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Maine Healthcare Background Check

MBCC releases its explanation of the five-year background check recheck process.

There is a lawful and rule requirement for mandating members of the MBCC to conduct subsequent regular check-ups on the background every five years after the date of hiring as well as the date on which they completed a prior background check ("the 5-year "recheck"). 22 M.R.S. SS 9054(5) 10,144 C.M.R. ch. 60 SS 3(G). The statute states:
An employer must conduct a regular background check following the rules enacted according to this chapter. In addition, criminal history records checks for all direct access employees are required every five years following the date of hiring and the date on which the anniversary of the previous background check was completed through the use of the Background Check Center.

The rule that is akin to this one reads:
Employers are required to follow the same procedures to get an initial thorough background check. The subsequent background checks must be completed at least five years after hiring or the anniversary date of the previous thorough background check.
MBCC continues to track and produce reports via monitoring of rap backs without requiring employers to file five years of recheck requests.
The anticipated introduction inspired this requirement to recheck every five years in biometric background check processes, which includes fingerprinting employees to gain access to federal criminal history records and is restricted to a 5-year period for rechecks. Since the MBCC did not adopt biometric procedures and had no access to federal conviction records and information that the five-year Recheck was designed to gather is not accessible to MBCC. So, it is not the case that the Division of Licensing and Certification is not pursuing enforcement of this obligation.

This notice only applies to the requirements for rechecks under the rules and statutes cited in this notice. This notice does not exempt an employer from the obligations imposed by any other law, rule, or other law, which could require employers to perform background checks and rechecks at different times.



CNA Application Tip.

In the case of an application to become a CNA who does not hold an active license, because they are still in school or waiting to take the exam, they should be entered with the designation "Certified Nursing Assistant Training" to indicate their employment classification or position. This way, the license number isn't needed. However, anyone registered as CNA who does not possess an active license won't be able to get their applications approved until the license number is valid and issued.

What exactly is Maine BCC?

The Maine Background Check Center (MBCC) is a secure web-based service that is operated through the Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in collaboration together with the Maine Department of Public Safety (DPS) and other regulated employers who provide health medical and other services to vulnerable Maine residents.
Before the MBCC was employed, employers could singly access the information repository. This took a lot of time, a lot of documents, and the risk of divulging sensitive personal information about applicants. The MBCC will dramatically enhance the process of vetting applicants and, in the long run, reduce costs for employers. It MBCC will also simplify the process of reviewing applicants and decrease the number of currently used papers. Learn more about the Maine healthcare background check.
The MBCC features a function known as the "Quick check." Screening begins with this feature before any expense is paid. In addition, employers can access public registers to see whether any discrepancies are present that may affect the hiring decision.
The main objective that the MBCC is to protect and well-being of people who receive services for long-term health, residential care, or community-based facilities across Maine.
There are numerous publications on the MBCC website that are available for download.

The employers who employ Direct Access Workers:


  • If you're a provider and need to sign in or manage the employee(s) background check application, you can log in by clicking on the top, right-hand left "Employer Login."
  • If you do not have a login account for your entity, please get in touch with the Maine Background Check Center at MBCC-Admin.DHHS@maine.gov

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