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Maryland Healthcare Background Check

Criminal History Records Check

A CHRC is required for all applicants for reinstatement of licensure. However, a licensee who has already submitted to a CHRC to be a member of the Board in the application for initial licensure renewal, reinstatement, or renewal is not required to file the CHRC for 2019-2020.

Health Occupations Health Occupations Article SS14-308.1 MD. Code of Regulations Annotated mandates State Board of Physicians applicants and licensees to undergo Criminal History Records Checks (Chris) as a prerequisite to be licensed, and also added the possibility of sanctions if a licensed person does not submit to a mandatory CHRC.

Timing of CHRC's


The Board suggests that applicants and licensees not submit fingerprints 6 weeks before the date you finish your first license application and renewal application. The Board has the authority to store CHRC information for 90 days.

Your licensure name should match the name on your CHRC fingerprint name for the request. If there's a discrepancy, we can't compare your CHRC fingerprint report with your current license. If your legal name has changed, you need to complete the Change of Name Change application ( Physician Name Change Request Form or Allied Health Name Change Request Form before the submission of the CHRC. Once the Board processes the CHRC, the Board can verify to the CHRC the name of your licensure.

Fingerprinting is done for another reason or to a State / Federal Agency

The results of a CHRC conducted in a different state or another state Maryland, can't be submitted directly to the Board. Each entity/agency/employer has a unique authorization code from CJIS and the FBI. The results are directly sent to the agency responsible. Fingerprints cannot be shared between entities/agencies/employers. Learn more about the Maryland healthcare background check.

You must apply to be a CHRC member of The Maryland Board of Physicians.

Confirming Receipts of CHRC's Board of CHRC Results

* Please do not call the Board to confirm receipts or provide receipts. It is the Board gets electronic CHRC notifications within 72 hours.

If you have received the CHRC Results (by mail) and the Board receives the results simultaneously. Do not contact the Board to confirm the receipt results of your CHRC results. The Board staff cannot verify the results' receipt. Instead, keep your receipt in your files.

Review of the Board CHRC Positive Results

Positive results are evaluated to be positive by the Board based on a case-by-case. The Board has to consider many aspects following Health Occupations SS14-313 and Criminal Procedure SS1-209. If the Board contacts you for more details, please provide your response as fast as you can, so that delay in the procedure can be prevented.

(a) In general. -- Prior to when an eligible employee can begin working for an adult-dependent health program, every adult-dependent program must, for each qualified employee:

(1) (i) Make an application for a state criminal history record check •

(ii) (iii) Request an agency that is private to conduct a background check; and

(2) Request an endorsement from the prospective new employee's previous employer.

(b) The content of reference requests. The reference request required under section (a)(2) in this subsection must, at a minimum, inquire about any previous physical abuse that the prospective employee has occurred.

(c) Program-based payment. A dependent adult care program must pay for every qualified employee:

(1) A criminal history record check •

(2) An agency's private background check.

(d) The scope of the background check. Suppose an adult-dependent care facility requires a private organization to conduct a background check. In that case, the private agency must conduct a background check in each state where an adult care organization knows of or can believe that the eligible employee worked or lived for the last seven years.

Fingerprinting Requirements

A complete Criminal History Records Check is required for obtaining a Maryland Physical Therapy License. A complete background check includes both State and FBI checks. The Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) manages criminal history record checks. The checks for records of history are done through the use of fingerprints.

From January 1 onwards, 2015, all first applicants seeking the license to practice Physical Therapy and Physical Therapy Assistant must be able to pass a Criminal History Records Check completed before obtaining the license. This is done by sending fingerprints and other information to the Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS).

Download this criminal history background check directions to complete the procedure. If you're a foreign Applicant, follow the steps for the Out of State resident. After you have passed the background check is completed, the Board will issue a permit according to Board guidelines and policies.



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