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Rhode Island Background Check

If Rhode Island employers recruit applicants to fill vacant positions, background checks before hiring should be integral to the process of onboarding.

Background checks on employment background enable employers to be sure that they hire competent, secure, and reliable employees. It also will help safeguard them from hiring mistakes responsibility.


Rhode Island Background Check


Many people lie or exaggerate their resumes regarding their past employment and education qualifications. However, a thorough, current exact, complete, and FCRA compliant background check can help you verify whether or not the applicant is honest.

Conducting a Rhode Island background check will allow employers to be certain that they're making good hiring decisions while identifying individuals who need to be exempt from being considered for consideration.

Based on our experience conducting Background checks on employers from Providence, Cranston, Warwick, and other cities, We have made this guide for you.


Why should Rhode Island Employers Run Background Checks on applicants?

There are many reasons companies in Rhode Island opt to conduct background checks for prospective employees and employees currently employed. The most frequent reasons are listed below.

Pre-employment screening for entry-level positions

Numerous Rhode Island employers conduct pre-employment screenings for entry-level applicants as a standard procedure for hiring.

Background checks for employment in Rhode Island can help employers determine if their candidates have sufficient qualifications for their jobs and determine whether they have any criminal convictions that may hinder them from obtaining the jobs they've applied for.

  1. Pre-employment checks for Executive and Supervisory Positions

Executives and supervisors have more access to their employer's account and Intellectual Property than the rest of the employees.

The increased responsibility in a company implies that employers need to conduct more thorough background checks for those applying for these roles within the company.

  1. Regular Employment Background Checks

In some sectors, employees must undergo background checks regularly. For instance, licensed child care facilities within Rhode Island must conduct thorough background checks on all their employees at least every five years.

Other sectors, such as trucking, require employees to undergo background checks every few months.

  1. Particularly designed background checks for those working with vulnerable populations

The people who work with vulnerable individuals, such as those with physical or mental disabilities, children, and those with a disability, have to undergo thorough background checks before employment.

Employers who work in the field of care need to ensure that clients and patients are secure.

As a result, background checks before hiring for people who work with vulnerable populations are usually far more thorough than those for other kinds of jobs.

Rhode Island Background Check Laws 2022

Rhode Island companies that conduct background checks before hiring must adhere to the applicable regulations and laws.

The lawful conduct of background checks can help you stay clear of fines, penalties, and lawsuits.

The applicable laws of the federal and state are listed below.

Federal Laws on Employment Background Checks

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

It is enforced through the Federal Trade Commission; the FCRA is a federal law protecting consumers' privacy when it comes to data collected and reported by the consumers reporting organizations (CRAs), including the pre-employment background check providers. The law also contains rules which apply to employers who ask for, collect, and then use the information.

Before an employer can conduct an employment background check, it must notify the applicant it plans to conduct a background check in writing. Employers also need to obtain their applicants' written permission before conducting background checks for employment.

The FCRA obliges employers to undergo the process of adverse action before deciding whether to hire someone based on the data gathered during a background check.

In The Koleman Group LLC, we adhere to the law and fully comply with FCRA background check reports to our clients.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

It is enforced through the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Title VII of 1964's Civil Rights Act is a comprehensive anti-discrimination law that prohibits discrimination in the workplace due to the protected features of applicants and employees.

Title VII applies to the pre-employment background check process when employers find that applicants have been convicted of a crime. Per EEOC guidelines, employers must examine each applicant's case concerning the position the applicant is likely to do before making a hiring decision.

Rhode Island State Laws on Employment Background Checks

Alongside Title VII and the FCRA, Rhode Island employers must adhere to several state laws listed below.

Ban-the-Box Law for Private and Employers in the Public Sector

Under the provisions of 28 R.I. Gen. Laws SS 28-5-7, employers cannot inquire about previous arrests or convictions they may have made on their applications or even after applicants have been invited to be interviewed.

However, employers in sectors subject to presumptive disqualification under state or federal laws or law enforcement organizations may request information about criminal histories in their application.

Do Not Ask About Arrests

Under the provisions of 28 R.I. Gen. Laws SS 28-5-7, employers can not inquire about arrests that didn't cause convictions in the application form or during or after an interview.

But, they may also ask about convictions in the course of an interview.

Utilization for Credit Reports

Under the 6 R.I. Gen. Laws SS 6-13.1-21, employers cannot obtain a credit report for employment purposes unless employers first notify the employer of their intention to request one.

Suppose the information on the credit report can be used as the basis for denial of work. In that case, employers have to send an adverse action notification to the applicant and supply the name and address of the CRA.

Social Media Passwords and Access

According to 28, R.I. SS 28-56-2, employers are not permitted to ask to, require, or coerce employees or applicants to give their social media passwords or access their social media profiles within the presence of their employer.

Employers are also forbidden from asking employees or applicants to divulge the information on their social media accounts unless it is required to conduct an investigation.

Expunged Records

The residents of Rhode Island who successfully petition to expunge their criminal records do not need to reveal them to potential employers. According to the12 R.I. Gen. Laws 12-1.3-4, SS 12-1.3-4, CRAs and other custodians of deleted information are also not permitted to disclose the records to prospective employers.

What is shown in a background check for employment In Rhode Island?

If you purchase background checks for pre-employment through The Koleman Group LLC, you can request only specific kinds of information you require. So, what will be found in a background check in Rhode Island will be based on the requested details.

Employers are in Rhode Island request criminal history checks and employment histories. They also require verification of education and professional credential checks. Some employers request driving records when hiring for jobs that require driving. Some employers also test applicants for drug use before their employment.

In an employment background check report, you may see the following information:

  • Criminal convictions that are not expunged
  • Open criminal cases
  • Information on the registry of sexual offenders
  • Arrests that led to convictions
  • Previous employment
  • History of education
  • Information on the Domestic Terrorist Watch List
  • History of address

Here are some of the things you could be able to see in these categories.

Criminal History

If an applicant has not-expunged criminal convictions, You will find the following information on each conviction:

  • Offense date
  • Offense Type
  • The severity of the offense (misdemeanor/felony)
  • Disposition
  • Disposition date
  • Sentence


You won't find any details about expunged criminal convictions.

Education Verification

A report on education verification will give the following details:

  • Students attended all colleges and schools.
  • Dates of attendance
  • Degrees, diplomas, or certificates awarded

Education verification allows employers to confirm whether the applicant attended the school they claimed to have attended and received any degree or certificate. This helps employers confirm that applicants are competent and honest.

Employment Verification

Employment verification reports inform employers whether applicants have honestly disclosed their work records. This kind of report will reveal the following details:

  • All previous employers
  • Employment dates at every company
  • Positions/titles held

How long does a Background Check Go within Rhode Island?

Background checks for employment for applicants in Rhode Island must comply with the FCRA's rules regarding how far back the employment background check can go. The FCRA includes a seven-year lookback period. seven-year lookback time, which applies to any job that pays less than $75,000 annually for the following details:

  • Arrests that didn't result in convictions
  • Civil lawsuits
  • Civil judgments
  • Liens
  • Bankruptcies


The types of information which are more than seven years won't be disclosed during an employment background check. The law in Rhode Island, arrests that have not led to convictions within the last seven years will also not be disclosed under the state law.

Convictions that are expunged will not be recorded.

The restrictions of the FCRA don't apply to positions with a salary of $75,000 or more annually. However, the same does not apply to the information provided by applicants about their prior employment, credentials, or schooling.

How Can I Apply for a Background Check for Rhode Island?

If you live in Rhode Island, you can obtain a background check either in person or via mail through the Attorney General's Office from the Bureau of Criminal Identification. Employers must provide authorized consent from the applicant, along with a photocopy of a valid government-issued ID, along with a cashier's money order or check if it is mailed, or a money order, check, or credit card when the request is made in person.

The AG's office conducts national and state-wide background checks. If you request the State background check, it will not reveal convictions for crimes that were made elsewhere in the United States. Even an international BCI background check might not provide other pertinent information regarding an applicant's past, such as prior employment and educational background.

Employers may try a DIY method for background checks before hiring. However, if you attempt to make requests to several states, institutions of higher learning, and former employers, you could receive incomplete information and take longer.

The most effective method to obtain a background check in Rhode Island is to work with a reliable and experienced background check provider like The Koleman Group LLC. We have access to trustworthy databases and are always in compliance with the FCRA and other relevant laws.

As a Rhode Island Employer, How Do I stay compliance?

Complying with all state and federal laws regarding screening background checks within Rhode Island is critical.

If you violate the law, you could be subject to severe sanctions and penalties. There is also the possibility of lawsuits from candidates you chose not to employ or other applicants due to negligent hiring.

Here are five ways to ensure conformity with the current background check laws in Rhode Island.

  1. Do not inquire about Criminal History Until an Interview.

Don't inquire orally or in writing about the applicant's prior criminal convictions. According to Rhode Island law, you cannot request this information until an applicant has been scheduled for an interview or even afterward.

  1. Do not ask about arrests.

Rhode Island prohibits asking about arrests that have not resulted in convictions in any way. So don't ask an applicant if they have ever been detained.

  1. Individually assess convictions

Suppose you discover that the applicant has an arrest on their criminal record. In that case, you must evaluate it to determine if or not it is directly related to the requirements that the position entails. If it is, you have a reason to deny the applicant.

  1. Notify the applicant of a potential adverse action

If you decide not to hire someone based on the results of a background check, such as a criminal background check, you must provide a written notice to the applicant. The notice should identify the offense in question, as well as a copy of the conviction report, as well as an expiration date when the prospective employee must supply you with specific information regarding it.

  1. Send a Final Action Notice

If you choose not to accept the applicant for employment, you must give the applicant an official notice of adverse action. It is also necessary to inform the applicant of their right to request reconsideration or contest the decision.

What is the reason you cannot pass Background Checks for Rhode Island?

There are various reasons applicants may fail background screenings for Rhode Island.

Certain of these issues are discussed below.

Eliminating Criminal Conviction

Many millions of Americans have criminal convictions. Although not every conviction is unqualified, a candidate could be rejected for employment if an incident directly affects the job to the position to which they have applied. Certain industries also have rules that automatically exempt certain types of convictions.

False Information About Employment Past

Many people alter their previous jobs in their resumes. If a candidate lies about their work dates and employers or jobs, an employer who requests employment verification will likely reject the applicant swiftly.

False Information About Education

Additionally, some people make false claims that they attended prestigious universities or have received degrees or certificates that they don't have. The lie about education and qualifications could result in rejection.

Bad Driving Record

Job applicants applying for positions that require driving could be disqualified if they've had several traffic offenses. This is since the insurance policy of the employer may not cover them.

A failed drug test

Many Rhode Island employers ask prospective employees to undergo drug tests before employment. Employers are likely to reject applicants who fail an initial drug test.

What's the Price of a Background Checks Price to Rhode Island?

State background checks conducted by BCI. State background checks by BCI costs $5 for each report, and national background checks by the BCI cost $35 for each report. However, they don't give you a complete picture of applicants' backgrounds.

If you go on the internet, you can find an online service offering a complimentary Rhode Island background check. However, it is not advisable to rely on these providers to conduct background checks for employees. Their information is typically not reliable and incorrect and unlikely to comply with the requirements under the FCRA and other state laws.

The best solution is to work with an experienced and reliable company such as The Koleman Group LLC. We make use of our vast database and cutting-edge research techniques to deliver quickly accurate, FCRA-compliant, and comprehensive background check reports.

You can choose only the kinds of information you require, which means you can not pay for unnecessary details.

If your business requires more than 50 reports per year, you could take advantage of our volume discount. Contact us for a free estimate now: 618-398-3900

What is the length of time Background Checks In RI?

How long it could take to receive an employee background check report depends on the method you pick. If you purchase a background check report from the BCI, post-it could take several weeks.

When you partner in conjunction with The Koleman Group LLC, we will leverage our resources to provide reliable, current, accurate, and precise information to you in less than several hours.

The Koleman Group LLC is your trusted partner for quick, accurate, and Secure Rhode Island Background Checks.

Most Rhode Island employers understand the importance of background checks before hiring however they might not have the resources or the time necessary to carry them out.

When you partner with The Koleman Group LLC, you'll benefit from our extensive training and numerous resources to quickly obtain comprehensive, accurate, reliable, conforming to FCRA background check reports.

Call us today for an estimate for a no-cost quote or to know more about the many services we provide.

Disclaimer: The materials provided in this article are meant to be educational only and are not legal advice. Contact your attorney for legal concerns regarding your particular practices and compliance with the applicable laws.

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