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New Jersey Healthcare Background Check

Criminal Background Check

New Jersey requires all new nursing assistant candidates, all new personal care assistants, and nurse aides who are applying for reciprocity or recertification, as well as home health aides and homemakers to go through a Criminal Background Investigation (CBI) conducted by authorities such as the New Jersey State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

There is no cost to taking care of your CBI Application or Form for Fingerprints.

Suppose you're a new personal care assistant or nurse candidate or are a reciprocity applicant and are eligible. In that case, you need to complete the CBI application and set up an appointment to fingerprint. The application can be obtained from your instructor in your training program.

CBI forms will be provided with your application for reciprocity if you're seeking reciprocity. If you're applying to be admitted through an application for waiver, You will receive the forms you need through the Department of Health. Department of Health after your request for a waiver has been accepted.

Review the CBI Application carefully. It is your responsibility to answer all questions honestly and completely. State law stipulates that you are disqualified from certification if you lie in answering any question. Additionally, you could be fined.

Once you've completed the application, you must give an employer the red copy. Save the blue version of your CBI form for your own records. Then, send the yellow copy of the application to:


PO Box 359

Trenton, NJ 08625-0359

It will take a minimum of 12 weeks for the CBI to process.

Recertification Candidates

Personal care assistants must refresh their police background checks once their certification is renewed. There is no requirement to submit a fresh CBI application or undergo fingerprinting. You will be notified about changing your CBI information approximately four months before the date when your certificate is due to expire.

Convictions following a background check

The Department of Health receives reports of convictions that occur following the completion of your background check. Suppose you are found guilty of a violation that disqualifies you from being a candidate for certification when we issue your certificate. In that case, We are required by law to cancel your certificate until you can provide solid and convincing proof of your rehabilitation. The law requires us to do this regardless of where the offense occurred.

Screening questions

Candidates who are not reciprocal or new to the nurse aide or personal care assistants must answer the screening questionnaire in the CBI application. If you have answered "Yes" to any of the questions, you need to submit proof that shows that you are not excluded from being certified. Documents must be submitted together to the CBI application.

New Jersey Criminal Background Check and Fingerprinting

Standard HR 1.20 was adopted in the year 2004 by Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) in the Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Hospitals Official Handbook, which obliges hospitals to confirm the criminal records of volunteers and students, and hospital employees. According to Standard HR 1.20, the requirement for an investigation of police background check is required for every student to be able to take part in clinical experiences and work with affiliated clinical hospitals. Learn more about the New Jersey healthcare background check.


The background check is yearly obligatory.


The process is explained below and on the New Jersey State Police website. Every student must complete and submit the necessary form and the required cost. Then, go to the New Jersey State Police to review "Instructions on Obtaining Your Criminal History Record" and download Form A to request an official background check. Next, background check and fingerprinting through Morpho Trak Inc. After completing the form and submitted, students should contact Morpho Trak - Ewing Parkway Corp. The center can be reached via the phone number below to make an appointment to take fingerprints.

When an appointment is set, the student must take the completed form at the center (or another branch office) to conduct a criminal history background test and then be fingerprinted. Students are accountable for the $40.70 cost of the service (rates can change). The following methods that can be used to pay are cash purchases, credit cards, and electronic debit cards. Be aware that only cash orders can be accepted on the premises within the center on the day of the fingerprinting. It is recommended that students pay in advance with a credit card to avoid delays.

Be aware of making appointments with Morpho Trak fill up quickly. Failure to schedule your appointment in the specified timeframe is not justification for failing to submit results to the nursing office. Be prepared!

Important: Students who reside or have previously lived in Pennsylvania or other states should follow the specific directions to fill out Form A.

New Jersey State law provides that a person will be denied registration if their criminal history background check reveals a record that has been convicted of one or more of these offenses or infractions (including those that were committed in another state or in a different jurisdiction) or unless the person has obtained a confirmation that they are in rehabilitation by the New Jersey Commissioner of Health and Senior Services (NJSA 26:2H-83):

Chapter 11: Murder Manslaughter, Criminal Homicide Death by Auto, and leaving the scene of an Accident with the death of the person,

Aiding Suicide.

Chapter 12: Aggravated Assault Simple Assault and Assault Battery, leaving the scene of the Accident and causing serious injury to another person Terroristic Threats, reckless Endangerment, Stalking and Disarming Police/Corrections, and throwing Bodily Fluids onto Corrections and could be referred to as offensive touching, assault and Abuse (Spousal or any other) Domestic Violence, Battery, or any other similar terms for convictions outside of the state.

Chapter 13: kidnapping Criminal Restraint and False Imprisonment and Interfering With Custody and Criminal Coercion and enticing an

Child in a Car or Structure

Chapter 14 Abhorrent Sexual Assault, Rape, Sexual Assault, Criminal Sexual Assault Sexual Offenses, Lewdness, Filled, and many more.

More than just prostitution or any other offense that is not registered as per Megan's Law.

Chapter 15: Robbery, Carjacking

Chapter 20: Larceny, Grand Larceny Petite or Petty Larceny Possession of stolen Property, Theft by Unlawful taking, deceit, or extortion or the failure to make a required disposition, receiving stolen Property fencing, Theft of Services, Shoplifting, Theft of Library Materials Computer Related Theft and Theft from a Car Theft, Theft, Fraud and running a "Chop Shop," Using juveniles in auto Theft and Retail Theft.

Chapter 24: Threatening the welfare of Children, Elderly or incompetent persons, Bigamy, willful non-support, illegal adoptions, and Child abuse or elder abuse (some jurisdictions) and child abuse (in certain jurisdictions) or any other offense that requires an application following Megan's Law (NJSA 2C:7-1 et seq. ).

Chapter 35 Possession, Use, or distribution of controlled dangerous Analogs or Substances, and Related Offenses. Do not include convictions for Possession of Marijuana for 50 grams or less as well as Possession of Hashish 5 grams or less (Specifically (NJSA 2C:35-10(a)4).

A conviction can result from a conviction for a felony or conspiracy to commit any of the abovementioned charges. Furthermore, any conviction that affects the capacity for the applicant to provide the services of a nurse aid could result in exclusion under NJAC 8:39-1 et seq. Note: Out-of-State convictions could utilize terms that differ from those employed within New Jersey. However, suppose an ACT could cause a disqualifying conviction when it was committed within New Jersey. In that case, you MUST be able to disclose the conviction by answering Question 2 in the opposite of the form, or you'll be barred from obtaining certification for certification in New Jersey for a minimum of 2 years.

Please note: Criminal history records are permanent until it is sealed or expunged by a court or court order. Criminal history information will not "go out of existence" and does not "disappear" after seven years, for example. Make sure you answer "YES" if you've been convicted of any of these offenses or crimes, OR YOU WILL BE disqualified from certification for at minimum two (2) Years.

If you need help in completing this application, please contact the Criminal Investigation Unit at 1-866-561-5914 (out-of-state for out-of-state residents, dial 1-609-22-4303)

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