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Washington Background Check

If you're an employer within Washington State looking to hire trustworthy employees for your business it is essential to know how to establish an extensive background check program that is in compliance in accordance with the local laws, State as well as Federal laws.

Conducting Washington State employment background checks will allow you to get the complete picture of your candidates to assess if the applicant is an appropriate fit for the job that you're hiring for.


At The Koleman Group LLC, we have a lot of satisfied customers from Washington State, so we have a good idea about conducting quick and accurate background checks.

Find out some fascinating facts you should be aware of when conducting the Washington background check in this useful guide.

Washington State Criminal Background Check Laws

There are certain laws that are local to the area, State and Federal laws to be considered. Certain of them apply when using the services of a consumer report agency for background check, while others which apply even if you do these yourself.

Read these rules first prior to beginning with the screening of background to ensure that you are in compliance and avoid costly lawsuits and fines that could harm your business.

  • Beginning on June 7, 2018, Washington State employers are no longer permitted to inquire into the criminal background of applicants until they have determined that the candidate is eligible for the job which means they meet the essential qualifications for the job as described in the job advertisement or job description. This means that employers aren't permitted toto inquire about any aspect of the application in written form, in person, or via an Washington State criminal background check-that inquires about the applicant's criminal record until the candidate has been deemed to be competent. Only after this is an background check be conducted on the applicant.
  • Since November. 1st, 2013 an unconstitutional background check ordinance on private employers was put into effect in Seattle. Seattle. The ordinance says that private companies are not permitted to useto investigate or even consider the criminal background of a candidate prior to an initial screening of the applicant is completed.
  • For Washington State, the use of arrest records (records which did not lead to conviction) to fill vacancies is viewed as an inequitable employer practice, according to Washington Human Rights Commission. However, arrests related to in-progress charges might be worthy of be reviewed.
  • Washington State employers are not permitted employers in Washington State are not permittedto request an inquiry into the credit history of to employees or applicants in the event that: (1) the employer provides the employment-related reason(s) in order to request this report person in writing or (2) it is legally required to get this credit history.
  • Washington State employers are not permitted employers in Washington State are not allowedto ask or demand employees or job applicants to reveal their login details to social media accounts. details.
  • Employers aren't allowed employers are not permitted to solicit, require or require an employee or job seeker to alter the settings of the accounts on social networks in order to allow employers to look up or access their personal information.


Therefore, prior to conducting an Washington State employment background check, make sure that you adhere to these laws.

In addition, you'll be required to adhere to Federal laws when conducting the background check, such as those laid out in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and an Adverse Action Notification Process.

In accordance with the FCRA in the FCRA, employers must notify applicants of the intention of the company to conduct an background check on them prior to the screening. Additionally the employer has to provide the candidate in writing with details of the contact details for the third party background check company that will be conducting the background check.

After you have completed the background check is conducted, employers must adhere to an Adverse Action Notification Process if they decide to not employ the person who meets the qualifications after reviewing their background check.

If you decide to take an an adverse action, take these steps to remain on the right track during the procedure:

Write a pre-adverse-action letter to the prospective applicant, informing them of your decision to reject them due to specific information that you discovered on the applicant's background check report;

  1. Give the candidate time to amend or correct any incorrect or false information that is found in the background check report;
  2. Go through the report, and then make your final hiring choice; and
  3. Send the candidate an official notice of adverse action If you decide that you will not hire the candidate for the job.


It is also important to understand and follow the procedures in order to comply with the most recent guidance from the EEOC regarding the use of background checks for purposes of employment.

These are essential guidelines to follow when conducting an background check in Washington State. If you partner with a third-party background check company that can aid you in understanding the complex laws of Washington State like The Koleman Group LLC, you will be able to ensure that you are in compliance with the process of background screening.

What is displayed on the Washington State Background Check?

What you will find when you conduct what you will find on a Washington State background check from The Koleman Group LLC will vary based on the types of information you're looking for. While Washington employers may ask for various types of information specific to their job Most employers will request details about candidates' criminal records as well as their education and credentials as well as employment information.

Here's what you could expect to see in the background reports in the following regions.

Criminal History

Should one of the applicants you are considering has reported criminal history data on their background it is important to look up the following types of information:

  • Case number
  • Date of arrest
  • Charges or charges
  • The amount of charge or the charges
  • The disposition of the case
  • Date of disposition
  • Sentence information
  • Work History

The employment background of candidates is crucial. Some applicants misrepresent in their resumes and applications regarding their previous employment history.

When you ask for an employee verification you'll be provided with information regarding each company where the applicant worked, as well as the dates of his or her employment, and the job titles he/she was employed under for the jobs filled.

This kind of information will assist you in hiring qualified and honest employees. In addition, confirming your applicants their employment history can shield you from any liability arising from negligence lawsuits involving hiring.

How to conduct an Washington State Background Check

After becoming acquainted with the federal and state background check laws, it is time to decide which place you can get the background check in Washington State.

There are a variety of choices, but there aren't all background check options made to be the same.

You can request a criminal background investigation from Washington State Department of Health and Human Services and the Washington State Department of Health and Human Services as in the Washington State Patrol Criminal History Division. However, as per their website, though people can request and receive reports, the information available could be limited.

Furthermore, background checks can take up to two weeks to process. If you have a vacant post that you need to fill, then may not have the time on background check results. The most efficient method to conduct an effective background check on a potential candidate is to work with a background screening service that is third party.

The Koleman Group LLC, we conduct thorough background checks that have an average time for turnaround of one to two days. We know the needs of hiring and budgetary requirements of employers, which is the reason we're fast and efficient. We offer employers accurate information that other services can't provide. We also do this quickly and efficiently while remaining in compliance.

How far back does a Background Check Take within Washington State?

Washington State has specific guidelines on the length of time the background check can go and what information can be provided in an background check.

In the opinion of Washington State Human Rights Commission The utilization of the arrest record for purposes of employment is considered to be an unjust employment practice. However, any pending charges could be suitable to review.

If you are using an expert background screening service convictions are only able to be reported for seven years when the pay of the individual employed exceeds $19,999.99 at or below.

Washington State background checks can provide additional information, such as verifying the candidate's name, their employment background and whether they are on any national sex offenders and terrorist list. Employers can gain an understanding of whether the person applying is the ideal candidate to be hired for the position.

What is the cost of the Washington State Background Check Cost?

If you opt to inquire for background check information from the Washington State Patrol by mail or in person, you'll be required to pay a cost of $32.

The information you receive will be limited however. Information is only going to include records of convictions and the registry of sex offender information. This information won't include any police records of any other state or from the federal government. Information provided by the state will not contain other kinds of background information you may require, like information about your applicants' employment histories as well as their education.

Employers are sometimes enticed to use gratuitous background check services that they discover online. However, these companies aren't verified. Most of the time the information they offer is not current and may have multiple mistakes. The use of this information to make hiring decisions could expose you to the risk of responsibility.

A partnership together with The Koleman Group LLC is the best option. You can choose from a variety of packages and add-ons to get all the information you need.

If you are planning to purchase 25 to fifty background check reports per year You can select one of the three options:

  • $35 for each report Basic reports that include a national criminal history search as well as a search for sexual offender, and identity verification
  • $65 for each report Standard report includes all the data that is included in the standard report as well as search results from the Global Terrorist Watchlist and a seven-year search of the county's criminal records

If your business plans to purchase over 50 or more reports every year, we can offer discounts on bulk pricing. Contact us for a no-cost estimate and learn more about what we can do to meet your requirements.

The Koleman Group LLC is your trusted partner to conduct Washington State Employment Background Checks

Washington State has many specific rules employers must comply with while conducting background screenings for job for employment.

The most effective method of conducting an background check on a qualified applicant in the state of Delaware is to work with an outside background check company like The Koleman Group LLC.

Our company is a 100 percent American-based service team that is committed to providing the highest quality customer service. Our aim is to make your background check process run smoothly for you, and making sure your needs are addressed promptly.

Contact us today to find out more about our extensive, fully compliant Washington State background checks, or to request a quote for a free service.

Disclaimer: The materials provided in this article are meant to be educational only and are not legal advice. Contact your attorney should you have any legal questions concerning your particular practice and the compliance with applicable laws.

Written on 2021-02-02 20:12:34 by larry coleman

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