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Nevada Background Check

If you're a Nevada-based business seeking to hire new employees, you're carrying an enormous responsibility. To protect your existing employees as well as customers as well as the company, you need to recruit highly skilled, reliable employees.

While looking over resumes, getting in touch with contacts, and conducting an interview are ways to accomplish this, conducting an background check is a vital procedure you should not skip.


Here at The Koleman Group LLC, we are aware of the importance of having prospective employees go through the process of conducting a Nevada background check.

Background checks help you establish an accurate picture of the candidate for the job to ensure that you're hiring the best candidate to do the job.

This complete guide will help you find out the best way to carry out a thorough Nevada background check.

Background Check for Employees Laws for Nevada

Knowing the federal and state laws that govern Nevada background screening is the initial step to make sure you are on the right side of this background checking process.

Nevada law restricts the type of information employers can get about a candidate's past and also the information they can use the information after it has been provided.

In order to obtain a complete background report on a potential employee, the employer must is required to obtain the permission from the applicant to conduct an background check. In accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) If an employer plans to use a third-party background check company such as The Koleman Group LLC to conduct the background check it must inform the candidate in advance.

This ensures that you are in compliance to federal laws.

Abrupt Action

The FCRA also obliges employers to issue Adverse Action notifications should an employer decide not to hire an applicant based on the negative information on the background report. In this situation employers must adhere to these guidelines in order to ensure compliance

Write a pre-adverse-action letter to the person applying for the job, informing the applicant of your intention to pursue an adverse step against them based on details gathered in your background check;

Give a reasonable amount of time before you send an official letter, to give the applicant with the opportunity to read their report and challenge any mistakes;

Then, you should send the candidate an official letter of adverse action informing you of your final decision to hire.


Weat The Koleman Group LLC, we are well-versed in the regulations in place and are able to help you remain on track through the whole process saving time and money.

Nevada Laws on Credit Checks

In accordance with NRS 613.570 in the event that an Nevada employer wishes to utilize the credit report of a prospective employee in order to determine if they are eligible for hiring, they must inform the applicant and obtain the consent of the applicant. Furthermore, adverse action cannot typically take place against a potential employee because of their credit history.

There are however certain exceptions in which credit checks can be made and used with no limitations:

  • When the company is required to do so by federal or state law for a specific reason, such as in certain sectors, for instance financial institutions.
  • In the event that the employee has a reason for believing that the candidate is involved in illegal activities.
  • If the employer believes that the information in the report of credit is connected to the position in question.


Nevada Laws About Sex Offender Searches

Nevada employers are not permitted to making use of information through the Sex Offender Registry and Community Notification page on the Nevada Department of Public Safety Records, Communications and Compliance Division website for any reason related to employment.

Nevada Law About Social Media

As per Nevada Bill AB101 that became effective 1 October 2013, employers cannot directly or indirectly demand employees or applicants to reveal the username or password or any other data that gives users with access to the social network accounts unless mandated by federal or state law.

"Social Media Account" refers to "social media profile" is defined as any type of electronic account, service or electronic content including, but not limited to photos, videos blogs, videos, podcasts, blogs texts and instant messages electronic mail applications or services online or web site profiles on the internet.

They Nevada Criminal background check laws are set in place to restrict discrimination in the workplace.

How to conduct a background check in Nevada

If you're familiar with Nevada laws governing background checks, it's time to begin the process of getting the background checks for purposes of employment.

Conducting background checks for employment background check for employment begins with a clear background check policy in place within your organization. This will ensure that you have fair and consistent standards for all employees, which reduces the possibility of discrimination. If you have a policy in place, and an candidate you would like to check is selected, you need to decide on the most efficient method to obtain the background check.

There are several government websites on which you can request the Nevada criminal background check for a candidate However, their capabilities are not extensive.

For instance For instance, there is a Nevada Department of Public Safety Records, Communications and Compliance Division permits individuals to get their criminal history report or proof that there is none for $27.00. But, as your employer, you are not able to obtain the report on your own.

However however, there is a requirement that the Department of Health and Human Services Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH) requires licensed agencies and facilities to conduct background check on their employees in the first 10 days after acquiring employees (see the complete listing here). All of these agencies and facilities are required to utilize the Nevada's Automated Background Check System (NABS) to conduct background checks on employees.

If your business isn't legally required to use the NABS The most efficient method to conduct background checks on prospective employees is to collaborate with a third-party business like The Koleman Group LLC. By doing this, you will be able to get all the background information that you require in a timely manner.

While government websites are often plagued by delays and downtimes while free reports aren't able to provide access to all the records that you require, third-party firms like The Koleman Group LLC are thorough and efficient.

What's on the report of What is found on a Nevada Background check?

Background checks to be conducted for employment comprise a range of information depending on how thorough the employer's requirements for the report to be. The following can be included in background checks in Nevada background check:

  • Identification verification ID verification:to verify that your candidate is the person they claim to be.
  • Educational verification for ensuring that your applicant has the qualifications they have stated in their employment application.
  • Verification of employment in the past: to verify where your candidate has worked in the past and how long.
  • Criminal background: To ensure your candidate is suitable to the job.


What you find on the Nevada background check provides you with the data you require to make the right choice for hiring a new employee.

How far back can Employers Verify Criminal Backgrounds within Nevada?

Nevada background checks are able to report convictions that are older than seven years with no limit. But, any arrests without convictions cannot be reported after the 7-year report period.

What can disqualify a candidate for an Nevada Background Verification?

There are a variety of aspects that could disqualify an candidate based on a background check report. The most frequent reasons are:

  • A poor employment history
  • Criminal records and history
  • Negative references from previous employers
  • Poor credit history
  • Poor driving record


It is crucial to Nevada employers to ensure that they are in compliance to federal and state regulations by only examining information relevant to the job at hand.

How long does a background Check take in Nevada?

If you're looking for a new job within your business it isn't feasible to sit for months to get an background check on your candidate.

The timeline of Nevada background checks varies dependent on the method you use to get the report. Although government access can take weeks to be processed and companies like The Koleman Group LLC typically require a couple of days to under a week to process the counties that are more remote in Nevada.

What is the cost of an Nevada background check cost?

The price of the Nevada background check can also vary according to the location you get the report. In the above paragraph, reports from the government agencies could cost $27.00 plus additional charges. These reports are only the most basic information, and don't provide a complete picture of the candidate you are considering.

The most cost-effective background checks are provided by third-party businesses such as The Koleman Group LLC who offer packages that meet your particular background screening requirements. You only pay for the information you require.

The Koleman Group LLC: Your Trusted Partner to conduct Nevada Background Exams

If you're ready to run Nevada Background checks then you've come to the right spot. At The Koleman Group LLC, we are familiar with federal and state laws and can assist you in staying in compliance through the whole process.

Our extensive pre-employment screening kits allow you to get all the data you require to make the most informed hiring decision for your business. Additionally, we offer screening options for you including drug screenings and occupational health services.

Our professional, US-based service team is available to assist you with simple, fast thorough background checks. Request a quote right now or send us a message to set up a free appointment.

Disclaimer: The information and resources offered in this article are meant to be educational only and are not legal advice. Talk to your lawyer for legal concerns concerning your particular practice and the compliance with applicable laws.

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