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South Dakota MVR

South Dakota MVR Report

The Koleman Group LLC MVR offers businesses, insurance providers, and government entities an easy way to purchase driver's information online. These South Dakota MVR reports can be used to conduct pre-employment screening, insurance underwriting, and regular risk management. The MVR cost is inclusive of an annual South Dakota MVR fee. In addition, there are no hidden charges or charges to maintain an account.

South Dakota MVR Pricing

  • 3 years old
  • Instant Turn Around
  • Name, DL#, DOB
  • Driver License Information Included in South Dakota MVR
  • Org. Issue Date
  • Date of Issue
  • License Class
  • Endorsement
  • Status
  • Exp. Date
  • Driver's address
  • South Dakota CDL Medical Certificate Included in MVR
  • Issue Date
  • Self-certificate
  • Add Date
  • Examiner
  • Exp. Date
  • Restrictions
  • Status
  • Availability: Employers & Insurance providers
  • Specific requirements: Driver's signed consent
  • Prices (per MVR)
  • 3 Year Report for 3 Years
  • $16.00*


A $20 setup charge is due if you only purchase one MVR when you first create your account. The cost of the setup fee is waived when you purchase greater than one MVR during your initial order.


How to Request South Dakota Driving Records?


  1. Register an account, or sign in to an existing account.
  2. You should keep all your driver's license details accessible (full Name, DOB, and license number). Please enter the information exactly as it appears on the license to avoid mistakes.
  3. Check if you have a completed driver's permission form for each driver. We will require this consent form to be uploaded.
  4. Download Insurance Consent Form
  5. Download Employment Consent Form



When you've completed your purchase, you'll get an email confirmation that your purchase was approved. You can then log in to your account and look over your MVRs.

South Dakota Driving Record

Reduce Risk

South Dakota Driver Record Monitoring

  • The intuitive MVR monitoring dashboard identifies negative trends, like suspended convictions, accumulated convictions, accidents, expired licenses, and CDL medical certificates.
  • The Status of Driver's Licence
  • Real-time notifications of negative changes to driving records.
  • National MVR Monitoring
  • The highest level of monitoring across both the US as well as Canada.
  • Email
  • Reminders
  • Reminders for DQ documents like CDL medical certificates as well as insurance expirations.

Find your South Dakota Driving Record Fast and Easy

Your South Dakota driving record includes information on your driving record over the past three years, which includes suspensions and endorsements, driving status, and classes.

When you are a driver within South Dakota, you should be concerned about the number of points you could have accrued on your license.

What are the Points and why should I be concerned?

Once you've received the South Dakota driver's license, it's new and shiny, and you begin with an unbalanced point balance.

Each moving violation is worth points for your license, and if you earn fifteen points on your license in 12 months or 22 points in 24 months. Your license may be suspended for a period of up to 60 days.

That's right. You'll be required to surrender your driver's license or be denied driving for two months. This is a significant amount of time spent not being able to drive.

The second time your driver's license was suspended, you'll have to take on the road for six months, after which, the next time around, you'll be facing all year long begging for transportation.

Keeping track of credits you've accrued is vital for those who are addicted to the vehicle. But, if you don't, you could find yourself in for a major surprise when you find out that the State of South Dakota demands that you submit your driver's license.

To help you, Here's a list of the most frequently committed violations and their point values to South Dakota:

  • 3 points for a stop sign/light violation
  • 4 points for infractions to the rules of passing
  • 4 points for failing to give up right of way
  • 6 points for eluding/trying to escape
  • 8 points for driving recklessly
  • Ten points for driving while under the influence

The state can suspend your license under the law if you're convicted of driving while impaired (DUI), regardless of the points you have on your record.

Why You Should Get the driver's license for South Dakota Driving Record

In reality, indeed, the State of South Dakota isn't infallible. Incorrect entries on driving records are rare; however, they do happen.

Reviewing your driving record every few years will ensure that you know where you are with respect to points you have earned and let you fix errors that could cause you to pay a large price.

What can points accumulation and errors cost you? Insurance rates for one. Your driving record is an important element in determining your automobile insurance costs, and I'm sure you'll be paying more for insurance when you have points on your license.

Your driving record may also be the deciding factor in the likelihood of you getting the dream job you've been applying for. Employers request your driving record in regular background checks, and a bad driving record can considerably reduce the chances of getting a job.

How to Request Your Driving Record

You can get your official South Dakota driving record in person or by mail or get an online copy that is not certified. No matter which method you pick the first thing to complete is print, download and complete your request from the record holder form and get it notarized. The bank you work at may offer notary public service.

Order via Mail

Then, send your notarized forms together with a check or money order for $5 to:

Driver Licensing Program

There are 118 West Capitol Avenue

Pierre SD 57501, Pierre

For Orders In Person

You may stop by an examination station and get the driving record on the spot and skip the notary process. You'll require proof of identity in the form of your driver's license, valid passport, or a certified birth certificate. You can pay the fee of $5 with exactly the amount of cash or write personal checks.

You can obtain your report in person at the exam station at Aberdeen, Brookings, Rapid City, Sioux Falls, Watertown, Mitchell, and Yankton.

Buy Online

To obtain your driving record online, you'll have to use an authorized third-party vendor such as Inteligator.

Questions and Corrections

When you have received the South Dakota driving record, examine it thoroughly and ensure that you have the correct information.

If you notice an error or have doubts about your records, If you find an error or have any questions about your record, contact the South Dakota Department of Public Safety at 800-952-3696.

If you wish to prevent the possibility of having points added to your driving record, you may enroll in a defensive driving program.

However, you'll need permission from your court's handling officer to determine whether they'll permit defensive driving classes to get rid of traffic tickets. Unfortunately, most courts won't permit the practice in South Dakota, but there's no harm in trying, isn't there?

Additionally, despite not being capable of removing points, your insurance company could still offer you a discount on insurance when you take a defensive driving course.

If you are interested, take a look at the training that GoToTrafficSchool offers. They are among the most reputable online traffic schools in the US and provide the lowest-cost courses!


In the end, the point, all you have to be aware of is that maintaining a clean driving record can keep your insurance rates at a low level, boost your chances of getting a job, and can help you avoid costly fines and penalties. Additionally, it allows you to perform the necessary steps to enhance your driving record to avoid license suspension.

It's good to know that getting a duplicate of your driving record in South Dakota is not simple. This article has helped you with that!



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