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Virginia Background Check

Virginia businesses rely on their employees to improve business operations and bottom line. Due to the employees you recruit, it is crucial to conduct thorough background checks.

Virginia background check can be used for hiring will provide important information regarding each candidate's background to help you select the most suitable candidates for each job opening.



Virginia Background Check


Working together with The Koleman Group LLC to complete Virginia background checks for your company allows you to be sure that each background check report you receive complies with the FCRA and other state laws. In addition, we make use of the latest technology to collect accurate and reliable data quickly to speed up our clients in their hiring processes.

Background checks are conducted for employers in all of Virginia, including Fairfax County, Virginia Beach, and Prince William County.

This article will cover all you should be aware of about Virginia background checks before you hire so that you can simplify the hiring and onboarding process.

Virginia Background Check for Employment Laws: A Comprehensive Review

If employers conduct check-ups on background Virginia, they must follow all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

If you comply with the laws in place, you'll stay clear of penalties, fines, and the possibility of lawsuits. Some of the laws you should be aware of comprising the Fair Credit Reporting Act, federal anti-discrimination laws, as they apply to the background check process, and State laws in the state of Virginia.

Federal Laws on Employment Background Checks


In 1970, the first time it was passed, first enacted by the year 1970, the Fair Credit Reporting Act or FCRA was implemented through the Federal Trade Commission. This law contains extensive rules that govern employers' hiring practices within the U.S. and is designed to ensure that information about consumers provided by consumer report agencies is honest, reliable, and secure. In addition, the FCRA establishes a standard employers must adhere to when collecting and utilizing consumer data.

The FCRA requires employers to announce to prospective employees of their intention to run background screening. They then must seek written permission from applicants before conducting background checks before hiring.

If an employer chooses to make a negative hiring decision based on the background check data, the FCRA has strict guidelines to determine how the situation should be dealt with. At The Koleman Group LLC, you'll be able to rest assured that we comply with all FCRA rules and regulations.


Various laws that prohibit discrimination in employment are enforced through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or EEOC and include Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The law bans discrimination in employment in the context of protected particulars of applicants and employees. For example, suppose the results of a background check reveal criminal history information. In that case, EEOC guidance for employers stipulates that they should examine the information concerning the particular job position in which applicants are considered.

Virginia State Laws on Employment Background Checks

Virginia has several laws that employers have to follow when hiring, including a law regarding social media checks and the ban-the-box laws.

Social Media Checks in Virginia

Per Va. Code Ann. SS 40.1-28.7:5 Employers cannot perform the following actions concerning Facebook accounts on behalf of employees or potential employees:

The applicant or employee is required to supply the username and password for their social media account and password.

Instruct the applicant or employee to include the employer or supervisor in their contact list.

Employers aren't prohibited from accessing publicly accessible information about social media sites, but.

The law of Virginia's ban the box

In 2015, Governor Scott released Executive Order 41, which prohibits employers from asking about arrests or convictions in applications.

On July 20, 2020, Virginia passed Va. Code Ann. SS 19.2-389.3 applies to both private and public employers operating in the state.

This law bans employers from asking prospective employees about criminal convictions or arrests just for the possession of marijuana.

Candidates who are asked to provide criminal records on their applicants can exclude information on simple marijuana possession convictions or arrests on their application.

What is displayed on the Virginia Background check?

Many employers in Virginia require information on applicants' criminal background, employment history, and educational qualifications. It is contingent on the job. The employer may also request more kinds or background details.

Criminal historiography

If the applicant has a criminal record, you will be able to view the following types of information:

  • Case number
  • Date of arrest
  • Charge(s)
  • The decision of the court
  • Disposition date
  • The severity of the charge
  • Sentence information

Educational verification

Suppose you are requesting an education verification in the Virginia background check. In that case, You will find the school that the applicant attended, as well as any degrees or diplomas, certificates or degrees obtained, as well as the dates they were awarded.

This kind of data can aid in confirming the qualifications that the applicant lists on his resume or application, so you can confirm that the applicants you choose have the qualifications for the position and are reliable.

Verification of employment

Suppose you ask for employment verification in the Virginia background check. In that case, you will receive information regarding the past employers of the applicant and the dates of their employment for each position, as well as the titles of their jobs.

This kind of information will aid in ensuring that your candidates have the skills they require to perform their job successfully. It could also assist you in avoiding negligence-related lawsuits against hiring companies.

How long do background checks go to Virginia?

A background check for employment in Virginia must comply with FCRA restrictions on the amount of time during which adverse information is available to fill out an application.

The FCRA provides the FCRA with a seven-year time limit for certain kinds of information, including some arrest records.

The CRA cannot provide information about arrests in the event of arrests that do not result in convictions older than seven years old. However, these limitations are for jobs that pay more than $75,000 per year.

The time limitations of the FCRA do not apply to information about convictions, education, or employment information. It is possible to get information from the applicant's complete history for such background information.

How do I get a Background check for Virginia?

In Virginia, the state has an important central repository of information on criminal histories by Virginia State Police.

However, this information is restricted to only approved agencies and is not accessible to all employers. In addition, the information available only contains Virginia conviction details and cannot give information about arrests without the fingerprint card.

However, even if you're an authorized agency, the information you get from the state repository won't include information about arrests, convictions involving out-of-state federal, or state-wide offenses. In addition, it will not include education or employment background information.

The Virginia Judiciary has a state-wide system to verify court records. However, they provide only what the court clerks have entered and could not be up-to-date. Therefore, users are forbidden from using the system regularly and are not permitted to use the information they have found in a manner that is not compatible with state, local, and federal law.

Similar to the state repository, information obtained from this repository doesn't contain any information that comes from any other state or federal offenses. In addition, the data will not reveal any information about the applicant's education or employment history. Therefore, it is also dangerous to rely on data obtained from Virginia Judiciary to make employment decisions if you are relying on information about arrests from the last seven years.

To avoid costly errors to avoid costly errors, it is advised to choose an experienced and reputable pre-employment background check provider like The Koleman Group LLC. We will ensure that your reports conform to all applicable laws and are comprehensive and precise.

When you work with us, you will get the information fast to help you streamline the process of onboarding.

What is the cost of a background screening cost for Virginia?

If you're an approved company and allowed to obtain criminal background details from Virginia State Police, you have to be required to pay a cost of $30 for each report. In addition, the information you receive may not be accurate and may not be adequate for you to make informed hiring choices.

Employers may try using no-cost background check services that they find on the internet. But this is highly risky. Background check providers that offer free checks are often unreliable and do not have a thorough screening. They often provide information that's not legal, accurate, and complete. They are also not up to date.

The most efficient method of completing Virginia background checks for employees is to partner with an experienced background check provider like The Koleman Group LLC. We have access to exclusive databases and utilize the most up-to-date techniques for research to provide complete and trustworthy background check reports to our customers.

When you collaborate with us, we will select the particular kinds of screening reports that apply to your business. The possibility of modifying the kinds of information included in the reports ensures that you do not need to pay for information you don't require.

If your company is expected to place an order for between 25 to fifty background check reports each year, we provide the following packages and costs:

Basic report with the national criminal history and identity verification. The search for sex offenders -- $35 per report. This includes the cost of a one-time setup.

A standard report comprises a national criminal history search and a search for sex offenders, identification verification, a worldwide terrorist watchlist, and seven-year criminal records of the county search. $65 per each report, plus the one-time setup fee

We also offer other kinds of background checks. If you plan to perform many background investigations more than 50 an entire year, we provide bulk discounts. Contact us for a free estimate at 618-398-3900.

What is the length of time it takes to get the results of a Virginia background check?

The time it will take to obtain a background report for an employee you are considering depends on what method you decide to conduct the background check. For example, if you attempt to get information by sending requests to various government agencies, it might take a considerable amount of time to obtain complete information on applicants.

Suppose you're an approved organization, and you send an application for information to Virginia State Police. In that case, the agency claims that it will take 15 days for the information to be released. If you are also calling every employer that the applicant has identified, your human resources department could take a lot of time. Also, getting transcripts from universities or colleges could take several weeks to get the transcript information.

We at The Koleman Group LLC conduct background checks in a matter of hours or a few days per the information you require. Our quick turnaround time helps you make more rapid hiring decisions to run your business operations with confidence.

The Koleman Group LLC Your trusted partner for Fast, Accurate, Compliant Virginia Background checks

To conduct thorough, precise, reliable, and legal Virginia background checks that are accurate and complete, you'll be required to access various types of information concerning your applicants. Unfortunately, many employers don't have the resources or time needed to conduct background checks and ensure that they comply with all applicable laws.

When you work together with The Koleman Group LLC, you'll benefit from our access to up-to-date and reliable databases as well as our expert staff. Our staff members are equipped with the required training to analyze and gather crucial information to be used in the screening process for candidates. When you receive information from us, you'll be sure that the information you get is reliable, current, and accurate. It is also comprehensive, thorough, and FCRA-compliant.

The majority of the background check services are performed on our own. However, we never outsource any portion of our process to companies out of the country, and we always strive to protect the privacy of your information.

For more information on the ways, The Koleman Group LLC can assist you in completing the requirements of your Virginia background checks before you start your job. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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