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Wyoming Healthcare Background Check

A healthcare background check in Wyoming is required for anyone who wants to work in the state's health care system. This background screening consists of federal, state, and local databases and confirms that a person's background meets the requirements for their field. In addition, it may be required for licensing purposes under the state's title 33 or a national interstate compact. Once completed, the results of the check will be sent to the applicant via secure email.

A criminal history check in Wyoming can be conducted to verify a person's criminal history. Although the information is often inaccurate, it is still very helpful to know. You can check criminal records for security clearances, specific licenses, and jobs. An accurate criminal history check is also important when applying for your voter registration because an inaccurate criminal record can deny you the right to vote. Because criminal history is stored forever, you must know that the person's background is completely clear before giving them a job.

Before you order a background check, make sure you know the legal requirements in Wyoming. Certain restrictions are related to using criminal history information. The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act does not prohibit using a background check for employment purposes, but it limits the reporting of certain items. For example, arrest records older than seven years, or the statute of limitations for certain crimes aren't included in a background check. Moreover, it doesn't apply to employees who earn more than $75k.

Besides obtaining a health background check, you can also use these reports to check a candidate's educational background and employment history. The Koleman Group LLC background checks also enable you to verify a person's professional licensure, degrees, and professional references. The results of these checks can help you find out if a prospective employee is trustworthy or not. You can also use these reports to verify that a person's resume is accurate and updated. Learn more about the Wyoming healthcare background check.




While Wyoming does not restrict the amount of information a background check can reveal, most employers are concerned about a person's recent past. After all, people make mistakes when they're young, but it doesn't mean that past mistakes reflect their character today. While Wyoming does not limit the amount of information, a background check can reveal that employers who expect salaries of $75,000 or more may opt to conduct a background check for more than seven years.

The government of Wyoming has not yet enacted laws restricting the use of healthcare background checks. The only exception is for those who want to use them for personal reasons. A background check in Wyoming will not tell if someone has a history of violence or a criminal record. But, you can find out if your prospective caregiver is willing to disclose this information to the public. You can also find out if the person you're considering for a job is a good candidate by reading their background on the Internet.

If hiring a nurse or a medical professional, you should consider requesting a Wyoming healthcare background check. The Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation maintains this data. However, you must pay a fee for this service to access these records. In addition, a DIY background check may miss important information or include prohibited information. You shouldn't risk a situation like this, and a Wyoming healthcare background check is a good way to confirm if a potential candidate is a good fit for your organization.

Criminal history investigation is also an important part of a healthcare background check. While this information is limited to the amount of criminal history, it can still provide valuable information. A drug test-negative pharmacy driver may cause trouble for your practice. An employee with a criminal record or a DUI arrest could be a liability. Performing a healthcare background check is worth it if the applicant is legitimate. By doing so, you can ensure your employees' job security is not jeopardized.

Performing a healthcare background check is vital to ensure the safety of your patients. Failure to do so may lead to liability if a drug test leads to an incident around the office. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for healthcare professionals to lie on their resumes. A person can also be listed on a national sex offender registry, which will prevent federal funding to your practice. Further, hiring a person on this registry can devastate your small medical practice's reputation.

Wyoming Healthcare Background Screening

The Wyoming Department of Health (WDH) has a background check for the following persons:

  • Direct care workers in a direct care facility operated by WDH. facility
  • A WDH employee who works in WIC, the Wyoming Public Health Laboratory, Vital Statistic Services, WIC, or other individuals who work with the elderly, minors, or those suffering from developmental or mental illness.
  • County employees working in Public Health Nursing
  • Developmental Disability Waiver (DD) Providers,
  • HCBS, the Waiver Self-Directed Provider
  • Adults over 18 live in a service provider's residence, where services are offered (DD No Waiver).

Background screenings could include a criminal background screening, the Department of Family Services (DFS) Central Registry screening, and a US Department of Health and Human Service Exclusions search of databases.

If you require a background check, you must fill out the cover sheet for your specific needs with two fingerprint cards, the Central Registry screening form, and a check or money order.

All background screening applications via mail to:

Background/Systems Specialist

2300 Capitol Ave, 4th Floor

Cheyenne, WY 82002

Results are delivered via secure email. Secure emails expire after 14 days. Make sure you keep track of your emails regularly and also your mailer's spam folder.

WDH endeavors to provide the quality of its workforce by carrying out background screenings for the direct-care programs it offers, including the Home and Community-Based Settings (HCBS) Waiver programs, Public Health Nursing, and WIC programs, as well as guardians of important documents.

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