks?

No. The department can collect two fingerprint sets at the same time if the Guardian/Conservator background check application is completed first. The Department technician will charge the fee for one criminal background and a background check during the appointment. If the Guardian/Conservator application was not received at the beginning, applicants must apply again and make another appointment. The cost cannot be waived on an additional application.

I'm mailing my application to. What other useful tips do you have?

If you're sending the background check materials in the mail, be sure to include the following items:

  1. A duplicate of the signed and notarized self-disclosure application complete
  2. Two completed fingerprint cards per background check application (total of four)
  3. The fee applicable is displayed on the application status page.



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