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Virginia Healthcare Background Check

States and FBI Criminal background checks (CBCs) are required on all RN, LPN, or Massage Therapist license applications. Find out more below.


  • All applicants for licensure to RN or LPN must undergo a fingerprint-based criminal background check (CBC) under Virginia Code Section 54.1-3005.1.
  • Everyone massage therapist All Massage Therapist licensure applicants must possess a fingerprint-based CBC under Virginia Code Section 54.1-3005.1.
  • For more information, visit the VBON Criminal Background Check Procedure.

Application Process

  • This requirement is only one aspect of the process of applying. Applicants must meet the other requirements for application.
  • After completing the online application process for an RN/LPN license (by examination or endorsement) and massage therapist (by first licensure or endorsement), you're eligible to have a fingerprint-based background check through Fieldprint. This service is responsible for processing fingerprints.
    • Paper applications are required for RN, LPN, and Massage Therapist reinstatement applicants only.
  • You will receive a confirmation receipt containing crucial details you need to keep for registering to make an appointment for your fingerprinting. The receipt contains:
    • Fieldprint Code VBON.
  • Online applicants can also see their Fieldprint code and their status as an applicant through the checklist of applicants.

Fingerprint Process

  • In Virginiaapplicants' fingerprints are taken electronically via Livescan digital fingerprint imaging technology, which allows for a quicker and more precise procedure, and the price is $35.95.
  • Outside Virginia, applicants could also be fingerprinted electronically using Livescan. Fieldprint offers more than 1200 stationary electronic Livescan fingerprinting sites across every state, including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the price is $38.95. The applicants need to enter their city, state, or zip code when they register to be eligible for fingerprinting and can choose the closest Fieldprint service center.
  • Fieldprint is the only provider for VBON as well as a widely recognized service provider.
  • Fieldprint offers 24/7/365 fingerprint scheduling through their website and answers your questions through their customer service.
    • Schedule your fingerprint appointment online at Fieldprint. Fieldprint's website will contain the steps to create your account secure and enter the necessary information to allow your appointment to be scheduled according to your schedule.
    • Make sure to keep your VBON Fieldprint Code. Fieldprint Code from VBON for your fingerprint schedule application.
    • Call the field print contact center to ask any questions.

Virginia Healthcare Background Check Results

  • The test results should be available at the VBON within 24 hours. If the person has an arrest background, the results might not be available until at least 30 days, depending on the FBI or Virginia State Police (VSP).
  • Applications that include a criminal history report are more time-consuming to process because they have to be scrutinized by the Board or an authorized Board employee (See the Criminal Background Check VBON process document for further information).
  • The VBON Criminal Background Check Unit (CBC Unit) will inform applicants via mail or via email about results that might require additional information.
  • For additional information or questions regarding the VBON CBC process: email the VBON CBC Unit at VBONCBCUnit@dhp.virginia.gov.

SS 54.1-3005.1. Background checks for criminal history.

The Board will require every applicant for licensure as a practicum nurses, registered nurses or licensed massage therapist, to submit fingerprints as well as provide personal information that can be sent along with his fingerprints via the Central Criminal Records Exchange to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for the purpose of gathering criminal history information about the applicant. The cost of fingerprinting as well as the criminal history search will be funded by the person applying for licensure.

The Central Criminal Records Exchange shall transmit information from the federal and state criminal history search to the Board that is an official government entity. If applicants are disqualified for licensure based on details in his criminal history report and the applicant contests the facts on which the decision was made on, the Central Criminal Records Exchange shall upon written request provide the applicant with the procedure for obtaining copies of the criminal record obtained from both the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Central Criminal Records Exchange. The records will not be distributed except as stipulated under this article. Learn more about theVirginia healthcare background check.




12VAC5-381-110. Criminal record checks.

A. 32.1-162.9:1 of the Code of Virginia requires home care providers, as described by SS 32.1-162.7 of the Code of Virginia, to request a criminal history report for applicants seeking compensation work by the Virginia Department of State Police. 32.1-162.9:1 of the Code of Virginia. 32.1-162.9:1 of the Code of Virginia also requires that applicants for employment in home care companies provide the sworn statement of disclosure about their criminal background.

B. The criminal record report must be taken after 30 days from the date of the date of employment. It is the responsibility of the company to make sure that its employees haven't been found guilty of any of the barriers violations mentioned within SS 32.1-162.9:1 of the Code of Virginia.

C. The employer will not accept a criminal record that is longer than 90 calendar days preceding the day of hire.

D. Only the original criminal record report will be considered. An exception can be made for companies that employ temporary staffing companies to supply replacement personnel. The company must obtain an official letter from the temporary staffing company with the following details:

1. Name of staffing substitute person;

2. The date of employment of the temporary staffing agency and

3. A written confirmation that the record check has been completed within the first 30 days of the date of employment is in the file of the temporary staffing agency and doesn't contain any criminal offenses that would constitute a barrier as defined as a barrier crime in SS 32.1-162.9:1 of the Code of Virginia.

E. A. No employee is allowed to be employed in an occupation that requires close contact with a patient until a criminal record check has been obtained by the home care provider or temporary staffing agency or if the employee is in direct oversight of an employee with whom the background check has been completed according to the subsection B of this section.

F. A criminal record remains valid for as long as the employee is in continuous employment within the same company.

G. A new criminal record and an affidavit signed by a sworn witness is required at the time an employee is terminated with a home-care organization and is hired by a different home care provider. These exceptions are permissible:

1. If an employee is transferred within 30 days of the date of transfer to an entity that is owned and operated by the same company. The file of the employee should include a note that the criminal record was transferred or sent to the new site.

2. When a person takes the time off and returns to work, that criminal record statement as well as the sworn declaration will remain in force in the event that the period of absence does not exceed 6 consecutive months. If six months of continuous absence are over, then a brand new criminal record report as well as a an sworn disclosure declaration are required.

The letter H. A sworn disclosure form is required by every applicant for job. The sworn disclosure form must be submitted with the report of criminal records.

I. Any candidate who is refused work due to convictions that appear on his criminal record is required to provide with a version of this report from the organization hiring him.

J. All criminal records must be kept confidential and stored in secure files that are available only to administrators and designated person.

K. The distribution of the criminal history report and sworn disclosure information is not permitted other than to the representative of the commissioner or to a state or federal authority or court that may be required to meet the specific requirements of law for further distribution.

Statutory Authority

SSSS 32.1-12 and 32.1-162.12 of the Code of Virginia.

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