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Colorado Background Check

Conducting an background check on a potential employee is essential to ensure that you choose the best candidate to do the job. From checking the candidate's financial and criminal background to ensuring that their education and work experience are suitable to be hired You shouldn't ignore this vital pre-employment screening process.


The state of Colorado permitting public access to certain documents Employers in Colorado are encouraged to conduct thorough background checks of every candidate before making a hiring.

Where should you begin?

The process of screening background checks can be a bit confusing. there are some important things to keep in mind when conducting the employment background check in Colorado.

This comprehensive guide to the Colorado background check will make you feel comfortable in conducting background checks for potential employees. It can also help you determine the best method to get the information that you require to ensure that you're hiring the right employee for your business.

What's on a background check for Colorado?

Colorado employers usually ask for criminal history information, as well as verification of employment history qualifications, education and other information for background checks. But, based on the particular job which you're hiring it is possible to request different types of pre-employment screening including drug screenings or driving documents.

Criminal background information

If the candidate has an arrest history and has a criminal record, the following kinds of information are available on their background check prior to employment:

  • The type of crime
  • Date of the offense
  • File date
  • Offense level: either felony or misdemeanor
  • The disposition of the offence
  • Disposition date
  • Details about the sentence


Verification of employment

A request for verification of employment will help you verify the information that your applicants share about their work histories. This kind of information can help to verify that your candidates are trustworthy and experienced. It is possible to see the names of the companies in which the applicant worked, the titles that he has had, as well as the dates of employment with every company.

Educational verification

If you're hiring workers for positions that require particular degrees or certificates, educational verification will ensure the employees you hire are competent for their job. With The Koleman Group LLC's educational verification services, you are able to confirm the name of every school attended, when it was attended, the date of their attendance and any degrees or certificates that have been earned.

What is the best way to get a background check in Colorado?

If you think you've identified the ideal candidate It's the right time to conduct an background check on them to gather all the pertinent information prior to accepting the job offer. making sure there's nothing alarming on their record that might make you reconsider employing them for your business.

How do you obtain an Colorado background check?

The information gathered in the Colorado background check is provided by CBI's Colorado Bureau of Investigation Department of Public Safety. Background checks conducted by the CBI background check gives you access to some of the public documents, which you could utilize to gain a better understanding of the background of your applicant. Before you can begin collecting records and using them as a basis to hire, you must be aware of specific Colorado rules and regulations that you must ensure that you understand and adhere to throughout the entire process of hiring.

Colorado Background Check Laws for Employment

The most significant background check laws for employment in Colorado is to deal with the process of applying.

Colorado is one of the 35 states that have adopted"the "Ban The Box" policy. It encourages employers to not oblige applicants to reveal on their applications if they've been found guilty of a felony or crime.

Waiting until the candidate has been deemed suitable for the job to dig into their past The goal of this policy is to improve equality for applicants with a criminal background. It is hoped that this policy will lessen the automatic disqualifications for criminal convictions and improve job equalization for applicants with a history of conviction.

When you begin pulling background check information to ensure the candidate is fit for the position, you might want to know the applicant's credit score as in addition to their criminal background.

But, there are certain Colorado background check guidelines regarding who is able to pull the credit report of a prospective employee and the reason for it. In Colorado only three scenarios in which employers are able to require candidates to sign a consent form being screened for credit in the background screening procedure. This is the case when

  • This report sought by an employer at a financial institution.
  • This report has been mandated by law.
  • The report directly relates to the job for which the applicant is applying for.

If you're a financial institution or bank conducting a credit check is required. The information is useful to determine if a person is the right person to the job. If you're hiring executives, managers or federal contractor, you may also request a credit report for the candidate and use the report to determine whether or not you'd like to employ the candidate.

In all instances the employer must have a legitimate reason in conducting the report and must provide all the information in writing to the applicant prior to when conducting the background check is conducted.

If you, as an employer you decide to use information on the credit report to justify your decision for not hiring the candidate in the first place, it is required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act that you provide the candidate on paper, the precise reason for why they're not employed for the position.

Are criminal records public for Colorado?

Since Colorado recognizes the importance of background checks in hiring and other employment opportunities, Colorado's Colorado Bureau of Investigation Department of Public Safety has made certain documents public to assist employers find important documents and documents regarding their applicants. Although it's somewhat of a scavenger for the details you need to have about a candidate independently, based on the level of detail you'd like to get there's a possibility.

Colorado has The Colorado Open Records Act, which requires that all records be made accessible openly to anyone who wants them. Although some records are protected, like documents that aid in a criminal investigation, or documents that contain information about cyber-security or trade secrets You can make an application in writing for the majority of documents, which are available online for a nominal fee or at the office of your choice with varying costs.

This is where your search will begin.

You can get a variety of records from the Secretary of State's Office, although they don't have or process all requests from states like Colorado. If you want to obtain the information you require you might need go to certain office of the government and ask for records in a separate manner. Each office has its own process for reviewing requests and reviews It is recommended to call the office prior to your visit to make sure you have all the information you require prior to your arrival.

If you're looking to do an offender search The Colorado Department of Corrections makes it possible via their online search for offender portal. Additionally to that, there is the Colorado Judicial Branch provides resources for public search of court records however, with certain records you might need to go to or contact the exact court to get copies of the records.

For important records such as birth certificates death certificates, as well as marriage or divorce certificates, you'll need to go to the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment. But, these records aren't as simple to get because they have particular eligibility requirements and identification like proof of relationship , or legally valid proof of interest.

While Colorado has certain public records accessible but obtaining all the data that you need about a potential employee could cost you additional time, effort and cash. This is why it is recommended to work with an independent background check company such as The Koleman Group LLC. This will not just save you time and money, but it will also assure compliance throughout the entire background check process, getting you the necessary information whenever you require it legally.

How far back do background checks go in Colorado?

In accordance with Colorado State law it is a seven-year statute regarding the length of time background checks are allowed to examine. The Colorado Consumer Credit ActSS 12-14.3-105.3 states that reports of arrest, indictment or conviction for any crime that, as of when the disposition date, release or parole, precede reports by more than 7 years aren't required to be reported.

However, there are a few exceptions.

The first exception is with the case of a candidate's possible annual salary. If the person that is being considered for the position is earning an annual salary of more than $75,000 in accordance with the FCRA the rule of seven years is not applicable and any information that goes beyond seven years is able to be disclosed.

Another exception is for prospective employees looking at positions of sensitivity in the medical or educational sector. Anyone applying to be an instructor in the private or public sector as well as medical personnel that includes hospitals, home health nurses staff and nursing home attendants are required to pass background checks, without time limit. In these situations, all allegations of charges that involve child abusing, assault against an individual child or any other offenses of this kind are required to be recorded through an background check, regardless of how long ago it was when the crime was committed. The information gathered can be utilized to decide whether the candidate is suitable to be hired.

How much does it cost to conduct a background check in Colorado?

If you use the Colorado Bureau of Investigation Department of Public Safety to get background check information, the charges can mount up and vary based on the specific field in which you're looking to hire. If you choose to conduct a scavenger hunt yourself and gather court records or criminal records as well as other records from various sources. You'll probably have to pay fees at county offices, courthouses and the secretary of state's offices. If you'd like copies of these records, you'll be charged more. While some charges can be just $5.00 however, they'll go to a lot as you start collecting all the information you require.

If you're trying to use Google to find a no-cost background check company, be cautious. Although some companies may advertise as being free at the beginning, many of them have hidden costs that must be paid in order to get the most comprehensive information and the report you require.

Furthermore that, in addition, free background check companies are rarely as thorough than third party services, and frequently fail to satisfy all the legal requirements for conducting background checks. To get the most precise information at the most affordable cost you should collaborate with reliable background check companies, such as The Koleman Group LLC, who are committed to conformity and satisfaction of customers in every aspect of what they do.

The Koleman Group LLC is your Colorado background check partner of choice

Conducting an employer background check in Colorado will ensure that you've hired the right person to do the job. In addition, you'll need to make sure you adhere to all guidelines regarding the appropriate usage of any information that you collect Background checks are a crucial element in the hiring process.

While Colorado offers access to certain records via an organization called the Colorado Bureau of Investigation Department of Public Safety and there are online background check services online, they're not as speedy as comprehensive, thorough, or easy when you partner with an outside background check provider like The Koleman Group LLC.

The Koleman Group LLC is a company that we're committed to making sure you get the best hire every time, while doing the work and doing the research for you. Contact us now to learn the ways our solutions for clients first can help you save time and cost when conducting your job background check in Colorado.


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