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Indiana Background Check

A pocess known as an Indiana background check aids in determining a person's criminal history within Indiana. Employers frequently use this check when evaluating job applications, and landlords can do it, too, when checking out prospective tenants.



Indiana Background Check



The Indiana State Police database and the Indiana Sex Offender Registry are frequently searched as part of a background investigations in Indiana. These searches will reveal any convictions that a person may have in the state of Indiana. 

An investigation of Indiana court records may be part of a background check that looks into criminal history. This can reveal details about civil judgments rendered against a person and any bankruptcies that might be noted. You can run a background check anywhere in Indiana, including Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, and Evansville

Employers, landlords, and other people who need to screen applicants can benefit from using an Indiana background check. This verification can ensure that the individuals you interact with are who they claim to be and have not previously been convicted of a crime. 


Indiana Criminal Records Search


You have arrived at the appropriate location if you are seeking Indiana criminal records. Our thorough and user-friendly search engine at The Koleman Group LLC allows you immediate access to many public records. Our robust search engine makes it simple to get the information you need, whether you're seeking details on a specific person or want to browse all of Indiana's criminal records. 




You have two options when looking up criminal records in Indiana:

  1. Name or place.
  2. Type the person's name into the search box and press "search" if you know who they are. If you need clarification on the name, you can type only a portion of it, and our search engine will find all entries that match.
  3. Enter the city, county, or state where you wish to search if you're looking by location, and our search engine will return any results that match. 




Following the completion of your search, our search engine will display a list of all entries that match your criteria. Each record will list the person's name, the offense's date, the location, and how the case was resolved. In some circumstances, you will also be able to see the person's mugshot. Click the "see report" button next to the person's name to see their whole criminal history report. 


Anyone who wants to view a copy of their criminal history record can do so because they are public documents. 


Indiana Background Check Laws


You should be aware of several things while running a background check in Indiana. First, Indiana is a "ban the box" state to start. This means that companies are not permitted to inquire about a candidate's criminal background on the initial job application. 

Later in the employment process, businesses are still permitted to run a criminal history check. However, they are still trying to accomplish it. 

Furthermore, Indiana has its own set of regulations for background checks. For instance, employers can only use a consumer reporting agency to run a background check with the applicant's express written authorization. 

Additionally, businesses are prohibited from using criminal histories older than seven years when hiring decisions. 

Indiana's background check laws are fairly severe. However, employers can still obtain the data they require to make knowledgeable recruiting decisions through a few different channels. 


Indiana Background Check For Employment


An employer must check a potential employee's background in Indiana following the law. These laws are in place to safeguard both the employer's and the employee's rights. 

Getting the prospective employee's written consent should be the first move a business takes. This agreement should form a signed release that expressly acknowledges the employee's understanding of the background check process. 

The background check can begin after the employer receives the employee's written authorization. The employer must ensure that the background investigation is conducted by a credible company that complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). 

Background check services must only give accurate and current information, according to the FCRA. Additionally, they must provide the worker a chance to evaluate the data that will be reported and fix any mistakes. 

After the background investigation is finished, the employer should carefully analyze the findings. Then, they should solely utilize the report's data to decide if the employee is qualified. 

According to Indiana law, employers must also provide employees with a copy of the background check report if they refuse to grant them a job based on the report's findings. 


Background Check 7 Years Indiana


Employers in Indiana are only permitted to look up a potential employee's criminal history after seven years. This rule is applicable to arrest records, felony convictions, and misdemeanor convictions. In addition, employers are prohibited from taking into account arrests that ended in no convictions or convictions that were sealed or purged. 

Although it is not required by law, certain employers may decide to perform background checks that stretch back more than seven years. Additionally, if a government agency regulates an employer, that employer may be subject to additional regulations (such as the Transportation Security Administration). 

Understanding the guidelines for conducting background checks will help you ensure that you comply with the law if you are an employer in Indiana. An effective technique to make sure you're selecting the best candidates for your vacant positions is to do a background check. 


How Much Does an Indiana Background Check Costs?


The sort of background check you require and the length of time you need will determine how much an Indiana background check will cost. For example, a criminal background check might cost as little as $25 for a basic check or as much as $75 for a more thorough one.


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Note: This information is not intended to be legal advice. Please consult with your own legal counsel for advice related to your state/locality. All background checks follow local, state, and, federal FCRA Laws.

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