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Minnesota MVR

Minnesota MVR Report

The Koleman Grou LLC MVR offers businesses, insurance companies, and government agencies an easy way to request driver's reports online. MVR Online reports for Minnesota. Minnesota MVR reports are useful for conducting pre-employment screening, insurance underwriting, and regular risk management. The MVR cost also includes an annual Minnesota MVR cost. There are no hidden charges or charges to maintain an account.

Minnesota MVR Record Pricing

  • 3 years old
  • Instant Turn Around
  • Name, DL#, DOB
  • Driver License Information Included in Minnesota MVR
  • Org. Issue Date
  • License Class
  • Endorsement
  • Issue Date
  • Status
  • Exp. Date
  • Driver's address
  • Minnesota CDL Medical Certificate Included in MVR
  • Date of Issue
  • Self-certificate
  • Add Date
  • Examiner
  • Exp. Date
  • Restrictions
  • Status
  • Availability: Employers & Insurance providers
  • Specific requirements: Driver's signed consent
  • Price (per MVR)
  • 3 Year Report for 3 Years
  • $16.00*


There's a $20 setup fee, which is due if you only purchase one MVR when you first create your account. The setup cost is waived if you place an order for greater than one MVR on your first purchase.


How to Request Minnesota Driving Records?


  1. Sign up for an account or log in to your already existing account.
  2. You should keep all your driver's license information readily available (full Name, DOB, and license number). Enter exact information as stated on your license to avoid any typos.
  3. Make sure you have signed a driver's consent form for every driver. We will require the consent form for upload.
  4. Download Insurance Consent Form
  5. Download Employment Consent Form


When you've completed your purchase, you'll get an email confirming that your order was approved. After that, you'll be able to access your account to look over your MVRs.

Minnesota Driving Record

Reduce Risk

Minnesota Driver Record Monitoring

  • A simple MVR monitoring dashboard detects negative trends, like the accumulation of convictions, suspensions, accidents, expired licenses, and CDL medical certifications.
  • Driving License Status
  • Real-time notification of negative changes to driving records.
  • National MVR Monitoring
  • The highest level of monitoring across both the U.S as well as Canada.
  • Email
  • Reminders
  • Reminders about DQ documents like CDL medical certificates as well as insurance expirations.

How to Find Your Minnesota Driving Record Quickly and Simple


While driving through the gorgeous landscape of The Land of 10,000 Lakes, your day of joy may end quickly if you can see the red lights of police in your rearview. While a typical encounter with police is supposed to be an easy one, it can turn ugly fast if you have some blemishes to the driving record that you are not aware of.

The information on your Minnesota driving record is a full record of your activities on the road, including tickets or accidents and other infractions. If you've been late on a payment or was your license suspended and the police are aware, they will inform you immediately when they stop you and scrutinize your license. You can avoid these embarrassing events by getting a copy of the driving record.

What's on My Minnesota Driving Record?

Minnesota is a state that provides accredited driving records and non-certified driving records. The verified driving record shows your complete driving record. The non-certified driving records include your conviction record for the last five years. There are four kinds of information available within Minnesota driving records: public information, restricted information, privacy information, and confidential.

The public information is accessible to all and includes information about your license status or convictions, outstanding fees and fines, and physical descriptions. Information that is restricted is accessible to authorized agencies and you. It contains only your name and the date you were born, your address, and your license numbers. These same entities can also access information about your confidential information, including information about your Social Security number, information about disabilities, lease vehicles designated caregivers, and medical information.

Your private information includes information supplied by family members and provides information about your driving capability. Only approved DMV employees can access the personal information in the Minnesota driving record.

Additional information about driving records in Minnesota includes traffic accidents and violations, license suspension cancellations, revocations, and suspensions.

Who can access my Minnesota driving record?

The information on your Minnesota driving record can be accessed from your company and prospective employers, insurers, and even lawyers. Employers can access driving records as part of hiring background checks, which is especially important if you're thinking about the career of commercial drivers. Insurance companies use the information from the driving record to determine premiums for you and your motor vehicle.

Court officials have access to the details of your driving record in conjunction with any litigation that is pending relating to traffic-related incidents or violations.

What are some Types of Driving Records in Minnesota?

Two (2) kinds of driving records in Minnesota:

  • Certified Driver Record It is an entire record of driving background
  • non-certified driver record The record only contains five years of history of driver convictions

Now, based on the goal of the driving record, there are four (4) kinds of Minnesota record requests you can file at the DVS:

  • Individual Inquiry
  • Citizen Crash Report
  • Access to Government Access
  • Commercial Inquiry

What can I do to access my Minnesota Driving Record?

Minnesota's state law states that Minnesota permits accessibility to the driving record through in-person requests or mail-in submissions. However, you can access your online record by an outside service and aren't able to get an official copy via these services.

If you'd like to get an exact duplicate of your Minnesota driving record, the first thing to complete is downloading the DVS Records Request form accessible through the State. You'll have to put your complete name, the birth date you were born, and your driver's license numbers on this form.

To fill out this DVS demand form, you'll need to fill in your details and the reason behind the request, the mailing address, or information about your company (if relevant).

If the MN Driving Record was requested by mail, print out and complete the DVS Records Request Form and send it together with a cashier's check that is payable to Driver and Vehicle Services at the following address:

Driver and Vehicle Services Central Office Central Office

Town Square Building

445 Minnesota Street, Suite 190

Saint Paul, MN 55101-5190

Suppose you prefer to request print and fill out the DVS Records Request Form in person. Then, bring this form to the Minnesota Central Office.

Take note that if making an order for a Minnesota driving record in person, You must call the DVS office in your local DVS office to verify that they have acceptance of the payment method.

Can I request an additional Person's Driving Record?


If you're looking to request an additional driver's record, be sure you're included on the list of authorized requestors. Also, you must fill out the grant access Record Record Form with written permission.

What's the Cost of a Minnesota Driving Record cost?

It is worth noting that Minnesota driving record fees differ according to the kind of driving record. For example, when ordering on September 20, 2021, your uncertified driving record costs $9. The cost for a person's uncertified driving record is $9.50. In addition, your self-certified driving record will cost $10, and an authentic driving record will be $10.50.

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