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Is There Really Such A Thing As A Free Background Check?

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    For many employers, potential employees and individuals ask, “is there a way to conduct a background check for free?” Depending on the scope of the background check in question, the long answer is not likely. The short answer is no. Here’s Why.

    Criminal records search

    When conducting a background check, the first service involved in the process would be a criminal records search. In order to conduct a criminal record search, an individual must either go to the courthouse where the potential record is physically, visit the state courts website or call the courthouse in question. Most state criminal records are housed in state government databases. Acquiring this access may vary in time from state to state. Most states require individuals to pay for access to individual court records. Prices vary from state to state. 


    County criminal records search

    Background checks can be conducted at the local level by county criminal jurisdictions. County criminal records are considered the most extensive search into an applicant’s criminal history because the discrepancies are first processed in the local courts and stored in the county criminal database. Gaining access to county criminal records are usually associated with fees.



    Individuals can conduct a live scan fingerprint, whether through a live scan fingerprint or manually through the mail. All fingerprint submissions require a fee to process to the appropriate channels. 


    Is there a way I can conduct a free background check?

    Technically yes. Due to certain states and FCRA laws, applicant’s may be able to request a copy of their background check from potential employers free of charge, to view what’s on their background check. 


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