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The Koleman Group LLC MVR offers businesses, insurance companies, and government agencies an easy way to purchase driver's reports online. MVR Online reports for Texas. Texas MVR reports can be utilized to aid in pre-employment screening, insurance underwriting, and regular risk management. The MVR cost is inclusive of fees for the Texas MVR fees. There are no hidden fees or charges for opening or maintaining an account.

Texas MVR Pricing

  • 3 years / 5 year CDL only
  • Instant Turn Around
  • Name, DL# DOB
  • Driver License Information Included in Texas MVR
  • Org. Issue Date
  • License Class
  • Endorsement
  • Date of Issue
  • Status
  • Exp. Date
  • Address of the Driver
  • Texas CDL Medical Certificate Included in MVR
  • Date of Issue
  • Self-certificate
  • Add Date
  • Examiner
  • Exp. Date
  • Restrictions
  • Status
  • Availability: Employers & Insurance providers
  • Specific requirements: Driver's signed consent
  • Price (per MVR)
  • 3 Year Report for 3 Years
  • $17.50*
  • 5-Year CDL Only Report
  • $18.50*


There is a setup charge when you purchase only one MVR when you sign up for the account. However, the cost of the setup fee is waived when you purchase greater than one MVR on your first purchase.


How Do I Request Texas Driving Records?


  1. Sign up for an account, or sign in to an existing account.
  2. You should have all of your driver's license details available (full name DOB, license number, and full name). Please enter the exact information as stated on the license to avoid mistakes.
  3. Make sure you have signed a driver's permission form for each driver. We will require this consent form be uploaded.
  4. Download Insurance Consent Form
  5. Download Employment Consent Form



When you've completed your purchase, you'll get an email confirmation that your purchase was successfully processed. You can then access your account to check your MVRs.

Texas Driving Record

Reduce Risk

Texas Driver Record Monitoring

  • A simple MVR monitoring dashboard identifies negative trends, like suspended convictions, accumulated convictions, accidents, expired licenses, and CDL medical certificates.
  • Driving License Status
  • Real-time notifications of negative changes to driving records.
  • All over the world MVR Monitoring
  • The highest level of monitoring across Canada and the U.S in addition to Canada.
  • Email
  • Reminders
  • Reminders for DQ files such as CDL medical certificates as well as insurance expirations.

How to get your Texas Driving Record Quickly and Simple

From its sprawling deserts to the major cities of Dallas, Houston, and Austin, Texas boasts the most seemingly endless roads.

However, suppose you've ever had an accident involving a car on one of those roads or received an infraction. In that case, If you've ever been cited for a fender bender, the Texas driving record isn't as broad as the Texan Horizon!

It's certainly an excellent idea for every driver to verify their verified driving record in Texas from time to time. Examining your driving record allows you to protect yourself from identity theft and find out exactly what's on your record.

If you check your driving record periodically, you can ensure that your driving record is current and up to current.

Why should you check your Texas Driving Record?

Drivers must review their Texas driving record from time to time to find out what information it holds. In addition, employers and insurance companies have access to driving records routinely.

The quality of your Texas driving record impacts your insurance rates significantly. In addition, if the job you are working for requires you to drive and drive, your driving record could also impact your ability to work or be hired.

You can also use the information on your driving record for other reasons. For example, examining any errors on your record makes sure that the information you have is up-to-date and accurate.

Be assured that conducting a check of your driving record in Texas does not take much time, and you can make sure you are aware of exactly what it has to say whenever you check it out from Texas DPS. Texas DPS.

Different types of Texas Driving Records

Texas is a state in Texas that gives drivers six different kinds of driving records.

The Type I Texas driving record contains basic personal data, including your birth date and address, your driver's license status, and the driver's initial license application.

The Type 2 records are a 3-year historical record that includes the driver's details, traffic accidents, citations, and other non-moving violations. It's a Type 2A record that's Type 2A is a certified three-year history that contains the same information as the three-year history, except its certification. A verified history may be given to a judge or other official reason.

This Type 3 Texas driving record covers all violations and accidents. The report lists all accidents on the report even though there were no tickets issued. The report also contains the personal details of the driver.

The 3A certified driver document The 3A certified driving report includes the same details as the Type 3 report, except the 3A certified driving report is an official record that can use for official reasons.

The Type AR driving record is an official, complete abstract of the driver's complete record.

Your entire authentic driving record in Texas includes the driver's history for the last fifteen years. Any serious offenses will be recorded on your driving record indefinitely. The costs for each kind of license are in the following order:

  • Typ 1 Driver's Record Cost: $4
  • Typ 2 Driver's Record The cost is $6
  • The Type 2A Driver's Record 10$
  • Driver Record Type 3 The cost is $7
  • The Type 3A Driver's Record 10 dollars
  • Form AR driving record 20$

You can pay your fee via cash or check.

Do you need to sign up to take the Texas Online Defensive Driving Course? Go through the online Texas Defensive Driving course reviews!

How do you get your Certified Driving Record in Texas

Drivers can obtain their authentic driving records in Texas online or via mail.

To purchase your driver record online, you have to log into this driver record request system, available here.

Drivers will be required to show their driver's license numbers, date of birth, and the four last numbers from their Social Security number.

To obtain your driving record in Texas by mail, fill out the form DR-1 and the Request for Copies of Driver Record and mail it to the following address:

Texas Department of Public Safety

P.O. Box 149008

Austin, Texas 78714

Make sure you include the required fees when sending your application.

The Driving Record of Your Driver in Texas Verify Accuracy

If you get the driving record, be sure to examine it carefully to ensure accuracy. While mistakes aren't common, however, they can happen.

An error on your Texas driving record can result in higher insurance premiums and impact your employment.

If you discover an error in your driving record, inform DPS in Texas. Texas DPS.

Ordering someone else's driving records

In Texas, You can ask for the other person's driving record if you meet certain criteria.

If you're an employer, for instance, you could request access to the details of an employee's driving record.

Courts and other government agencies may also ask for Texas driving records.

Get in touch with the Texas DPS to obtain the appropriate form to request the other person's driving record.

How to avoid points on Your Driving Record

In the meantime, you may be pleasantly surprised by how quickly the points in your records be added up. But, of course, we all know how many points you accumulate and the more costly the penalties will be. In addition, it's more likely to get a suspension or canceled license.

If you want to get rid of a ticket, you might want to sign up for an approved online defensive driving course. However, be aware that you'll have to agree to enter a plea of guilty or no contest to the violation and then obtain approval from the court that issued your ticket.

To be eligible for enrollment, you must possess an unrestricted driver's license valid for non-commercial use. In addition, if you're facing an infringement of speeding and the speed limit is not more than 25 MPH higher than the speed maximum.

It is not possible to be considered eligible if you've completed a defensive driver course twelve months before your incident or if the offense was committed in the construction zone.

If you're accepted to attend the course, you'll have 90 days to finish it. After completion, you'll have to present the Certificate of Completion and the Certified Driving Record to the court. The court will inform you when your dismissal of the ticket is taken care of.

Since your ticket has been disallowed, no points will get added to your driving record.



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