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Wisconsin Healthcare Background Check

Before being hired, every healthcare professional in Wisconsin must pass a background check mandated by the Department of Health Services (DHS). This background check is intended to ensure that anyone working in the healthcare sector is qualified for the position and does not threaten the public's or patients' safety. A criminal record search, name, and Social Security number confirmation and an examination of any pertinent professional or licensing board records are all included in the background investigation. 





Any prior convictions or arrests connected to the healthcare sector, including felonies and misdemeanors, are included in the criminal record search. In addition, with the person's name and birthdate, the National Crime Information Center is searched as state and federal records (NCIC). This ensures that the background check includes any prior convictions or arrests in other states. 

A person's identification and Social Security number are verified to make sure they are who they say they are. By doing this, fraud and identity theft are reduced. In addition, the individual's Social Security number is also utilized to confirm that they have never been found guilty of a criminal. 

Any previous disciplinary or licensing proceedings taken against the person are part of the professional and licensing board records review. This includes any sanctions imposed by trade associations, certification bodies, or state or federal entities. This assessment also considers any prior instances of professional misconduct or violations of local, state, or federal laws. 

The outcome of the background investigation is used to decide if the person is qualified for employment in the healthcare sector. The check outcome will determine if the person is qualified for employment, whether they require further testing or training, or whether they are not. The outcomes of the background investigation are kept private. 

Before allowing anyone to work in the healthcare sector, the Wisconsin DHS ensures that every healthcare practitioner has a thorough screening. This helps ensure that the healthcare sector hires qualified and acceptable people and that patient and public safety are not jeopardized. 


Wisconsin Board of Nursing Background Check


In Wisconsin, nurses must be licensed and subject to regulation by the Wisconsin Board of Nursing (BON). The BON requires all nurse applicants to pass a background check as part of its licensure procedure. To determine whether the applicant is qualified to practice nursing in Wisconsin, this check will evaluate both the applicant's personal and professional history

The applicant's criminal history, professional discipline history, and history of education and licensure are all investigated as part of the background investigation, which an outside organization carries out. In addition, the applicant's driving record, credit history, address history, and Social Security number are also examined as part of the background investigation. 

The BON receives the background investigation findings and uses them to decide whether or not the applicant qualifies for licensing in Wisconsin. The BON may also use the results to assess if the applicant qualifies for a particular nursing license, such as an RN or a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). 

The background check must be finished before issuing a license to practice nursing in Wisconsin. It is a crucial step in the licensing procedure. The outcome of the background investigation is utilized to confirm that the candidate is qualified and experienced enough to practice nursing in the state of Wisconsin and has not been convicted of any crimes or is subject to any professional disciplinary actions. 

Each candidate must submit a release document to the BON authorizing the background check. The release form, which needs to be signed by the applicant and submitted with the license application, is a legal document. As part of the background investigation, the BON may ask the candidate for additional information or paperwork, such as transcripts or certifications. 

The BON will not reveal the background investigation findings to any outside parties because they are confidential. Further, the outcomes will only be used to determine if the applicant is eligible for licensure. 

Applicants who have committed significant crimes or had their license previously revoked will not be granted a license by the BON, which takes the findings of the background investigation very seriously. In addition, if the BON determines that the applicant provided inaccurate or misleading information on the application, the BON may also reject the application. 


Wisconsin Board of Pharmacy Background Check


The public health, safety, and welfare of Wisconsin residents are the responsibility of the Wisconsin Board of Pharmacy. The Board is in charge of licensing, policing, and regulating pharmacy practice in Wisconsin. Additionally, the Board is in charge of investigating licensed candidates' professional and criminal histories. 

The background check procedure used by the Board is intended to confirm a person's identity and ensure they haven't engaged in any illegal activities or committed any crimes that would prevent them from being granted a Wisconsin pharmacist license. The Wisconsin Court System's records are also searched as part of the Board's background investigation process, in addition to state and federal databases. 

The Board additionally requires applicants to complete a licensure application, which involves providing details about the applicant's educational background, professional experience, and other pertinent information, in addition to undergoing a background investigation. Additionally, the Board mandates that candidates pass a test that gauges their legal and ethical knowledge of pharmacy practice

The Board will award a license to practice pharmacy in Wisconsin when an applicant passes the background check and test. The Board will also require the licensee to renew their license every two years and complete continuing education courses to keep it active. 

The background check procedure used by the Board is intended to make sure that only eligible people are granted a license to practice pharmacy in Wisconsin. The Board is dedicated to safeguarding Wisconsin residents' welfare, safety, and public health, and it takes its duty extremely seriously.


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