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North Carolina Healthcare Background Check

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    Any healthcare provider hiring in North Carolina should include a background check on their employment history. This background investigation is carried out to confirm a candidate's identity, credentials, and legal eligibility to work in the state. The state of North Carolina requires healthcare organizations to perform these checks on all potential hires. 





    Healthcare background checks frequently include:

    • A study of a person's criminal history.
    • The verification of their Social Security number.
    • A lookup of any previous professional or disciplinary proceedings.

    Any academic credentials and certifications that the employer must also verify the applicant lists on their application. Employers must also ensure that every worker has the education or experience required for the position for which they are applying. 




    In addition to the aforementioned, North Carolina healthcare employers must investigate the references' professional backgrounds. This is done to make sure the applicant is morally upright and hasn't engaged in any questionable or improper behavior in the past. Employers must also check an applicant's financial history to make sure they will avoid defaulting on any upcoming obligations. 




    Finally, North Carolina law requires healthcare employers to examine an applicant's driving history. This is done to ensure the applicant is a responsible driver and complies with all applicable state rules when operating a motor vehicle. This is crucial for healthcare professionals who might have to move patients or equipment. 




    Employers in North Carolina may feel confident in their recruiting choices and effectively protect their patients and operations by completing a healthcare background check on every applicant


    North Carolina Board of Nursing Background Check


    All North Carolina registered nurses are required to submit to a background investigation by the state's board of nursing. This background investigation is done to ensure the person applying for the job complies with the ethical and legal requirements established by the North Carolina Board of Nursing (NCBON). The background investigation involves a study of previous jobs, criminal histories, credentials, professional references, and other relevant data

    The Board of Nursing governs the state of North Carolina's nursing practice. By creating and upholding high standards of nursing practice, this board creates and enforces laws and regulations to guarantee the protection and safety of the general public. The NCBON also looks into complaints about nursing care and punishes professionals who break the law or the board's standards. 

    All registered nurses must successfully pass a background check as part of the licensing procedure, according to the NCBON. The background investigation examines the person's previous job, criminal history, credentials, professional references, and other relevant data. Before applying for licensing, the applicant must independently verify the facts learned through the background investigation. 

    Verifying the person's current licensure or registration status in any other state in which they have practiced is also required by the North Carolina Board of Nursing. This information is used to make sure the person complies with the NCBON criteria. 

    The board also mandates that each registered nurse complete a minimum of 24 hours of continuing education annually. This requirement was put in place to ensure that nurses keep their professional knowledge and abilities. 

    The licensing procedure includes a crucial step called the North Carolina Board of Nursing background investigation. It is intended to confirm that the applicant satisfies the requirements established by the NCBON and is qualified to offer the general public secure and competent nursing care. 


    North Carolina Board of Pharmacy Background Check


    The state of North Carolina's pharmacy industry is governed by the NCBOP or North Carolina Board of Pharmacy. The NCBOP is in charge of upholding the highest standards of pharmacy practice, safeguarding the public from dangerous medications, and assuring safe and effective pharmacy practice. The NCBOP mandates a criminal background check for everyone who practices pharmacy in the state as part of this purpose. 

    A criminal history and a sex offender registry check are part of the NCBOP criminal background investigation. The criminal history check involves looking up a person's criminal history throughout all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. This search contains information from state and federal criminal databases and any expunged or sealed criminal charges. In addition, the national sex offender database, as well as local and state databases, are all searched as part of the sex offender registry check. 

    In addition, the NCBOP mandates that all candidates for licensing or renewal undergo a drug test. This test is used to check for the use of controlled substances and is administered by an authorized laboratory. 

    The NCBOP ensures that only qualified, responsible people are permitted to practice pharmacy in the state by requiring candidates to pass a criminal background check and drug test. The NCBOP criminal background check and drug test are crucial components of safeguarding the general public and the pharmacy profession.


    Use The Koleman Group LLC As Your Healthcare Background Check Company Today!

    All healthcare background checks require fingerprinting. Please contact your employer and necessary departments for furthing fingerprinting information. Applicants will need to get fingerprinted at by a local certified livescan technician. Call 618-398-3900, or email us today @ for a free consultation.


    Note: Please consult with your own legal counsel for advice related to your state/locality. All background checks follow local, state, and, federal FCRA Laws.


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