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Indiana Background Check

An Indiana background check is a process that helps to determine an individual's criminal history in the state of Indiana. This type of check is often used by employers when considering candidates for employment, and it can also be used by landlords when screening potential tenants.



Indiania Background Check



An Indiana background check will typically include a search of the Indiana sex offender registry, as well as a search of the Indiana State Police database. These searches will provide information on any convictions that an individual may have in the state of Indiana.


In addition to criminal history, an Indiana background check may also include a search of Indiana court records. This can provide information on any civil judgments that have been entered against an individual, as well as any bankruptcies that may be on record. Conduct a background check anywhere in Indiana including Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, and Evansville.


An Indiana background check is a valuable tool for employers, landlords, and others who need to screen individuals. This type of check can help to ensure that the people you are dealing with are who they say they are, and that they have not been convicted of a crime in the past.


Indiana Criminal Records Search


If you are looking for Indiana criminal records, you have come to the right place. Here at The Koleman Group LLC, we offer a comprehensive and easy-to-use search engine that gives you instant access to a wealth of public records. Whether you are looking for information on a specific individual or want to conduct a general search of Indiana's criminal records, our powerful search engine makes it easy to find the information you need.


When searching for Indiana criminal records, you can either search by name or by location. If you know the name of the individual you are looking for, simply enter it into the search box and click "search." If you are not sure of the name, you can enter a partial name and our search engine will return all matching records. If you are searching by location, simply enter the city, county or state where you want to search and our search engine will return all matching records.


Once you have conducted your search, our search engine will return a list of all matching records. Each record will include the name of the individual, the date of the offense, the offense itself, and the disposition of the case. In some cases, you will also be able to view a mugshot of the individual. To view a complete criminal history report on an individual, simply click on the "view report" button next to the individual's name.


Criminal records are public records, which means that they are available to anyone who wishes to view a copy of their records.


Indiana Background Check Laws


When it comes to conducting a background check in Indiana, there are a few things you need to know. For starters, Indiana is a “ban the box” state. This means that employers are not allowed to ask about an applicant’s criminal history on the initial job application.


However, employers are still allowed to conduct a criminal background check later on in the hiring process. They just can’t do it right off the bat.


In addition, Indiana has its own set of laws governing background checks. For example, employers are not allowed to use a consumer reporting agency to conduct a background check without the applicant’s written consent.


And, employers are not allowed to use criminal records that are more than seven years old when making hiring decisions.


Overall, Indiana has fairly strict laws when it comes to background checks. However, there are still some ways that employers can get the information they need to make informed hiring decisions.


Indiana Background Check For Employment


When an employer in Indiana wants to run a background check on a potential employee, they must follow specific laws. These laws are in place to protect the rights of both the employer and the employee.


The first step an employer should take is to obtain the potential employee's written consent. This consent should be in the form of a signed release that specifically states that the employee understands that a background check will be conducted.


Once the employer has the employee's written consent, they can then proceed with running the background check. The employer should make sure to use a reputable background check service that is compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).


The FCRA requires that background check services only provide accurate and up-to-date information. They must also give the employee a chance to review the information that will be reported and to correct any errors.


After the background check is complete, the employer should review the results carefully. They should only use the information from the report to make decisions about the employee's suitability for the job.


Indiana law also requires that employers give the employee a copy of the background check report if they deny the employee the job based on the information in the report.


Background Check 7 Years Indiana


When conducting a background check in Indiana, employers are limited to searching an applicant's criminal history for the past seven years. This rule applies to both felony and misdemeanor convictions, as well as arrest records. Employers are not allowed to consider arrests that did not result in a conviction, or convictions that have been sealed or expunged.


Some employers may choose to run a background check that goes back further than seven years, but they are not required to do so by law. Additionally, some employers may be subject to different rules if they are regulated by a federal agency (such as the Transportation Security Administration).


If you are an employer in Indiana, it's important to understand the rules around background checks so that you can make sure you're in compliance with the law. Running a background check is a good way to help ensure that you're hiring the best possible candidates for your open positions.


How Much Does an Indiana Background Check Costs?


The cost of an Indiana background check depends on the type of check you need and the number of years you need it for. Basic criminal background checks start at $25 and can go up to $75 for more comprehensive checks.


Use The Koleman Group LLC As Your Background Check Company Today!

With our services you can conduct a background check today. Call 618-398-3900, or email us today @ info@thekolemangroupscreen.com for a fee consultation.


Note: This information is not intended to be legal advice. Please consult with your own legal counsel for advice related to your state/locality. All background checks follow local, state, and, federal FCRA Laws.



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