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Florida Background Check

As an Florida business owner, you recognize the importance to recruit the right people who will help build your company and protect your image.

The most effective employees are able to boost the growth of your business . One of the best ways to build a positive work environment. The best way to do this is to conduct an Florida background check.


If you're in an interview process for hiring, it could be difficult to identify the most suitable candidates to fill the positions you have available. Some applicants are shady on their resumes and application and can cause serious problems for your company should you choose to choose to hire them.

Background checks prior to employment can assist you in select the top potential employees for your company. You should ensure that you conduct background checks on potential employees, which provide exact information and are in compliance with.

Avoid relying on specific types of information when making the decisions regarding employment to avoid breaking legal requirements and subjecting your business to risk of liability.

Working with a reliable and dependable background check provider like The Koleman Group LLC will help you find the most suitable potential employees for your business. We conduct thousands of background checks for pre-employment each month for employers in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, and Fort Lauderdale. We employ the most recent methods for conducting background checks that meet all applicable laws.

In this article we'll talk about the essential information regarding the process of conducting background check in Florida and how you can stay in compliance.

Florida Work Background Checks 101 What are the requirements for screening?

In Florida there are two types of background checks that are available in Florida. They are:

  • Level 1 checks. Checks of Level 1 are only state-specific check based on name. They offer a deep dive into the applicant's employment history along with local or state-wide criminal histories. They also determine whether the name of the applicant is listed on the national sexual offender registry. In some instances it is possible to include a credit screening and the local criminal record check.
  • Level 2 checks. Checks at Level 2 require fingerprinting as well as an extensive FBI as well as Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) background check. Candidates who have a history of prohibited crimes on their records will be denied after these background checks.


The list of offenses that are prohibited at Levels 1 and Level 2 checks is extensive. In accordance with the website of theFlorida State Government's website:

The Levels 1 and 2 standard stipulate that no one has been arrested and are waiting for the final determination of, or have been found guilty regardless of adjudication or made in a plea of nolo conteste or guilty or been declared as delinquent, and their records have never been closed or erased for, any offence that is not that is prohibited by one of these laws of the law of the state or similar laws of another jurisdiction2:

(a) (a) 393.135 that deals with sexual misconduct in certain developmentalally disabled clients and the reporting of the sexual misconduct.

(b) section 394.4593 regarding sexual assaults with certain patients with mental illness and the reporting of such sexual conduct.

(c) (c) 415.111 which deals with adult neglect, abuse, or exploitation of elderly individuals or disabled adults.

(d) (d) 777.04 concerning solicitation, attempts and conspiring to commit an offense as defined in this subsection.

(e) (e) Section 782.04 concerning murder.

(f) (f) 782.07 (f) Section 782.07, which deals with manslaughter, aggravated murder of an older and disabled person, aggravated murder of an infant.

(g) (g) 782.071 which deals with the homicide of a vehicle.

(h) (h) 782.09 which deals with the death of an unborn child due to injuries towards the mother.

(i) Chapter 784 dealing with assault or battery and culpable negligent in the event that the crime was an offense that is a crime of a felony. (j) The section 784.011 concerning assault, when the person who was harmed was minor.

(k) Section 784.03 concerning battery, in the event that the victim was minor.

There are a variety of other offenses that disqualify employees Florida employers must take note of. Visit the official website for a complete list of disqualifying offenses.

What information does an FDLE Background check Contain?

In many cases, employers employ the phrase "background background check" as an alternative to "criminal background check." This can cause confusion for hiring firms. FDLE will try to clarify the situation. The organization is saying about the data contained within their checks for background:

From an FDLE viewpoint From the perspective of FDLE, an FDLE perspective, a background check is a criminal background check to determine whether a person was or has been convicted of committing a crime. While some businesses use the term "background checks" to mean driver's records check, credit reports or even interviews with neighbors and employers, for purposes of FDLE it involves a lookup of these databases:

  1. The Florida Computerized Criminal History Central Repository contains Florida detentions (state lookup).
  2. The Florida Computerized Criminal History Central Repository for Florida arrests as well as The national database of criminal histories maintained by the FBI for arrests in federal courts and various States (state and national checks).
  3. The Florida Crime Information Center for warrants and domestic violence injunctions (warrant search of files).
  4. A national check for records relies on fingerprints submitted. State record checks are for state records submittals can be based on the name (and any other description) as well as fingerprints.
  5. While some businesses utilize FBI data in their background checks as the FDLE remains a valuable source for Florida employers.

Are there limitations on the information employers in Florida Should Use?

Yes. There are some Florida background check reports are subject to restrictions under the federal FederalFair Credit Reporting Act, also known as FCRA. As per the FCRA's "7-year rule," for example, certain criminal convictions must be removed from an applicant's background within seven years.

These documents comprise civil lawsuits, judgements against applicants and arrest records as well as tax liens that have been paid. The FCRA also imposes additional requirements upon Florida employers. In particular the FCRA obliges employers to:

Get the permission of applicants prior to conducting the background check.

Inform applicants that the content in report background check report could disqualify the applicant from being employed or result in the business hiring the applicant in a less prestigious job.

Give applicants copies from their background check reports.


Furthermore to that, the FCRA additionallyFCRA obliges employers conducting background checks to verify that the information on the report is up-to-date and up-to-date. If it's not, the applicant has the right to contest the information contained in the background check that will prompt an investigation from the agency reporting the background check. If the investigation proves that the report is not accurate both the employer and the applicant are both sent written notices.

In the event that employers and background check service providers fail to comply with the requirements of this section applicants could be able to claim a right pursuant to the FCRA.

Does a conviction always constitute Disqualifying for Florida Criminal Records?

But not always, there is not always. In accordance with the guidelines set forth by the guidelines of theEqual Equality Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) employers are able to refuse applicants to work if background check records suggest that the applicant poses an excessive risk to the business.

Before a business takes this "adverse act," though, the EEOC will require them to take into consideration the following factors:

  • The gravity of the offence is in question.
  • The length of time which is now passed from the verdict.
  • The offense's relation to the work.


Employers are also encouraged to provide the candidate with an opportunity to discuss the reason for the criminal conviction as well as the circumstances in which it occurred.

In certain instances, laws could prevent an employer from considering arrests on the criminal record of an applicant and may prompt them to focus on convictions that have actually occurred, rather.

What is displayed on an Florida Background check?

A majority of employers who run background checks prior to hiring via The Koleman Group LLC ask for information about criminal history as well as employment verification and information regarding candidates' educational background and credentials.

In accordance with the job that you're employing, you could inquire about other pertinent details.

Criminal Records

If any of your applicants have criminal histories Your Florida background check prior to employment background check might include the following kinds of details:

  • Information on charging
  • The date that the court case was filed
  • The disposition of the case
  • Disposition date
  • The severity of the crime (misdemeanor or the level of the offense (felony or)
  • Sentencing information

Employment verification from the past

Checking your applicant's work history is a crucial element of a pre-employment background check. It's a shame that some applicants be untrue about their previous work history in their resumes or applications.

If you ask for the verification of employment, you'll be given the date of each employment along with the various jobs that your candidate held at each of them. This kind of information can aid you in ensuring that the applicants you choose to employ are competent and reliable while protecting your company from any liability.

Credentials and education verifications

Find applicants with the qualifications, degrees and qualifications your jobs require is crucial to safeguard your company from false claims of hiring.

If you ask for verification of an applicant's qualifications and education You will be provided with information about the institution attended and the candidate earned the degree and credentials your positions require.

How Can I Get an Florida Background Check for employment?

In Florida The Division of Criminal Justice Information Services of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is the central repository for criminal records for the state of Florida. The repository contains the information about convictions and arrests for individuals with Criminal records from Florida.

Criminal history information for applicants can be obtained through the agency's instant search or certified/non-certified search online. If you are an authorized organization with the ORI Number, then you may perform an ORI search.

But, conducting these kinds of background checks do not provide you with any details regarding your applicants or other background information, such as details about their employment history or educational background.

Certain employers prefer to look through for local court records, to find out whether their candidates have criminal convictions. However, this could be a lengthy process, and you could miss the information about other places where the applicant has resided.

The search for a potential employee's social media profiles or Name searches with Google could also yield incorrect information. In certain instances it is possible to be able to find negative information that could lead you to be in violation of the law if you utilize it to make a negative employment decision.

Certain Florida employers are mistakenly believing that a particular website, StateofFlorida.com, is an official website of the state government. However, the website is not associated with the state that is in Florida and has a disclaimer on the bottom of its website saying that it isn't controlled, operated, sponsored or endorsed or endorsed by any state.

While the website claims it offers background checks it's not clear what kinds of background checks it offers or how reliable and up-to-date they are. The site doesn't provide any information about whether the reports it provides are compliant to the FCRA.

Because these details are not available, it's recommended that employers work with a reliable background check provider that provides precise, FCRA-compliant, and current employment background checks such as The Koleman Group LLC.

If you are working for us, you will be able to choose the kinds of information you require for a complete before-employment background check that will fully conform to all applicable laws.

How Long Does Background Checks go to Florida?

The FCRA provides guidelines for how far back background checks are permitted in Florida and other states. According to the law, CRAs are prohibited to report arrest records that didn't cause a conviction to be used to make hiring decisions which are more than seven years older than seven years. Employers are also not permitted to use this kind of information in making negative hiring decisions.

A CRA can't disclose the following kinds of information for purposes of employment except if the position has $75,000 or more

Civil lawsuits that go back more than seven years or beyond the time limit for filing a lawsuit

Civil judgments that go back more than seven years or beyond the limitation period

Arrests lasting longer than seven years

Prior to 1998 in 1998, the FCRA also barred Consumer Reporting Agencies from reporting criminal convictions older than seven years of age. The restriction has since been lifted. The FCRA's time limits are not applicable to information about education or employment data.

That means, your initial background check can include these kinds of details, no matter the age of the background check.

What is the cost of an Florida Background Check to be employed Cost?

If you opt to purchase the criminal history report through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, it will cost $24. However, it does not contain all the various kinds of background information you may require to evaluate prospective applicants.

Certain online providers claim to provide no cost Florida background screening. However, you should steer clear of these services. They typically provide inaccurate or incorrect details. Using this type of information in making hiring decisions can cause you to be held accountable.

We at The Koleman Group LLC, we offer a range of different packages and add-ons, based on the quantity of reports you plan to order annually and the type of information you need.

If you'll need to purchase 25-50 background checks every year We offer three options. The basic plan is priced at $19.95 to cover a background check. Pre-employment background check costs $39.95 per the report, while our pre-employment premium background check costs $69.95 per report.

If you'll have to purchase at least 50 background checks each year, please contact us for an estimate that is customized.

How Long Does Background Checks Last for Florida?

How long it will take to get your background checks prior to employment will differ based the method you use to complete them. If you receive only criminal history data by the State, it can take about 7 days. If you decide to search for local court records, the process can be long and can take some weeks.

Background checks prior to employment from The Koleman Group LLC can take the form of some time or as long as two days dependent on the type of information requested.

It is also crucial to be aware that COVID-19 has resulted in delays as a result of closing of courts. If your report will take longer, we'll notify you right away so you know what you can expect.

The Koleman Group LLC Your trusted partner for Fast accurate, Compliant Florida Background Investigations

Conducting background checks before hiring as a regular component of your hiring process will aid in protecting your company. However, you'll need ensure that your background checks are in line with the law that govern background checks prior to employment.

When you partner in conjunction with The Koleman Group LLC, our background checks are in compliance with the laws. Our employees undergo training to ensure they are aware of the different types of information our clients require.

Utilizing the most modern technology, we will be able to find every piece of information you need quickly to enable you to proceed with the process of onboarding.

To find out more about the ways we can assist your business with its background checks before hiring, schedule an appointment for a no-cost appointment for a free consultation with The Koleman Group LLC today.

Disclaimer: The materials provided in this article are meant to be educational only and are not legal advice. Contact your attorney should you have any legal questions concerning your particular practice and the compliance with applicable laws.

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