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Pennsylvania MVR

Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Record Driving Abstract Information


Examine the details of your Pennsylvania Drivers with Koleman's PA Motor Vehicle Records reports. We have the ability to access three-year reports in 1 and 10-year (CDL) formats and 10-year (CDL) Driver Records directly to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Release forms are required in every Pennsylvania driver's records. By using Koleman's Background screening software, the PA driving records are easily connected to the applicant's full background screening report, which could include criminal background and employment verification, a credit report, and more. Additionally, you can modify the Koleman Account to alert that your drivers have to be checked again. Get in touch with us today to sign up for a background screening account with Koleman. Conduct a Pennsylvania MVR today.

Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) More Details

State: Pennsylvania


State Access Fee: Koleman Price + $14.00


Turnaround Time: Between 7 and 15 days. For a 24-hour turnaround, you can get it using the approval of a PennDOT subaccount. Contact us for details.


License Format: 8 Numeric


The Data Required: Pennsylvania driver's license number Driver's Last Name First Name Date of Birth


Release Type of Form: Pennsylvania Form for release


PenDOT Subaccount Applicator: Faster MVRs for PA Get a PennDOT Subaccount affidavit of intended use.


Years Reported: Three years out of a total ten years (employment solely for employment)


What are Points Reports? No


Are accidents reported? Only as a means of involvement


Does Pennsylvania cancel licenses for Unpaid Convictions? Yes, if you are an NRVC member.


Active Terms of License: VALID


Screen Drivers that have Pennsylvania Commercial Drivers' Licenses to ensure DOT Compliance

Koleman's background screening software that you can use, you can have your Pennsylvania automobile driving records integrated with your prospective employer's complete background screening report. This includes DOT Drug Testing and DOT Employment Verifications, Criminal background checks, credit history, and many more. Additionally, you can personalize your Koleman background check account details to be notified that your drivers must be checked again. Call us today to sign up to get a background screening account with Koleman.

Re-screen Your Drivers using ease

The Motor Vehicle Record Reports (MVRs) give you a valid Pennsylvania driving record for commercial drivers, ensuring that you are on track with your freight and transportation contract requirements. Commercial Driving history may include traffic violations, accidents, insurance lapses, licensing suspensions, license revocations, reinstatements, and, most importantly, addiction issues such as Driving under the influence reports. The (DWI) is a form of Driving under the influence (DWI (or DUI). Contact us today to get a background screening account with Koleman.

How to Find The Record of Your Pennsylvania Driving Record


There are numerous reasons to guard the integrity of your driving record and make sure that it's correct. When your Pennsylvania driving record shows a past of speeding, moving tickets, and other violations, You could pay thousands of dollars in additional insurance costs for your car. In addition, a poor driving record could cost you the job you want, particularly if the work requires an official vehicle. Whether you're seeking a job as an off-road truck driver or simply delivering pizzas on your own time, a negative mark on the driving record could cost you the job and decrease your earning potential in the future.

New Residents

Suppose you recently relocated to Pennsylvania or have recently moved to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In that case, it is recommended to take a copy of the driving record as soon as you can. Incorrect decisions can lead you from state to state; making them fixable now can save you from problems in the future. Do not just wait until you're not able to get car insurance or fail your great courier job to discover the reason - knowing what's on the details of your driving record is the best option to ensure your safety.

Going to the Pennsylvania DMV

If you're looking to get an original duplicate of your Pennsylvania driving record in person, it is possible to do this at several DMV offices around Pennsylvania. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has a large and well-staffed DMV office in Harrisburg, the capital of the state. Harrisburg and satellite offices in almost all major cities. Wherever you are in the state, you're likely to be just a few minutes away from a DMV location where you can request an original duplicate of the driving record and review what it contains.

How to Get the Pennsylvania Driving Record Online

The only downside is that you cannot request a duplicate of your Pennsylvania driving record via the Internet. The Commonwealth is still not aware that we are in the 21st century.

The positive side is you can get the form required to obtain a driving record by going online and then visiting this webpage on the DMV website.

Print and fill out the form, then send it to the address indicated on the back or take the form to any of the DMV offices in the state.

Check Your Driving Record Carefully

You must examine the record carefully whatever method you use to obtain an official duplicate of the Pennsylvania driving record. When you go through your driving record online or get an original duplicate in person or by the mail, it is important to examine the information and ask for any discrepancies.

If you're certain you didn't get tickets for speeding, however, the state claims that you did, you have to speak up. The state might believe that they are always right. However, DMV employees can and do make mistakes. They could result in the loss of money and potential; therefore, it's your responsibility to ask questions about the DMV when issues arise.

To make sure you're capable of checking your records for any incorrect information, I've provided the following section to outline this points system in Pennsylvania.

The PA Points System

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation's responsibility is to oversee the points placed on the driving record. To provide you with an idea, I've provided a list of the most frequent traffic-related violations in Pennsylvania, as well as the associated points:

  • Five points if you fail to stop for a school bus flashing red lights or for speeding beyond the speed limit of 31 mph or more over the speed limit.
  • Four points for improper passing on the hill
  • Three points for failing to stop at the red light
  • Two points for failing to obey a person who is authorized to control traffic


In addition, it is the PennDOT is also accountable for taking corrective action if you reach a certain amount of points.

For instance, if you score 6 points, they'll issue a notice in writing to take a special written test. When you next receive another six points, you'll be required to appear at a Departmental hearing. There will be additional hearings or possibly a license suspension should you earn another point following that. The third time you score 6 points, your license is suspended.

The positive aspect is that you can get rid of the ticket (and keep points from getting put on the driving record) by attending the traffic school.

Make sure you get the approval of your court's handler to dismiss your case by way of the traffic school before you sign up. If you'd like to enroll online, we would recommend GoToTrafficSchool.

You are the only person who Can See Your Record

The information on your Pennsylvania driving record is an extremely personal matter; however, it's also a matter of public record for people who need to be aware. The good news is that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania does place limitations on who has access to the details of your driving record. If your neighbor wants to know about the number of tickets you've had, however, the state cannot answer their questions without your consent. If you are applying for a position as a driver, then your prospective employer can request a copy of your driving record. This will ensure only safe drivers are permitted on the roads. Also, it protects the business from liability if there is an accident.

Jobs in the Driver's Seat

Suppose you're applying for a job like a courier or delivery driver or similar positions. In that case, the application might include a form of release that allows the company to review information from your driving record and make their hiring decision based on that. This is another reason to examine the details of your driving record carefully and notify the company of any errors you discover. A duplicate of your driving record is just the initial step. You should get this important document to examine it for any errors.

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