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Oregon Background Check

Now, you're looking to fill a position in your company based in Oregon. Perhaps you've found the perfect candidate and they performed well in interviews. But, you need to make sure they are the same as they appear and so you decide to do an background check on them.

When you review a prospective employee's application and resume, as well as conducting interviews in depth can help you determine whether someone is the right person for the position, it won't always reveal the complete background.


This is the reason why you should not bypass the background screening process.

Conducting an Oregon background check is the best method to ensure that the candidate you choose is the perfect candidate to do the job. In this comprehensive guide for conducting background checks, you'll be informed about state laws and the guidelines for employers, as well as the best method to get the most accurate information regarding your prospective employee.

What's the difference between a tenant background check and a typical employment Background Verification for Oregon?

Although a person's criminal record is usually the thing that employers are most attracted to, it all depends on how thorough you'd like your search to be. background checks generally reveal the following:

Employment background

Employment verifications will show every employer where your candidates been employed. They will be able to see their job names and dates of employment for each organization. Employment verifications let you ensure that you hire reliable employees with the skills and qualifications required for their work.

History of education

If you contact The Koleman Group LLC for educational verifications, your pre-employment background screenings will record the schools your applicants attended, the date they attended the institution, as well as any certificates or degrees they were awarded.

This kind of information will aid in hiring competent candidates and help you avoid legal liability for negligent hiring.

Criminal historiography

For those with criminal convictions You will find the below types of information in your background checks prior to employment:

  • The type of crime
  • Date of the offense
  • File date
  • Offense level: either felony or misdemeanor
  • The disposition of the offence
  • Disposition date
  • Details about the sentence

Identification verification

Identity verification allows you to make sure you get information from the correct candidate. You can determine if an applicant's Social Security number is valid and if the applicant's information and birthdate are in line with the information provided by the SSN. Additionally, you will see the addresses linked to this Social Security number and other names utilized, including maiden names.

National registry of sex offenders

A national registry for sex offenders search will provide the information of a candidate classified as a sex offender within any state. If a candidate is listed as a sex offender on the register, you'll find the crime of conviction as well as other pertinent information that will enable you to make educated hiring choices.

This information can make it easier to confirm whether the candidate you plan to employ is the person they claim to be, and has the necessary experience to carry out the tasks properly.

If you choose to do this and conduct an background check on a potential employee, make sure to make sure you comply with Oregon's laws, both state and local, concerning background checks.

A Brief overview of the state's Employment Background Check Laws

If an employer chooses to conduct an employment background check in Oregon , there are specific rules to be adhered to for ensuring the compliance.

Oregon is a state with specific rules governing background checks, which include the person who conducts them as well as how they can be used to determine the eligibility of an employee. Anyone is able to make an application for to conduct an Oregon background check, but employers must adhere to specific procedures in order to ensure that they are compliant of laws such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act, "Ban the Box" and the state's Pay Equity Law.

Fair Credit Reporting Act

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a federal law which Oregon employers must adhere to when conducting background checks on employees. In accordance with the FCRA when an employer chooses to run an background check on a candidate an employer has to inform the candidate. The intention to conduct background checks background check must be submitted to the applicant in writing prior tothe screen has initiated.

If you choose to save the time and effort by joining forces with an outside background check company like The Koleman Group LLC, you'll have to provide the applicant along with background check company's information in writing prior to time in addition.

However, that's not all.

Employers are also required to adhere to specific regulations when it comes to the use of the information they gather from their background check report. If you decide that you no would like to employ an applicant because of the information you gathered during the process, this is considered to be taking a negative action and you have to follow these guidelines to be in compliance when you deny hiring:

  1. Offer the candidate an affirmative action letter detailing the reasons for selecting not to employ you based on their past information.
  2. Give a reasonable number of time, giving applicants time to challenge or correct any incorrect information they have on the background check report;
  3. Choose whether or not you'll employ the applicant after they've corrected or modified the background check information;
  4. Send the candidate an official notice of adverse action in the event that you decide you aren't interested in hiring the applicant.


The following adverse action procedure with clear and succinct words, and delivering the pertinent notices to the potential candidate in the appropriate timeframe will ensure that you remain satisfied through the background check process.

"Ban The Box"

Employers, it's essential to be aware about the criminal record If there is a criminal record or not, when the crime occurred and what charges were brought against them.

While all this information can be useful however, it is important to note that the State of Oregon has specific rules concerning when and when an employer is able to obtain the information.

Oregon is among the 35 "Ban the Box" states. This means that employers are not able to inquire about the criminal history of a potential candidate when they fill out an application for employment. In actual fact the case of Oregon employers must be patient until the first interview has begun or a an offer to extend a conditional job is made before asking a candidate to provide this kind of information. While this isn't the case in all states but in Oregon"Ban the Box" regulation is in effect "Ban on the Box" regulations apply to both the private and public sectors.

Even even with "Ban the Box" in place, Oregon employers are still allowed to conduct the police background check on a potential applicant, since an initial background screen generally is conducted following an initial interview or conditional job offering.

Pay Equity Law

Similar to criminal histories In addition, there is a classified that is protected and Oregon employers are not able to inquire about or inquire about in the selection process the past pay.

If you conduct an background check on a potential employee you can choose to check the employee's work background. Employers may choose to conduct this to ensure the resume of the candidate is accurate and also to make sure the applicant is qualified to succeed for the position they're considering.

It is legal in Oregon in accordance with Oregon's Pay Equity Law, employers are not able to inquire about the salary of a prospective employee or earnings prior to making an offer of employment that specifies the expected amount of compensation.

While an applicant may provide past salary information to an interviewer of their own initiative An employer is unable to be able to consider this information while going through the interview process.

How to get an Background Checks in Oregon

If you're now aware of the laws and regulations that govern Oregon Background checks it's the time to get started on the process of getting one. There are many methods to obtain the required information to conduct the purpose of obtaining a job background check in Oregon.

As per the Oregon Secretary of State, in the Oregon's Public Records Law, the public is entitled to access and copy public records. However, some records are classified and are not accessible to the general public.

For access to public records, you'll be required to fill out a form on the department's website. Based on the type of document you'd like to see it is possible to fill out multiple forms to different websites.

In addition to your Secretary of State counterpart, you may request public records from the Oregon Department of Justice and the Oregon Health Authority. To obtain court case details it is necessary to make a request through Oregon Judicial Department. Oregon Judicial Department.

But, this method can only give you only a small amount of information about the case and non-official records, which might not provide an exhaustive history of an applicant. In addition Criminal background checks are handled by the Oregon's Criminal Justice Information Services for the cost of.

Although it is possible to get the data you need through requesting background information from the various departments of the state, the most efficient and easiest method to conduct an Oregon background check on an employee who is a candidate is to work with an independent background screening service such as The Koleman Group LLC. Instead of needing to visit various websites and pay numerous fees, you will be able to get all the necessary information all in one location, in addition to ensuring that you remain compliant.

How Long Do Background Checks Take to be a candidate for employment for Oregon? Oregon?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act puts federal laws on all states on the amount of time an background check can go. This regulation applies to seven years. In accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) the reports are not able to include the details of an arrest for crimes that do not lead to an indictment that is older than seven years.

There are however certain specific exceptions from this rule.

First, if a company is seeking to hire for the position of an executive or manager the report may be further back. This is also true for federal contractor jobs. Second, the rule of seven years doesn't apply if the potential employee is expected to earn an annual income that is greater than $75,000. In this case reports can be longer than seven years.

If you use the Oregon's Criminal Justice Information Services to get an informational criminal background check on someone, the background check will not look back for seven years. As a result, you might not get all the information that is available on the criminal background of the candidate. Based on their web site, you'll only get information about an Oregon record of arrest and conviction with a date less than one year older. If a person is acquitted, or has had the case was dismissed, you won't see the record on their website.

It's ideal to partner with an employment screening company such as The Koleman Group LLC to ensure that you get a thorough report when you screen a prospective employee.

What is the length of time a Background Check In Oregon?

The time needed to get the background check report on your prospective employee is contingent on the path you decide to conduct the report.

If you choose to collect the information yourself by submitting requests to different state department websites it could take longer to create a complete report of the individual. For instance, if you request information through the Oregon's Criminal Justice Information Services for an informational background check, you have to wait for 14 days before getting the report.

Another reason is to work with a third-party business like The Koleman Group LLC. You'll receive the information you need in the shortest time. Thanks to The Koleman Group LLC's quick background check services, you will not have to wait for long before having all the data you require to make a confident decision about hiring your new employee.

The Koleman Group LLC is The Oregon Background Check Partner of Choice

Finding the perfect candidate to fill the vacant post can be a challenge. However that the background check process doesn't have to be.

When you work in The Koleman Group LLC to conduct the Oregon background check If you choose to work with The Koleman Group LLC, you can rest assured that you and your prospective candidate will get top-quality service and get the precise reports you require and all while adhering to the laws of the state and staying in compliance.

It is important to learn about the background of any candidate before deciding to hire the person to join your company. The Koleman Group LLC can be available to assist you in this.

Contact us now to learn more about our full background check services and to set up a free appointment, no-obligation.

Disclaimer: The information and resources offered in this article are meant to be educational only and do not provide legal advice. Talk to your lawyer should you have any legal questions concerning your specific practice and the compliance with applicable laws.

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