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Wisconsin Healthcare Background Check

Wisconsin Healthcare Background Check Requirements

Background Checks for Caregiver Backgrounds

The company must conduct these background checks for all of their employees or contractors that meet the definition of "caregiver" according to Wis. Stat. SS 50.065(1)(a)1(link to external site). Background checks for caregivers are required at the time of hire and every four years after that.

The following documents explain the process of getting background checks for caregivers:

  • Employers as well as Contractors Background Screening Process
  • Sections 1, 2, and 3 of The Wisconsin Caregiver Handbook for the Program P-00038 (PDF)

Entity Background Checks

Wisconsin treatment providers who comply with the requirements as an "entity" defined by Wis. Stat. SS 50.065(1)(c)(link has external) is required to solicit an "entity" background check from DQA in the following situations:

  • Individuals apply for approval in the initial stage (license or certification, registration) to run an organization.
  • In response to an announcement from the department at the time of renewals for four years
  • If an entity permits anyone who isn't a customer, nor an employee, to live at an entity's facility

The following documents outline the process of getting these background checks from DQA:

Background Check for New Applicant/Non-Client Resident Check Process Background Check Process DQA must conduct a background check for persons who have or are looking to obtain an authorization, license, or registration of approval that has been issued or given from the department to run an organization as well as for anyone who is not a resident or potential non-client residents of the entity. Learn more about the Wisconsin healthcare background check.




Note: This is applicable to current entity operators that are seeking approval to create an entity.

  • The renewal process for Non-Client Residents and Existing Entity Operators The DQA must conduct a background check on all existing entities and residents who are not clients every four years.
  • Chapter 3 from Chapter 3 of Wisconsin Caregiver Program Manual P-00038 (PDF)

Evaluating Background Check Results

Background check results should be reviewed for infractions affecting applicants' eligibility (PDF). The complete information regarding checking background check results can be located within the Wisconsin Background Check and Misconduct Investigation Program Manual, P-00038 (PDF). In addition, this manual from the Wisconsin Department of Justice has additional information about how to review the results of a criminal record(the link is external).

Background Checks for Contractors and Employees Process

Companies must pass background checks on all employees and contractors who meet the definition of"caregiver" as defined by "caregiver" following Wis. Stat. SS 50.065(1)(ag)1. The background checks for caregivers screenings are mandatory at the time of hiring and at a minimum every four years.

What is a "Caregiver? "

A caregiver is expected to be an official or contractor for an entity who is expected to be under the direction of an entity according to the department's rule of law and who is in or will maintain frequent close contact with clients of the organization.

"Direct contact" is the physical presence of a person face-to-face with a client, which gives the possibility of committing the act of neglect or abuse to clients or stealing the client's property.

Finding a background check for a caregiver

Entities must conduct an employment background check for their employees and contractors via WORCS. Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) WORCS system:

Contractors and employees who choose "no" to every aspect of the background information disclosure (BID) F-82064 could work up to 60 consecutive days under supervision until the company has completed its caretaker background check process.

Stay on File

Organizations that are regulated under authorities such as the Division of Quality Assurance (DQA) must keep complete background check documents for caregivers. DQA scrutinizes the background check documents to determine compliance with background check requirements during an investigation. In addition, employers are advised to regularly examine their monthly additions and updates to the Misconduct Registry to ensure that current or newly hired employees are not included in the registry for misconduct.

The entity may outsource this background check process for employees and employees contracted to another entity, such as an agency for staffing or technical college background check service. Still, the entity is ultimately accountable for the background check process's success and quality. The company must then file a written agreement that allows the company to store all necessary background check information. A caregiver's background check information that the company must obtain must include, at a minimum, an entire caretaker background check. Entities must conduct background checks for DQA personnel who are authorized DQA personnel when requested, regardless of whether the results are in the file of the other party as per their written contract.

Note: Do not send forms for employees and contractors directly to the Division of Quality Assurance (DQA).

A thorough background check for caregivers background check consists of the following documents:

  1. A completed Background Information Disclosure (BID), F-82064.
  2. Results of the Wisconsin background check for caregivers by the Wisconsin Department of Justice include:
    1. An answer from the Department of Justice (DOJ) Wisconsin Criminal History Record Request could be the "no record was found" response or an official criminal record transcript which can be obtained by requesting an individual caretaker background check from DOJ.
    2. A "Response to Background Check on Caregiver" letter reveals the individual's administrative findings or license restriction status. This is obtained by requesting a caretaker background check from DOJ.
  3. Other documents that need to be sought by the company for the background check, such as the records of convictions in other states or military discharge papers, arrest and disposition of conviction information from the local clerks of court or tribal courts, etc.

Finding Additional Information

Companies that DQA regulates must obtain additional information to conduct the caregiver background check for employees or contractors whenever additional information is required. This could include:

  • Court documents for previous convictions or charges pending.
  • Results of an out-of-state background check results
  • Military discharge documents

Entities need to obtain the final decision for any convictions or offenses which have not been definitively decided. The entity must also notify their appropriate County Clerk of Court to get a judgment of conviction or criminal complaint relating to any crime which is listed on the BID form but is not listed in the DOJ Criminal History Report.

Entities must conduct background checks for criminal histories from states other than Wisconsin if the contractor or employee was a resident outside the State of Wisconsin in the past three years. DQA suggests that any entity requiring background checks from states other than Wisconsin conduct an online search to find the agency responsible for conducting criminal history checks in that state.

Entities need to obtain an original copy of the DD-214 or Certificate of Discharge or Release From Active Duty forms when an employee or contractor was dismissed from military service in the past three years.

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