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Pennsylvania Healthcare Background Check

The state of Pennsylvania has a system for checking healthcare workers' backgrounds. The Pennsylvania Department of Health oversees this procedure, which is intended to safeguard the general public from potential harm or mistreatment by healthcare professionals. 




The doctor or nurse must apply to the Department of Health to start the procedure. The Pennsylvania State Police will run a criminal history check on the applicant's fingerprints as part of this application. Any criminal convictions or charges that may have the potential to impair the healthcare worker's capacity to offer services will be looked for during this criminal background investigation. 

The Department of Health also requires healthcare employees to submit to a federal background check in addition to the criminal check. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is conducting this investigation to find any potential threats to national security. The FBI's files and those of other federal agencies are searched as part of this background investigation. 

The Department of Health will analyze the background check findings and decide whether the healthcare worker is qualified to provide services after reviewing the results. The candidate will be licensed to practice in Pennsylvania if the background investigation is successful. However, the application will be rejected, and the healthcare provider will not be permitted to work in the state if the background investigation reveals any probable criminal activity or security issues. 

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has established guidelines and criteria to guarantee that any prospective healthcare professional is fully screened before being permitted to practice in the state. This system protects the general public and healthcare professionals from potential damage or misuse. 


Pennsylvania Board of Nursing Background Check


The Pennsylvania Board of Nursing (PBON) is in charge of safeguarding the public's health and safety by ensuring that the nursing practice standards are upheld. Therefore, the PBON mandates that applicants undergo a thorough background check as part of the licensing procedure. The background investigation examines an applicant's criminal history, nursing education and licensure, and any prior disciplinary measures against the applicant


Criminal History


A Pennsylvania State Police Request for Criminal Record Check (SP4-164) form must be submitted by applicants to the Pennsylvania State Police to be considered for PBON. The form needs to be notarized and signed. The State Police will do a record check on the applicant and give them the results. Based on criminal convictions or charges, the PBON will assess the criminal record check and decide if an applicant is qualified for licensure. 


Nursing Education and Licensure

Transcripts from all nursing programs attended must be submitted to PBON by applicants. The PBON must get the transcripts directly from the school. The applicant's transcripts will be examined by the PBON, who will confirm that the programs were finished and that the candidate satisfies the educational requirements for licensure. The PBON will also examine the applicant's past nursing license history to ensure that any prior disciplinary proceedings taken against the applicant are recognized.


Prior Disciplinary Actions


Any previous disciplinary proceedings against the applicant by other state boards of nursing or other regulatory organizations will be examined by PBON. This includes any sanctions imposed on the applicant for breaking any rules, guidelines, or laws at the state or federal level. The PBON will examine the sanctions and, if required, take additional measures. 


Before being granted licensing, applicants must pass a thorough background investigation before being granted licensing, according to the Pennsylvania Board of Nursing. The background investigation examines an applicant's criminal history, nursing education and licensure, and any prior disciplinary measures against the applicant. The PBON will examine all the data and decide whether or not the applicant is eligible for licensure. 


Pennsylvania Board of Pharmacy Background Check


All pharmacies, pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians in Pennsylvania are subject to regulation by the Pennsylvania Board of Pharmacy. The Board ensures that all pharmacies adhere to the rules and laws that control the practice of pharmacy in the state and that only licensed individuals are permitted to do so. In addition, the Board mandates that a criminal background check be conducted on all license applicants to safeguard the general public's health, safety, and welfare. 

Before receiving a license, the Board mandates that each applicant submits to a criminal history check. The Pennsylvania State Police handles the background investigation, which includes searching its Central Repository of Criminal History Records. This search will provide a thorough history of all criminal convictions in the state of Pennsylvania. The Federal Bureau of Investigation will also conduct a federal criminal background check on the candidate (FBI). A detailed history of any criminal convictions from any other state will be provided by this check. 

The Board mandates that all candidates for licensing submit to a child abuse clearance check in addition to a criminal background check. The Pennsylvania Statewide Central Register of Child Abuse is searched as part of this investigation, which the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services carries out. A thorough history of all reports of child abuse in the state of Pennsylvania will be provided by this search. 

All applicants must also submit to a background check for prior licenses, according to the Board. The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy administers this check (NABP). Records of sanctions levied against pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians are gathered and kept by the NABP. This check will provide the history of all sanctions imposed in any other state. 

All applicants must also consent to a criminal background check based on fingerprints. The Pennsylvania State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are conducting this investigation (FBI). A detailed history of any criminal convictions from any other state will be provided by this check. 

The Board verifies that all applicants for licensure possess the necessary education and experience to practice pharmacy in the state of Pennsylvania using various methods, including fingerprint-based verification, child abuse clearance checks, prior licensing history checks, and criminal background checks. The Board may also consider any sanctions imposed by other state boards of pharmacy, and it reserves the authority to refuse or revoke a license if it turns out that the applicant has already faced sanctions.


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