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Arizona Background Check

Arizona companies work hard to create teams of employees that will aid in protecting their brands while also accelerating their business' growth. Finding the best candidates may be a daunting task because some applicants falsely claim to be on their resumes and applications.


Doing an Arizona background check will help you ensure that the applicants you choose to hire are suitable for the position and are trustworthy. But, you should employ an experienced and reliable prior to hiring background check provider to ensure that your background check process is compliant to Arizona as well as the federal background check laws to avoid possible problems.

When you hire the best employees, they will help your company expand and grow. The right employee selection can aid in making your workplace more secure.

The process of checking references for your prospective applicants or looking up for their names on the internet isn't enough to shield your company from risk of liability.

At The Koleman Group LLC, we perform hundreds of background checks prior to employment for Arizona employers throughout the state, including employers from Maricopa as well as Pima Counties and in major cities such as Phoenix, Tucson, and Scottsdale. We have the expertise to complete thorough background checks prior to employment that are in full compliance with applicable laws.

To assist you in understanding the background checks required prior to employment for Arizona along with the regulations that govern in Arizona, take a look at this article.

Arizona Criminal Background Laws A Comprehensive Review

Before you conduct the background check, you'll want to be aware of the rules and laws that govern the rights of candidates and employers. rights throughout the procedure.

Particularly, it is crucial to be familiar to particulars of Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and specifically, the Gilberg V. Cal. Check Cashing Stores ruling, as well as the Arizona Civil Rights Act.

Federal Laws


The Fair Credit Reporting Act is a federal law with specific guidelines for employment background screening in Arizona. As per the FCRA the employers who decide to conduct an employee background check on a potential employee must inform the applicant prior to the time of interview in writing of the fact that they will run their background check.

If an employer has a partnership with an external third-party background check company like The Koleman Group LLC to assist in an background check process, the employer is also required to give the applicant background check company's information.

If an employer chooses to decide to take negative action and uses the information gathered from the background check as grounds to not employ someone for the job There are three steps to be followed to remain in compliance.

  1. The applicant must be provided with a pre-adverse-action letter, informing them you won't accept them for the job due to the information that is in their background check report.
  2. You should wait at least a reasonable time, with an estimate of 5 working days before sending your official adverse-action notice. This gives the applicant the opportunity to contest or amend any mistakes they have made on the background check.
  3. If the candidate sends an answer to the letter of pre-adverse action and then takes the necessary steps to update their background report If you decide not to employ them then you need to send an formal adverse action notice.


In all of these steps the consent and authorization of each step are crucial along with precise language and a proper timing.

Title VII

The year 1964 was the first time Congress approved Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which is a law that prohibits discrimination in the workplace due to protected particulars of employees and applicants such as race national origin, gender or gender, pregnancy status, color, disabilities, religion and many more. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is the federal government agency responsible for the enforcement of this law as well as the creation of rules under it.

When it comes to background screening, Title VII covers situations where criminal history information is revealed on background checks. In accordance with the guidance given by the EEOC on how employers must deal with arrest and conviction data, Arizona employers should consider this type of information as an individual matter in regard to the job for which the applicant applied.

Employers must take this evaluation before making a decision on hiring the applicant based on criminal history information contained in an investigation report.

State Laws

Gilberg v. Cal. Check Cashing Stores

The Gilberg The Gilberg. Cal. Check Cashing Stores ruling applies to all states that are part of the ninth circuit that includes Arizona. The court's decision in this case stipulated that employers in California, as well as other states of the ninth circuit including Arizona--have to give applicants two separate forms prior to conducting pre-employment background checks.

The first one must contain all the details required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act as described above. The second form is consent and disclosure under specific state laws within the ninth circuit.

The two forms have to be written in clear and simple language that anybody who goes through the background check process can easily be able to comprehend.

Arizona Civil Rights Act

Arizona is home to Arizona has the Arizona Civil Rights Act, which is focused on protection from discrimination and discrimination against applicants. The main purpose of the law is to stop discrimination in the process of hiring. In particular, employers are not able to make a discriminatory decision against an applicant due to race color, religious belief, gender or disabilities, age, medical examinations and inquiries, or their nationality.

But, as per the Arizona Civil Rights Act, employers may ask about a person's previous conviction(s) as well as the place and when the incident was committed as well as the ultimate outcome on the issue. This can, however, no not be a part of the initial application. More about this in the next few minutes.

If an employer decides to speak about an applicant's criminal history, they must explicitly state that the details provided by the applicant about the conviction won't be used in isolation to decide whether to offer the job. These guidelines are put in order to provide people with criminal records the chance to be considered for work.

2020 Senate Bill 1504

Arizona SB 1504 signed into law on August. 25 in 2020. The law created more stringent standards for background checks in the state.

All required background check must be conducted prior to the date of employment and then every five years following. Employers who are covered include:

  • Childcare agency referral and resource agencies
  • DES certified home childcare providers
  • DHS certified group homes
  • DHS certified childcare facilities


Under the law, owners, operators and applicants, volunteers and family members of childcare centers that are located in homes must submit fingerprints. The fingerprints are submitted to a national FBI fingerprint test and a search through the Department of Public Safety for the state's criminal records, NCIC national search for sex offenders' registry as well as an Arizona search of the registry of sex offender.

Also, searches can be made by the registry for children and abuse in Arizona criminal history databases for all states where the person lived previously and sex offender registry searches from the states of residence prior to the search as well as the child neglect and abuse registry databases from states where the person had a prior residence.

Disqualifying crimes include those which are mentioned in the ARS SS 41-7158.07 that includes convictions and in the process of being charged for attempted offenses or solicitation, conspiration, or aiding in the commission of any of these offenses.

Is Arizona an Felony Friendly State?

The decision to not ask about criminal background when applying for jobs in Arizona and has made them one of the states which "Ban the Box."

It means Arizona employers are no longer able to request information about applicants' criminal background on a job application. Although this is only applicable to the public sector and does not have a restriction on private businesses as well, this "Ban The Box" policy will make Arizona more friendly to felony convictions. state.

It gives a fair chance for applicants to show the ability to carry out work without having knowledge of their criminal record, which reduces their chances of being hired for the position. "Ban in the Box" offers protection to those who have criminal histories which allows them to prove the person they really are today inbefore an employer investigates their previous criminal history.

But, it doesn't mean that the information won't be available to the employer. Employers have the obligation and right to conduct an background check on employees. background check in Arizona .

Although they'll need to comply with the guidelines for reporting established by the FCRA which was mentioned earlier Criminal background checks are permissible.

How to run an Employment Background Check in Arizona

In Arizona In Arizona, the Arizona Department of Public Safety keeps a central repository of state-wide criminal records. The state, however, will only release criminal history data to those agencies which have been granted permission by law to accept these records. The state does not supply criminal records to private employers, other than non-profit organizations.

If you're an authorized organization or non-profit organization, you may send an inquiry based on fingerprints to obtain the criminal history of an applicant. If you're an individual company and not a nonprofit organization it is not possible to obtain criminal history data this way.

Even if you're a non-profitorganization, the data you get from the Arizona Department of Public Safety won't include information about the applicants' work histories or education levels, as well as other information that you may require.

The majority of employers don't comply with the state's requirements to request background checks through the Central Repository. Some attempt to conduct personal background checks, by searching through the court records of every area where the applicant has lived in, or searching the internet to find their name, using social media, or contact former employers and references for details.

But, these strategies can be challenging. There is a chance that you will receive incorrect or incorrect information, and you could be provided with information that may be in violation of the law when you use it to make unfavourable hiring decisions.

The most efficient method to conduct Arizona background checks prior to employment is outsourcing those background checks out to a reliable conforming to the FCRA background check provider like The Koleman Group LLC.

When you partner with us, you will receive all the information you require quickly. You can also be confident all the data we give to you adheres to all applicable laws to protect you from possible liabilities.

What's on a background check within Arizona?

Arizona businesses are able to request various kinds of information regarding background checks for pre-employment by The Koleman Group LLC. The information you find depends on the details you want to obtain.

But, the majority of employers in Arizona require criminal records or employment history as well as education information in background checks prior to employment. Based on the type of job opening, different types of background checks are also available.

Criminal background information

If a candidate has any criminal convictions on his criminal record The background report will contain the following kinds of information on the offence:

  • A type of offence
  • Date of the offense
  • File date
  • Offense level: either felony or misdemeanor
  • The disposition of the offence
  • Disposition date
  • Information about sentences


Employer verification

Employer verifications can help you determine if your applicants were honest when they submitted their applications. You'll be able to find all the applicants' previous employers, the dates they worked at each firm, and the jobs they were employed in.

The verification of your applicants their employment history helps make sure you hire honest workers who have the proper background for the positions they will be in.

Verification of education

A lot of positions require that applicants possess certain degrees or certificates. If you check your applicants' education records the reports will contain the names of all the institutions they attended, as well as their dates of attendance and any certificates or degrees they've earned.

How far back does an Background Check Take You to Arizona?

Each state is required to comply with the guidelines laid out within the Fair Credit Reporting Act regarding how long back before employment background check reports go. Its number of magic is 7. As per the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) reports are not able to include the details of an arrest for any crime that doesn't result in a sentence that is longer than 7 years old.

But this isn't an any.

The seven-year rule doesn't apply to those whose annual earnings are greater than $75,000, and also individuals who are employed as federal contractors, or for executive or management posts. There are, however, specific circumstances where the FCRA permits states to expand the guidelines for seven years especially when it comes hiring employees for positions in medical or educational areas, Arizona abides by the seven-year rule.

Although Arizona background checks are dated back 7 years back, it is possible to do so in certain instances, people who have a criminal history can make an appeal before a judge in order to be able to have their conviction overturned. Although this doesn't completely erase a misdemeanor or felony from the background check report, it will indicate in reports that the decision was removed by the judge. This notice will inform employers of the fact that the applicant has successfully completed the steps required for their probation or sentence.

What is the cost of an Arizona Background check cost?

If you're looking to run background checks for pre-employment for background checks in Arizona for your company however, you'll probably not be able obtain information on criminal history from the state, as mentioned.

A quick search online can reveal several companies who claim to offer free background checkups. However, you must be wary of these companies. The majority of them will not give accurate or accurate information, and the reports you get could contain errors and do not comply with the FCRA as well as other laws.

If you choose to work in conjunction with The Koleman Group LLC, we provide a variety of packages along with some customized additions. If you plan to order between 25-50 background checks per year, the price for a standard initial background check is $19.95. The background check includes the following details:

  • Identification verification
  • National Criminal History search
  • Sex offenders search
  • The basic background check costs $39.95 each and contains the following information:
  • Identification verification
  • National Criminal History Search
  • Sex offenders search
  • Global terrorist hunt
  • Seven-year search for criminal records in the county of the seven years.
  • Then, our premium background checks for pre-employment are priced at $69.95 per check. They include everything included in the standard background check package as well as these additional kinds of information:
  • Verification of education
  • Employment verification

We also offer a variety of additional checks to satisfy your requirements. If you plan to order more than 50 background checks per year, please contact us for a customized quote.

What's the Time Frame for Background Checks Last within Arizona?

The time it takes to complete an background check will depend on how you conduct the check. If you're authorised under law in the state to get criminal records from the state this may take several weeks. But, the information you obtain will not include any information regarding your applicants' work or educational history.

If you attempt to search online or through court records, it can be very time-consuming and consume your time. You should expect that this method of search will take several weeks for weeksand provide incomplete and possibly inaccurate information.

If you choose to work with a company such as The Koleman Group LLC, you will get the results quickly generally. We provide background check reports can come to you in between one and two days dependent on the requirements.

But, COVID-19 has forced courts to shut down and created other delays. If we experience an unavoidable delays, we'll immediately inform you and keep you up-to-date on the progress.

The Koleman Group LLC Arizona background check Partner Of Choice

Background checks are an essential element in the hiring process. The Koleman Group LLC is there to help you stay legally compliant while gathering all the necessary information to hire the right person every time.

Are you eager to receive the most complete and accurate information about the background of your candidate? There are many different Arizona background checkers are to be the same, and you should have the best possible experience for both your company and your candidate. We at The Koleman Group LLC, we're committed to ensuring that you and any prospective employees get top-quality customer support throughout the background check process.

Contact us now to arrange an appointment with us for a free consultation.

Disclaimer: The materials provided on this site are intended for educational use only and do not provide legal advice. Contact your attorney for legal concerns regarding your particular practices and the compliance with applicable laws.

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