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North Dakota Healthcare Background Check

North Dakota Healthcare Criminal History Record Check (CHRC) Information for designated caregivers:

As a possible designated caregiver, is it necessary to conduct a criminal record check?

* The state legislation (NDCC Section 19-24.1-4) requires that a criminal history review be carried out on any potential caregivers to ensure they haven't been convicted of a misdemeanor drug-related offense within the past five years or of a crime of a serious nature during their lifetime.

How often are criminal history record checks have to be carried out for the designated caregivers?

* At the time of initial application and biannually (every other year) following that, as well as at any time on an order from the North Dakota Department of Health.

Who is responsible for the cost of the criminal record check?

All costs for the criminal record check have to be paid for by the candidate.

What is the cost of a criminal record check?

There are two distinct charges associated with the criminal background review: Fingerprinting costs (price can vary based upon the location where the applicant lives).

Chooses to have fingerprints taken) chooses to have fingerprinting completed. BCI and FBI costs ($41.25/applicant). Learn more about the North Dakota healthcare background check

I've had an investigation of my criminal history for different reasons. Should I repeat the process?

* Yes, a designated caregiver must have a criminal record check specifically designed to be eligible for Medical Marijuana Program.

When should I get my criminal history report checked?

Designated caregiver applicants must be able to have their criminal background checked no later than 90 days before applying.

Fingerprinting options:

The responsibility lies with the person applying to find a company or an individual conducting fingerprinting to complete their fingerprints.

* Electronic Livescan fingerprinting (preferred choice)

* Applicants may request electronic prints done at any time or through any individual who offers such services.

* Ink fingerprinting

The applicants can request ink prints printed at any time by any person

that provide these companies that offer these.

How do you begin the process?

  • Contact for assistance with the Division of Medical Marijuana by phone number 701.328.1311 or via mail at medmarijuana@nd.gov to obtain the necessary documents and cards to conduct the criminal history review. Candidates must give their name and current address to ensure they can receive the documents.
  • If you're requesting information by email, it's advantageous to include the CHRC information request in the message's subject line.

What kinds of forms will Division mail? 

The Division of Medical Marijuana will mail designated caregivers the following items:

  • SFN 60688--Criminal Record Check Request Form
  • SFN 61490--Fingerprint Verification form
  • Cards with fingerprints (quantity of 2)--these are the cards that contain authentically captured fingerprints

Go on (whether it's electronic or even ink)

  • Instructions for fingerprint cards

Completed documents, including a fingerprint card and a check payable at NDBCI with a value of $41.25, must be returned in full to the Division of Medical Marijuana.

Send mail to:

ND DOH Division of Medical Marijuana, Attn: Renae Sisk

600 East Boulevard Ave, Dept 301 Bismarck 58505 in ND.

The Division of Medical Marijuana will examine all materials submitted before applying ND BCI to ensure all necessary information is in a legible format. The Division will contact the applicant to supply the required information if it finds missing information. This could result in an inability to process the criminal record review.

Who requires a ND background check for a healthcare background check?

Foster Care Related

Licensed Foster Home

Caregivers with Relatives

TANF Kinship Caregivers

Adult household members of all homes that provide health care


Adoptive parents

Adults who live in the home of adoption

Child Care

Anyone who provides licensed child care services, including self-declaration providers

Adult household members of the group or family members (ONLY when operating from your home)

Anyone who is employed, volunteering, or providing therapy services in a licensed child care facility.


Only those who wish to be appointed legal guardianship

Residence Facility Job

Self-Supervised Living Program (SILP) Employers

Residents of the Residential Facility (QRTP) Employees

Licensed Children Placement Agency Jobs

Where can I get my North Dakota healthcare background check fingerprints taken?

Human Service Centers. Human service centers are situated in eight areas across the state. You can look at the table below to find the human service center in your county.

No fingerprinting fee.

You need to make an appointment.

All of the forms of authorization you have completed with you, including authorization forms from other states at your scheduled appointment.

It must carry an official government-issued photo ID (driver's license or State ID, Military ID passport, or tribe ID). You won't have your fingerprints taken if you don't possess an ID with a valid photo.

Police agencies or any other institution that can conduct fingerprinting

The client is responsible for the fees for fingerprinting.

Contact the agency for the days and times when they conduct fingerprinting.

You will need to present a blank Fingerprint Identity Validation Form (SFN 836) to be signed by the official who rolls your fingerprints.

It is required to bring an ID with a valid photo (driver's license or State ID, Military ID passport, and tribe ID). If you don't possess an acceptable photo ID, it is not possible to have your fingerprints taken.

Ink-rolled fingerprints must be sealed inside an envelope by the official who rolled your prints before handing you prints.

It is your responsibility to mail all forms of authorization and authorization forms for all other states and your fingerprints to Bismarck's Criminal Background Check Unit in Bismarck.

What kinds of records will be examined?

Every background check includes the following:

  • ND criminal records (non-public)
  • FBI Criminal Record (non-public)
  • ND Child Abuse/Neglect Index (non-public)
  • ND Sex Offender Registry
  • ND Offenders Against Children Registry
  • International Child Abuse/Neglect Registry, for every state in which a resident lived within the past five years.
  • ND Courts Records Inquiry Website
  • Online Access to the Trial Court in Minnesota
  • Tribal Court, Child Welfare and Sex Offender Registry (as required)
  • child care background checks may also include:
  • National Sex Offender Registry (non-public)
  • Interstate Sex Offender Registry for every state where residents resided in the past five years (non-public).
  • Interstate Criminal repository that covers every state of residence in the preceding five-year period (non-public).

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