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North Dakota Background Check

Who do you plan to be hiring? The answer to this question is among the main motives for employers to conduct background checks against potential candidates in the pre-employment process. While local background checks can provide valuable local data but a nationwide background check enables a higher-level review of any information relevant to the applicant's past.

When you request an North Dakota background check employers will receive the results of the check to aid to make a decision. In ND the main record holding this type of information is called the Bureau of Criminal Investigations, and these reports comprise information taken from Cass, Grand Forks, Burleigh as well as Ward counties. The Koleman Group LLC offer background checks for state-specific authorities for all 45 states which includes North Dakota.


What information can be found in a state-wide criminal history check?

  • Jurisdictions where records are recorded
  • Case number
  • Defendant
  • Charge
  • Filing date
  • Infractions of the degree like a misdemeanor
  • Disposition
  • Disposition date
  • Sentence

Criminal Record Report Limitations and Restrictions

The federal and the state governments have enacted guidelines for the use of information about criminal history. Alongside laws like the Fair Credit Reporting Act, North Dakota adheres to a couple of additional rules and regulations for employers. We've provided these guidelines below.

Use of Records of Arrest and Conviction Records

Employers are free to inquire concerning the arrests (except in sealed instances) however only information regarding arrests that led to convictions are available through an North Dakota state background check. Information on arrests that lead to the dismissal of charges or other non-conviction outcomes are not accessible and employers must be cautious when deciding to focus on arrests.

Private employers are able to inquire about and review any criminal records that are felony in the process of making decisions but not misdemeanors and other offenses. However public employers, for instance, those employed by the government of the State, are able to examine any conviction record, whether felony or otherwise.

Sealed Records

Any employer, private or private, is permitted to investigate records that have been sealed or wiped out from the records by the courts. In the same way, employers cannot look into arrests or other incidents that led to the defendant being placed in the pre-trial diversion program. They are not required to reveal such information. North Dakota law excludes juvenile background records from criminal background checks.

Ban the Box

There aren't any ban the box laws in place for North Dakota at the state or at the municipal or municipal.

Written on 2021-02-02 18:29:00 by larry coleman

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