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Hawaii Background Check

Individuals, employers, and volunteers can conduct background checks in Hawaii, by going to the Hawaii government site and filing out the necessary forms below. Due to the state and local laws, some background checks may require fingerprints. Although some professions, like healthcare, government and state employees require fingerprinting, please refer to your potential employer for the need for fingerprints.


How to conduct a Hawaii background check?

Individuals, employers, and volunteers can order an electronic Hawaii background check by filling out the form on our site. Here is a step by step guide:

  1. Visit our site to order a Hawaii Background Check.
  2. Fill out all the necessary information on the custom background check form.
  3. Click the state criminal search checkbox under the zip code text field.
  4. Select Hawaii under the state criminal search checkbox.
  5. Fill out card details. We accept Visa, Visa Electron, Discover, JCB, Diners, and American Express.
  6. Click the checkbox I Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  7. Click captcha.
  8. Click Order Now.
  9. Done! You will be redirected to our homepage and your report will be emailed to the email provide in the background check inquiry.  


How much does a Hawaii background check cost?

Depending on the type of background check in question the prices may vary. Our electronic Hawaii criminal records search is $20.00. While conducting a fingerprint background check, the prices may vary from place to place. 


How long does it take to get the results from a Hawaii background check?

Turnaround time can range from 24 hours to four weeks.


What’s the difference between an online Hawaii background check and a Hawaii fingerprint background check?

The Hawaii online background check is an electronic name based search from the state of Hawaii criminal record database and the results are returned quicker. A Hawaii fingerprint background check is essentially the same background check except an individual must go to a physical fingerprinting location and complete get their fingerprints taken by a certified fingerprint technician. The Hawaii fingerprint background check turnaround time have longer wait times. 


Where can I get a fingerprint in Hawaii?

Individuals may check local background check companies in the state of Hawaii that conduct fingerprints by a certified fingerprint technician. Individuals can also visit Hawaii state police and local law enforcement departments to conduct fingerprints. 


Hawaii Background Check Laws

As background check laws are always changing, we look to always keep up to date for all the Hawaii background check laws. Please consult your attorney on for legal advice about Hawaii background check laws. Currently, Hawaii has state laws restricting employer use of criminal records. Here, you can view more about a Hawaii Background Check. Hawaii has a statewide ban-the-box law. Employers can only inquire into the convictions (within 7 years for felonies and within 5 years for misdemeanors) and pending cases.


HI Revised Statutes §378-2 Discriminatory practices made unlawful; offenses defined

Due to the HI Revised Statutes §378-2 Discriminatory practices made unlawful; offenses defined, employers in Hawaii cannot make employment decisions based on applicant's credit information unless the position is linked to qualifications of the position.


[§378-2.7] Employer inquiries into and consideration of credit history or credit report

In accordance to the [§378-2.7] Employer inquiries into and consideration of credit history or credit report, Hawaii employers may only investigate into and consider an candidate's credit information after a job has been made to the applicant. A job offer may be rescinded if the candidate's credit information negatively relates to the qualifications of the position. This restriction says that an employer cannot hire, does not apply to: (1) Employers in Hawaii who are required or authorized under federal or state law to review candidate's credit information; (2) managerial or supervisory positions; (3) and positions at federally insured financial institutions.


HI Revised Statutes §378-2.5 (a) (b) – Employer inquiries into conviction records

In accordance to the HI Revised Statutes §378-2.5 (a) (b) – Employer inquiries into conviction records, a job applicant's criminal conviction records can be used to make decisions about employment, if the conviction record is reasonably linked to the responsibilities and duties of the position in question. 



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