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Pennsylvania Background Check

If you're planning to hire new employees to your Pennsylvania firm, it's the right time to look at your options for conducting background checks.

The hiring process involves the review of the applications and conducting an interview and then deciding whether to offer an extension among the most crucial actions is to conduct background checks. Pennsylvania background check.


Conducting an background check on a potential candidate will provide you with more information about the person you are hiring. You can confirm their identity, look up past employment records, confirm their educational background, and verify the background of their criminal record to ensure that you're hiring only the most qualified candidate to do the job.

At The Koleman Group LLC, we perform hundreds of background checks for Pennsylvania companies every month. We are well-versed in the specific rules and regulations governing the screening process in the state.

Learn the essentials of conducting an Pennsylvania background check with this comprehensive guide, so that you can run background checks on your applicants for jobs.

Pennsylvania Background Check Laws

The most crucial elements of conducting the background check for employment is knowing the particular background check laws in your state. For Pennsylvania the laws are quite extensive, however we've laid them out for you below.

The first law that must be adhered to when conducting an PA background check on a prospective employee is to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). In accordance with this law, employers are required to inform the candidate of the intention of the company to conduct an background check if utilizing a third-party for the screening.

The notification should include the contact details of the background screening firm where the report will be conducted.

After you have completed the background check report is completed employers must give care when reviewing the information gathered.

Background Information for Criminal Background Information

In assessing the criminal history of a candidate when evaluating a candidate's criminal history, the Pennsylvania employer is only able to consider criminal convictions for misdemeanor and felony in the sense they pertain to the viability of employment.

This means that you should decide to not hire someone if the offence they committed was directly related to their capability to do the task under consideration.

Pennsylvania additionally has smaller type of offense known in the state of "summary violations." A cautious reading of 18 Pennsylvania. Cons. Stat. Ann. 9125 suggests that employers in Pennsylvania should not look into summary violations in connection with your job application.

Credit Data

The law in Philadelphia, PA, as of July 1, 2017 as per Philadelphia Code, SS9-1130 it's usually unlawful for employers to collect or use credit data in connection with employment termination, discharge, tenure promotions or discipline, or any other conditions of employment.

That means in Philadelphia employers are unable to examine a candidate's credit history to determine a candidate's job status.

Past Salary Laws

Although PA background checks consist of several checks and verifications however, they don't provide the salary history of previous employees. But, this information could still be discovered in the process of interviewing. In April of this year the federal court on the issue of Chamber of Commerce v. The City of Philadelphia, case number. 17-1548, decided that the city had no right to prohibit employers from asking questions about their salary history, however employers were not barred from using information about previous salary to justify the lowest salary.

To avoid lawsuits, it's a good practice to not collect any the salary data from previous years.

In the same way the employers of Pittsburgh are not permitted to inquire about the wage history of an applicant until the offer to work has been issued, as per the Article XI Chapter SS181.13 of the City Code.

As of April 23, 2017 and effective on May 23, 2017, Philadelphia employers are not permitted to request or inquire about the information about the wages of prospective employees. Employers are prohibited from use the wages of an employee who is a candidate from a previous or current employer to determine the wage for the candidate in question. This law is applicable at any point in the hiring process, even when conducting background checks.

The regulations have been put to protect employees and give employers the only details they require to make the right hiring choices.

Abrupt Action

After you have reviewed the applicant's background check, you must decide if or not you'll proceed with hiring them.

If you decide that you do not would like to work with the candidate based upon the information contained within the background check report, you must comply with the FCRA's guidelines for adverse Action.

In accordance with the FCRA, If an employer decides they are not going to employ a candidate based on information discovered in the background screening process, they have to take the following steps

Send a pre-adverse actions letter to the applicant informing that you intend to decline their application in light of your background check report;

It is advisable to wait a certain period of time before writing an official letter, giving the candidate enough time to read their work and correct any errors.

In the event that you decide not to hire the applicant due to your background check report, send the candidate an official letter of adverse action that explains your choice.

To ensure that you are in compliance to the PA background check laws, look into partnering with a trustworthy 3rd-party background check company, such as The Koleman Group LLC.

We are knowledgeable about the regulations and can assist to ensure that you are in compliance all through your process.

Pennsylvania History Check Laws for Schools

According to Pennsylvania legislation, students, teacher candidates, candidates to public and private schools, as well as independent contractors who contract with schools must go through pre-employment background checks , particularly if their jobs require interaction with students. In addition applicants must go through a thorough review of their work histories.

The mandatory background check reports for applicants contain the following information:

  • The history of child abuse is available from The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services
  • Criminal record check at Pennsylvania State Police Pennsylvania State Police
  • Criminal history check for Federal law enforcement

We are The Koleman Group LLC, we have access to reports from all of these resources for universities as well as businesses that have contracts with them.

How to do a Pennsylvania Background Check

When you are familiar with the regulations and laws for Pennsylvania then it's time to conduct an background check on your potential candidate.

It is crucial to have an background check policy in place to guarantee a uniform procedure throughout your business. The policy must be legal and in line with the laws of each state for conducting background checks.

After the policy has been put in place, then you are able to select an independent background check company to partner with for all needs in screening. Companies like The Koleman Group LLC can assure that the process will run smoothly for both you as well as your potential candidates.

If you decide to collect the background information yourself there are options for conducting the background check on a potential employee within PA.

If you're looking for no-cost background check services in PA there is a chance that you will find certain services on the internet but you'll need to make sure they comply with all FCRA as well as state laws and make sure there are no hidden charges. Unfortunately, many free services result in higher costs due to inaccurate information.

In Pennsylvania the Pennsylvania State Police are responsible to maintain an official database of criminal records in the state. Through the PSP both individuals and businesses are able to request information on criminal histories via the internet or mail.

If you decide to make this choice the information you get is not likely to be comprehensive. The repository of the state only contains the data stored by the repository, and may not contain information from other agencies of the criminal justice system within the state. The repository also doesn't include the information of federal or out-of-state convictions or criminal offenses. If you decide to utilize the PSP criminal record test, you won't receive any relevant information on the applicant's educational or work background.

The background information provided by The Koleman Group LLC is current, reliable and complete. Our background checks prior to employment contain conviction records from other states as well as the federal government as well as within Pennsylvania.

We can also provide proof of your prospective applicants' work history and educational qualifications, as well as other kinds of background reports.

We recognize the importance of being in compliance through the whole process this is why we offer inexpensive background check packages with a time frames of between one and two days.

What is displayed in a background check for a Pennsylvania?

When you conduct an background check on a potential employee, you gain important information regarding the individual and their past. This includes:

  • ID verification It is possible to verify that the person applying for credit is the person they claim to be. are.
  • Education and employment verification You can verify that the applicant has the previous expertise required to complete the job effectively.
  • Criminal record: you can know the criminal history of your candidate and verify that they aren't in any lists of registered offender.

What is revealed on the Pennsylvania background check helps you make the right hiring choice for your business.

While it's not mandatory that all applicants undergo a background check There are certain clearances that are required for certain jobs for example, educational positions. For an area, one is required to obtain the Department of Human Services Child Abuse History Clearance, along with a federal and state criminal record screening.

How Long Does an Background Check go to PA?

In normal circumstances in standard cases, a background check report cannot include any arrest records which did not lead to an arrest that is more than 7 years of age.

However, for jobs that offer an annual pay of more than $75,000 per year The FCRA restrictions are not applicable and background checks are not required. background check can report back for more than seven years.

There aren't any restrictions regarding convictions. Any conviction regardless of when they were made, are recorded according to guidelines of the FCRA guidelines.

However, employers in Philadelphia are subject to restrictions. Philadelphia have to adhere to limitations on using criminal record information in hiring anyone in the city. Employers covered by the law can only take into consideration convictions that occurred within the past seven years [from the date of dissolution or release from confinement, whichever comes earlier], and they may not take into consideration non-convictions, regardless of the time they took place.

The Koleman Group LLC is your trusted partner in the field of Compliant PA Background Checks

It is a vital aspect of expanding your business. We appreciate the amount of consideration and care that go into the hiring process, which includes conducting background checks on every potential applicants. This is why we provide Pennsylvania background check for companies that is easy to complete, fast and affordable.

In The Koleman Group LLC, we provide a range of background check packages for employment that will only cost you for the information you require. We also offer other useful services that you can make use of in the process of hiring including medical screening and drug testing.

Contact us today to find out more about our full background check services and to arrange a no-cost appointment, no-obligation.

Disclaimer: The information and resources offered on this site are intended for educational use only and are not legal advice. Talk to your lawyer for legal concerns regarding your particular practices and the compliance with applicable laws.

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