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Washington MVR

Washington's Motor Vehicle Records and Driving Abstracts


Koleman is a top supplier of Washington State driving records for commercial settings and insurance and vanpool transit checks for employment-related purposes. Washington Department of Licensing (DOL) offers a full background of your commercial driver's vehicle records (CDL), including ten years of historical records of accidents involving commercial vehicles and 15 years of alcohol-related convictions. Also, it provides information on license suspensions and revocations, and more. Get in touch with us to sign up to get a Washington MVR.

Washington MVR Accessibility

Washington State recently expanded access to their ADRs (Abstract of Driving Records). The state now allows access to employment ADRs for those who do not hold a CDL. Access is now available to prospective employers, employees, volunteers, or an agent who acts as an employee's representative. Insurance records are accessible to Insurance Carriers and Insurers and their agents to help them create and renew insurance policies. Transportation Records of Vanpool vehicles are accessible to the employees or agents from a public transit agency or an organization that is a volunteer.

Washington Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Information

State: Washington


State Access Fee: Koleman Price + $13.00


Turnaround Time: Within the hour and with an completed Washington Authorization Form.


Versions of License: Five Alphabetic (last name), one Alphabetic (first name), one Alphabetic (middle name), 3 Numeric 2 Alphanumeric. If the middle or last name field is not complete, then fill in with an asterisk


The Data Required: Washington Driver's License Number driver's last name.


The Release Form Type is: Washington MVR release form


Years Reported: The Employment driving records below by category


Move Violations: 5 Years


Accidents: 5 Years


Incidents (Commercial Automobiles): 10 Years


Convictions involving commercial vehicles: 55 Years


Alcohol-Related Convictions: 15 Years


Suspensions and Revocations or disqualifications: 5 years from the date of release


Vehicular Assault and Deferred Prosecution: Permanently


Do Points reports count?: No


Are accidents reported?: Yes, but the fault isn't indicated.


Will Washington take away licenses in the event of Unpaid Os Convictions?: Yes


Active Licensing Terminology



Screen Drivers who have Washington Commercial Driver Licenses to ensure DOT Compliance

Koleman's background screening software that you can use can have your Washington car driving records integrated with the applicant's full background screening report. This could include DOT Drug Test and DOT Employment Verifications, Criminal background checks, credit history, and many more. You can also modify your Koleman background check account to be notified that your drivers must be checked again. Call us now to sign-up to get a background screening account with Koleman.

How Do You Find your Washington State Driving Record


Are you currently applying for a job? You might be in for long lines if you've got a low Washington DOL driving record.

Employers who are considering hiring you will look at your driving history in a background check to verify your identity and the information you provide when applying for a job. If the job involves driving during company hours, the possibility is that you could be turned down the job because of a violation on the driving record.

In the same way, insurance companies examine your driving record when you submit an insurance application. The rates you receive depend on the information you provide on the driving record. If your record isn't stellar, you'll probably have to pay out of your pocket for insurance.

Verifications to your Washington State Driving Record

Your driving record includes information about violations of laws, suspensions, and convictions. It could also include information about traffic accidents that you've participated in.

If you have four moving violations in 12 months or five in 24 months, you'll be placed on probation. If you are convicted of two or more offenses during your probationary time, your license is taken off for 30 days, and then you'll be put back on probation for a year after you receive it back. A second suspension can earn you 60 days on the bus, the third will earn you 120 days, and the fourth violation and any subsequent ones will mean an entire year of no driving.

Probation and suspensions can be bad enough. However, you'll have to pay Department of Licensing fees and court fees, reinstatement costs, and possibly be required to attend an instructor-led driver's course at your own expense before reinstatement. In addition, there's a good chance that you'll have to pay more insurance premiums after a suspension.

Verifying Your Driving Record for accuracy is vital.

Incorrect entries in driving records are rare; however, they do happen. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you have accurate personal information, and verifying the accuracy of any reports of violations, convictions, or suspensions is crucial to ensure that you don't get penalized for mistakes or errors, whether by your insurance provider or by prospective employers.

How Do You Order your Washington DOL Driving Record

You can request your driving record online, in person, or via post. Every option involves an additional fee of $13.

Buy Online

You have two options you can order an online copy of your Washington State driving record online.

The first step is to sign in to License Express, the DOL website, where you can conduct most of your licensing transactions online. Next, complete the required details, pay the cost with either a debit or credit card, and then print or email it to yourself to ensure that it is in a digital file.

Another method to place an order online is to visit the DOL website online order page and input your name and driver's license or information about your state ID number and the final four digits of the social security numbers. Then, make payment using a credit card such as Visa, Mastercard, or American Express credit or debit card. The document will be accessible for 24 hours following the time you have paid for it, so be sure to download it using Adobe Reader to look it up and print it before the expiration date of your session.

Order via Mail

If you want to request a copy of the driving record through the mail first, download, print, and fill out your Demand Form for Driving Records. Place the form in an envelope with an unpaid check for $13, by check payable to the Department of Licensing, and send it to

Driver Records

Department of Licensing

Box 3907

Seattle, WA 98124-3907

Two weeks should be up before you can begin to search for your driving record in the mail.

Place an Order in Person

Several locations allow you to request the Washington State driving history in person. You'll require an ID photo and payment in cash or a check in the name of the Department of Licensing. Take the cash together and the signed Driving Record Request Form to the nearest office.

How to Get Your Clear Washington Driving Record

If you'd like to erase the convictions on your driving record, you may be able to complete the online defensive driving class. In Washington, the Washington state, Washington, it is necessary to obtain consent from the person who issued the court where you received the ticket. If you receive permission to attend the traffic school, that could eliminate any Washington driving record citations.

Even if you cannot erase any traffic violations on your driving record, an online traffic school could be employed to earn discounts on your car insurance premiums. Ask your insurance company whether they provide discounts when you sign up for defensive driving classes.

If you can enroll in a defensive driving course to get rid of a traffic violation or reduce your insurance costs, look into the following options.




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